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Iljimae Episode 2, recap

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Enough of the mockery. The real recaps begin here.

I said before to iurgnotmis that I tend to watch dramas for two things – the quality or the eyecandy. I think by now it’s fairly obvious which category Iljimae falls in, yeah?

Also, Lee Junki is Yong/Ryung (depends on how you want to spell it) in the day, Iljimae in the night, and Lee Kyum in the past. Confused yet?

Let’s see if we have all the names straight, cause there’s a lot of name changing in this drama:

Cha Dol – the sweet clueless boy, later renamed Shi Hoo, assumed to be Byun Shik’s son, but he’s really Lee Won Ho’s, and thus Iljimae/Ryung/Kyum’s older half-brother
Swe Dol – the kindly thief who takes care of Dani (who also sucks a little at thieving)
Dani – that lovely servant girl who seems to have slept with everyone
Lee Won Ho – Iljimae’s dad, and presumed traitor
Byun Shik – annoying asshat noble person
Eun Chae – Byun Shik’s daughter (whom we all suspect to have been adopted or given by aliens, she’s too cute and smart by half), future love interest of Iljimae/Ryung/Kyum
Shi Wan – Byun Shik’s son, takes after him in more ways than one
Bong Soon – A girl who will get more airtime in the next recap

If you get past all the nonsense and the convoluted relationships they try to have in this show, it’s pretty enjoyable. If not, then… eh.

Episode 2

There’s a really long battle, and while Lord Lee puts up a good fight, there are three people trying to kill him. Poor Kyum has to watch his father gets slashed and stabbed (through a conveniently placed hole in the cabinet, may I add).

Lord Lee loses his weapon, and accepts defeat, but wants to know who would do this. His very good friend from last episode appears, and says (with no small amount of wood), that there cannot be two suns in one Earth (no, for one, the Earth would get totally fried)(but what a cliche!). He also says that he really did like Lord Lee, so he’s going to kill him personally.

Lord Lee is quite shocked but takes it stoically. (Kyum in the cabinet is dismayed.)

While Kyum is busy crying his thousand tears, one of the underlings makes it look like Lord Lee committed suicide.

Then the underling suddenly develops a spider sense and goes to the cabinet. He raises his sword to slice it in half, but happily for Kyum a superior comes and checks it first. At the same time, Swe Dol, feeling guilty for what he and his son were forced to do, comes to check on the family.

The underlings walk away after determining that there was nothing in the cabinets. One of them still has doubts.

Swe Dol discovers Lee’s body. He hears Kyum in the cabinet, and gets him out, but the audience has to be tortured a bit. The lock won’t give, and crown troops are here to denounce Lord Lee as a traitor. The forensics expert is puzzled at two things: the position of the wounds on the body, and the strange tattoo Lee has on his chest.

The thief dude has taken the entire cabinet home (making it over a garden, a wall, and a fair bit of the city, all before the crown troops enter the doorway – and he has a dislocated elbow from Lord Idiot – hmm). He smashes the lock and finds Kyum inside, passed out.

Just then, his wife returns home from escorting Cha Dol to Lord Idiot as his son (but, as we said, he’s really Kyum’s half-brother). I’m pretty sure she’s thinking, omg, you want a son so much you decided to bring one home?

At Lee’s house, the magistrate rules it a suicide after discovery by crown troops, but the forensics dude is still not convinced. His superior warns him (not too subtly) that his curiosity is getting troublesome again. (What do you bet this man is going to be significant later?)

The next morning, Dani goes to the police station, ostensibly to deliver some clothes, but she’s really just going to find out who died. (Oh boy, what a doozy when she finds out whose son she has in her hands.) She does some nifty and discreet (what passes for discreet in this drama anyway) inquiring and finds out that it’s Lee. There is devastation.

(I find it more interesting that the list planted and found under the Lee house is now leading to dozens more arrests. Talk of killing more than one bird with a stone.)

So now there are intensive search parties for Kyum – who is coming around, muttering for his father. His mother and sister are in trouble, but there’s nothing anyone can do about them, being branded traitors and all.

Dani shows more of her clearheadedness (going to sleep with Lord Idiot after discovering she was pregnant? Not the brightest idea in the world.) by returning home and trying to cart the still-unconscious Kyum to the authorities. She resents that her son was brought up and derided for being a peasant while he got the cream of the land, so to speak. To which I can only say, your fault.

The woman is bent on killing Kyum, so her husband drags her outside for some nice, fresh night air (go neighbours). She tells him that it’s Lee’s son in there, and the husband is shocked. She is overtaken by a burning thirst for revenge. The husband realizes what he and Cha Dol did and tries to remedy it by saving Kyum.

He tells her that she must not kill Kyum, if only for the sake of him being Cha Dol’s little brother. She falls to the ground and sobs – mostly grief for Lee, I think, with added frustration of being unable to voice her troubles.

We pan to the moon, for tragic effects and music.

Ten years ago:

Swe Dol was brought blindfolded to a noble residence. An old-ish noble woman in the corner leaves as soon as he arrives. He is told to kidnap someone (for money, woe, it makes the world go round). I think it’s Dani.

Yup. It is. Swe Dol meets Lee on the way out.

Their conversation is very strange, as Lee seems to know that she’s being kidnapped, and remarks some sort of relief that Swe Dol’s face is very kind. He gives the dude a lot of money, and tells him to give her happiness, because she is precious.

No offense, but that is just… illogical.

Or maybe I’m expecting some Romeo and Juliet-level sacrificing. Heck, even Hwang Jin Yi level sacrificing would have worked (though it seems that being an adult still doesn’t get you past mommy’s interference.)

Digressions aside, Swe Dol sits down to gleefully count his money as Dani is carried away. Then he realizes that the direction servant #1 is going in has no road. Lee’s instructions become clear now.

Swe Dol is enraged and gets a huge stone to kill the servant, but he pleads obedience to his masters (more blind obedience, I see) and he ends up throwing money at him. Something tells me that Lee wanted to keep her alive but was secretly overruled by his mother.

More un-logic: he doesn’t tell her that Lee wanted to keep her alive. (Cause he wanted her to looooooove him. Hmm.)

(Sevenses throws her hands in the air and gives up on making sense of this thing. From now onwards, ’twill only be eyecandy for this one.)

Back to the present – Swe Dol meets with friend who works at Lord Idiot’s – Cha Dol is now Master Shi Hoo of Lord Idiot’s house. Also, irreversible proof of Lee’s guilt turned out to be found by the foundation of the house – which means, to this particularly slow ajusshi, that Cha Dol killed his own father.

Oh scriptwriters, why so cold?

So now the only person who knows everything is this guy? He’s the reason ‘anti-heroes’ was invented!

The next morning, the assassins have archery practice, and the runner comes up to tell them that there’s a missing cabinet. Both guards realize at once what has happened. The one shooting (so-called Korea’s best archer) misses.

Switch shots to see Kyum wandering the streets, sobbing his heart out. He sees guards and avoids them, smart boy, though why he’s out at all mystifies me. Swe Dol is running around searching for him. In the center of a large crowd, his father’s body is torn in four pieces (each limb being attached to a horse) and Kyum runs away before they actually do it.

He wanders to where his house is, and sees that it’s been torn apart. He takes a nail that’s conveniently lying around and carves on a plum tree. He swears that he will not forget any of this (um, hold on to that thought). Just then, soldiers enter the courtyard.

They give chase, but Kyum is fast as the wind on his little legs, and he falls into a garbage heap in relief. Just then, Bong Soon and her brother come along to take stuff from the garbage. The older brother recognizes him and is about to give him over to the authorities when Kyum gives him his father’s medallion.

Bong Soon and her brother take him back to their settlement and feed him, but unfortunately Kyum’s stomach can only be termed as delicate. The brother goes out to buy some medication for Kyum by pawning the medallion. The soldiers manage to track down Bong Soon’s brother and follow him back to the village.

Kyum’s Iljimae sense jolts him into wakefulness. He gets up and asks after her brother. When she says that he’s gone off to buy stuff with the medallion, he knows they’re in trouble. So he drags a protesting Bong Soon after her brother, only to see him return safely to the village. Kyum and he exchange relieved smiles. But two stealth assassins come up and kill him.

Kyum takes Bong Soon and runs, but is chased up to the edge of a cliff by one of the guards (the kinder one, I think). He jumps into the water far below, but the guard catches Bong Soon. We see him struggling in the water. Meanwhile, the man goes to his partner and tells him that the boy drowned and the girl was killed.

Ho! Now we come to it! The blind soothsayer who was killed had predicted a brilliant sun for Korea (meaning a replacement king, and you know how well that usually goes down) and Lee Won Ho was there with his son while the blind dude was predicting away.

That’s why there’s all this ‘must kill them’ conspiring going on.

Kyum makes it out of the waters alive (increasing the number of improbable survivals by one) and wanders around town. He is recognized by the same sleazy officer who ran about obeying Noble Annoyance (aka Shi Wan).

Back at Lord Idiot’s house, his wife and friends gloat over the deaths of Lee Wan Ho and Kyum. Little Eun Chae, already fathoms deep in love at the tender age of 7 or so, drops her teacup in distress. Her mother, being possessed of slightly more brain cells than the average pea, doesn’t notice her distress.

Wee!Eun Chae goes off to angst by herself near a plum tree.

The kindly soldier, Jong Cha (?), quits his job, citing increasing stress and personal differences with the corporate vision. Anyway, he takes off. His ‘brother’ pays a visit to Lord Idiot aka Byun Shik and thanks him for helping them out.

Meanwhile Shi Wan has just smashed some pottery on the steps.

The pottery thing was expensive and Shi Hoo gets in some major trouble. Shi Wan watches gleefully. The swordsman (who is containing mounting irritation at Byun Shik’s brutishness) takes a look at the shards on the ground and determines that someone has cut him/herself on the shards. Shi Hoo has no such wound. (Again? Someone’s a little obsessed by this whole proof by innocent hands thing.)

The man, who is about to become an Imperial Guard, is impressed with Shi Hoo, and asks who he is. Byun Shik grudgingly acknowledges that it’s his son. (Eventually Shi Hoo will learn great things from this man and become an imperial guard, thereby fully integrating himself with the people who killed his father. I am slayed by the irony. Oho.)

A subordinate comes to report the sighting of Kyum. Shi Hoo is recruited to verify if it really was him. (So the assassins are really the secret police. They have medallions that can command crown troops to halt.)

In the marketplace, Kyum’s mother is on the way to being exiled as a slave, and Kyum is forced to prove he’s not who they think he is. His mother tries to help by acting crazy and not recognizing him. Dani watches off to the side, horrified at what she’s willing to do to protect Kyum. Then Mr. Secret Service tells him to throw a rock at his mom. Kyum hesitates for a long time, but eyepathy with his mother spurs him to do it.

Kyum is deemed as not Lee’s son, after passing the Rock throw test, and the Recognition test by Shi Hoo. There is a moment of relief and triumph for his mother, while Shi Hoo is determined to return the favour Kyum and his father did for him.

Poor Kyum stands alone, having had to throw a goddamn stone at his mother’s head.

Bong Soon’s brother’s body is brought forward, and Kyum’s mother falls on it, keening her ‘grief’. Then she faints.

Meanwhile, Kyum staggers his way through the marketplace. Dani comes upon him and walks with him, but he collapses midway home. When he wakes up, the stress of the day’s events have been too much for him, and he thinks Swe Dol and Dani are his parents.

Swe Dol wants to keep him, and while Dani objects, she’s really not that cruel. Swe Dol names him Yong – for bravery.

Bong Soon, as it turns out, is fine. (Well of course she is, if they’re going to keep us in suspense about her fate, how about not showing us trailers with her leaping around as an adult? Just a tip.) The ex-Secret Service dude has put her in the keeping of the owner of an inn. He gives a large sum for her to keep Bong Soon with, but the woman wants to sell her for more profit. Poor Bong Soon overhears their plans and cries for her brother (or Kyum/Yong – if wee! Eun Chae can fall in love at 7, why can’t Bong Soon?).

The dude gives her some pancakes, which was what her brother bought for her the day he got killed, but Bong Soon insists on following him, duckling like. He lets her do so after he hears she is afraid to be sold.

(Say what you like about the plot holes in this one, the scenery is great.)

13 years later:

Yong is being tied to a tree while other nobles make fun of him. (Um, the guy needs to work on his groaning. Still, return of the pretteh!) While passing out, he remembers his father’s last words. Which is great, but there’s the more immediate problem of being tied to a tree in the middle of nowhere and unconscious to boot.

Fortunately for continuity, a random hunter comes along and brings Yong home. While there, the unconscious but obviously tortured guy mutters in his sleep, thereby revealing that he is indeed the missing Kyum. The hunter seems to know what he’s about, and is set to betray Yong/Kyum.

The next morning, Swe Dol comes in with a broomstick to get Yong to get up and go to school. Yong pleads with Dani for leniency, but she shrugs him off. At his joke that people might think he was adopted by her attitude, Swe Dol looks awkward.

Lols. Yong goes to school in the olden version of backpack + blazer. He’s even got fake headphones.

He is stopped by a peddler who sells porn. Teenage boy + porn = automatic customer.

This Yong =/= Kyum at all. He’s giddy, easily excited, a slacker, and a bit on the dense side too.

Anyway, the peddler (who turns out to be the ex-Secret Service guy) and Bong Soon run a little side operation. However, Yong has already read all the porn they sell, so she sells him a fake one. In obvious distaste of porn, I guess, she’s trying to discourage it in her own way.

Yong demands a refund when he finds out, but is caught by his father, who brings him back to school.

Meanwhile, the hunt for him is on again. Kid never catches a break, does he? (Though with his hapless way of doing things – and no courage at all – he may not be considered as a noble scion at all.)

This time the noble students throw him into a well. And then Shi Wan, not one to do things halfheartedly, hits him really hard with a rock. With any luck, this will make him remember who he really is.



– Given the prophecy (hmm, Harry Potter or Hong Gil Dong, anyone?), and the fact that Iljimae’s last name is Lee, it’s quite possible that he is descended from the royal family. Not directly, but cousin of cousin ish. He’s noble anyway, so whatevers.

– Silliness quotient significantly down for this ep, and thank goodness.

– It’s getting a little interesting, though I daresay the ending is pretty much predictable.

– Stats: 2935 words! We’re creeping up there again.


  1. Da
    Tuesday, May 27, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    wow~ Thanks so much for Ep2 recap. it’s getting more interesting !!

    their past of the characters in childhood are so complex. I really wonder which girl that will be Iljimae’s couple… i’m rooting for Eun Chae but maybe it’s possible? coz Eunchae’s father caused Lee’s family destroyed T^T

    I also think Eun chae was from the Alien haha ^^ she’s too good to be a daughter in that family !!!

  2. sevenses
    Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    I know! It aired today! Am resolutely staying away from the spoilers.

    That’s the thing about Iljimae – everything is so mixed up. But I’ll enjoy the unraveling. (He has ‘fate’ with both Eun Chae and Bong Soon though. EC matches him in terms of status, but then Bong Soon shares the victim thing with him. It could go either way, though EC’s place as the first ‘woman’ ever in his heart would always remain…)

    (Honestly, what did that nobleman do in a previous life to deserve such a daughter, I’d like to know?)

  3. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 12:50 pm

    I’ll now be reading your recaps AFTER I see Iljimae, I’d like to try and resist the spoiler thing too. (fun fact, if in spoiler, you replace the ‘l’ by an “o”, the ‘e’ by an ‘n’, ditch the “r” and put the first ‘s’ between the ‘i’ and the ‘o’, it makes ‘poison’ [end of the ‘minute blonde’] )
    So, I’m totally overwhelmed by Yong/Ryung’s cuteness and I say Bong Soon +Yong = Amour pour toujours. Also, I think none of the assassins will ever match Yong Jin (I miss hiiiiiiiiiiiiim)
    And favorite sentence of the week:
    “Dani – that lovely servant girl who seems to have slept with everyone”

    Really looking forward (to?) see(ing?) the next ep, and read(ing?) your next recap!!!
    (as you see, I’m having grammar troubles, lol)
    Anyway, lots of chocolate,

  4. sevenses
    Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    Hey! I’m glad you are able to control yourself re: spoilers. God knows it wasn’t like that for HGD at all. (For me, anyway.)

    Erm? The next few recaps might be delayed, simply because I have work (left house at 8, got home at 9. Insane hours ftw) and am super busy with some real life stuff. Expect them before the next set of episodes air, though.

  5. Tuesday, July 23, 2013 at 5:42 am

    I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This type of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the great works guys I’ve you guys to my blogroll.

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