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Several Epilogues, Part 3

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Ahaha. The Gil Dong fans are going to hate me. Enjoy anyway!

Ending #3

In Which I Run Out of Ideas (CHxYN)

Gom ran away at the look on Enok’s face. (Much like Chisu, Yong Jin and various other guards had, earlier in the day.)

She slammed into the meeting room without much regard for the much battered and stained wood. Its occupants scattered for cover, having that admirable instinct which cautioned them to hide, despite never experiencing a tsunami. Enok stalked over to the table and leaned into it, trying to get as close to Gil Dong as possible without actually crossing to the other side.

“Yah! Didn’t you promise?! And I had to find out from gongja, of all people!”

Trapped by the table, Gil Dong had no choice but to look her in the eyes. He had nothing to say, as she very well knew. But some things had to be out in the open.

“I can’t take you.”

Enok sat down on the bench, legs giving out from pure shock.

“But… gongja said I could go wherever I wanted…”

Gil Dong stared at the wall beyond the top of her head resolutely. “Not where I am going.”

It wasn’t hard to make Enok cry, but the dripping tears did nothing to ease her ache at those words. She looked up to the person she’d always held to be a hero, someone she’d loved and trusted without reserves, the best source of strength, because he was always so strong.

“Why? Gil Dong, I won’t be any trouble, honestly, and I promise I won’t be stupid. We hunted tigers together, remember that-”

His expression darkened at her persistence. It was the best and worst of her, truly, and he didn’t need this. Not now.

“Tigers! Next you’re going to say you can run fast like an arrow! Stop thinking you can do everything and just go away, okay? You’re useless in a fight, and I can’t bring you along just to worry about you all the time. At least here the Daegoon can take care of you. Now go away and let us work.”


“What was that?!” Mal Nyeo, Suk Geun and Yeon demanded in angry unison.

Gil Dong ran a hand through his tousled hair. “I have to be heroic to achieve my goals!”

“Well, I think you’re a heroic asshole, that’s what.” Mal Nyeo nearly hit him with her fan, but decided to take the higher ground and walked away.

The rest did the same, angrily wondering if he was as great a person they’d thought he was… or if they even wanted to be in the same room as he was, when the time came.


Enok hid in a corner, crying. She was stupid, and useless, and, and, no one wanted her around! Even Gil Dong told her to go away. He’d done it several times, but she’d just been too dense to see it.

She was truly doomed to a life of idiocy.

Chisu rounded a corner and stopped in his tracks. His experience with girls was limited, but even he knew better than to interrupt Lady Enok in full-out cry mode. He decided that his news could wait, and headed out of the Yongmun compound.

Lady Noh watched her charge helplessly. She could poison a man without second thoughts, spot betrayal from the slightest hint, cow uppity nobles into utter submission with one glance and make a mean bowl of bibimbap, but she had no idea how to handle this innocent and volatile child. Her grandfather did very little in her daily life, being the sort to manipulate and thus utterly bewildered by the honesty of his granddaughter.

Sometimes she was glad that the Daegoon decided not to marry her. Besides not allowing Lord Ryu to control the throne, she seemed to create more trouble than she was worth, in the long run.


Eun Hye looked at her possessions, canary yellow, crisp green, pristine cream (and a particularly virulent shade of pink that could be recognized at twenty paces), mostly all in silk and costing a small city’s worth of ransoms. Then she thought, with a shudder, of not being able to bathe for weeks, of cold winters without her fur muff, of her fine skin withering into rough scabs.

Was it really worth it, she wondered, for a man who doesn’t even love me?

She looked at the blue pouch she’d embroidered, and resolutely threw it in the rag pile.

The next day, a lucky urchin carried it home and used it to store a mysterious string of coins he’d found on his doorstep.


Lord Seo was angry.

“This close! We had them at our door, and then what happens? The king tells us to wait for reinforcements, and they run away!”

Eun Hye hid her joyous, trembling hands under the table. It had worked.


Chang Hui had no choice but to send out orders for the Hwal Bin Dang’s capture with a promise of awards. But he was sure their rapport with the people would allow them to flourish. Indeed, they did a much better job of investigating corrupt officials than he ever had. And so the cycle went on.

If anyone noticed the large number of pigeons the king liked to keep in his gardens, well. That was just royal quirkiness.


Master Hae Myung was a wise man beyond his years, with an enviable philosophical outlook cultivated with care through the years. Nevertheless, he looked at the departing ‘children’ with worry. When would they meet again, if they did? Their world was a dangerous place, made more so by the paths that Gil Dong led them to. The flowers trembled in the wind as he laughed his creaky cares away.

Enok stood watching, tears in her eyes. If she couldn’t rescue people from the clutches of evil like her friends, she was just going to find something else worthy to do.


“See? And then the dog said -” A polite knock on the door interrupted her mid-story. Enok looked up from the giggling child in her arms.

“Oh, gongja! You shouldn’t have come here! What if you got sick? I’ll just finish up, and we can go.”

In ordinary city clothes, Chang Hui smiled at her, “I’d prefer to stay and listen. Do you mind?”


A year later…

Enok wrinkled her nose at the smell of new fabrics.

“Do I really have to wear all this?” She whined to Lady Noh, knowing that the other was in a good mood, and, therefore, would not boil her in hot water for complaining.

“Of course, my lady. If you would really like to continue doing all this charity work with the poor, it would be a good idea to appease the ministers by having the most traditional wedding possible.”

“Oh.” Chang Hui explained this to her, Enok thinks, but she wasn’t really responsible for what was in her head when he was around anymore.

Besides, she had such great plans for new schools, hospitals… everything, in short.


The kingdom celebrated the birth of a royal prince with all due pleasure and happiness. Lord Ryu perhaps more than most. At last, a king that would obey his commands alone. Goodness knew that this impish young thing his granddaughter married had found ways of thwarting him in the past. Now he could control the heir, but only if certain obstacles were out of the way…

It would be, he concluded, be the best for all concerned. A long term plan for the good of the kingdom.


In the five years since she’d last seen him, he hadn’t changed very much. Slightly more weathered, perhaps, and leaner, but the essential spirit was the same, burning through anyone they looked at.

He wondered how he could ever dare to ask her for forgiveness.

“So. When do I get to show you some godchildren?”

Gil Dong felt like he would be blown away with the shock. Did she really just say what he thought he heard? Another moment of speechlessness passed before Enok deigned to look up and smile.

“You saved his life, Gil Dong. What are little grudges to that?”

He nearly fell down with relief. “So. You don’t … uh. Ah. That.”

Chang Hui walked out of the door, trying to dissuade his stubborn son from stabbing himself in the eye with a mock sword.

“Still articulate as ever, I see.” He winked at his queen. “Is there anything I should be worried about?”

Chisu smiled at Yong Jin, both hearing Gil Dong’s frank laugh echo through the hallway. “See? And you were all fretful.”

End part 3.

Let me know what you think!


  1. JaneSc
    Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    I like this ending cos YN ends up with GongJa and everyone here live. Happy ending. Oh nooo, I am still obsessed with HGD and JGS. How can i break away??

  2. iurgnotmis
    Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    Ah when are you going to make Lord Ryu realize he’s too old for being a control freak?

  3. Jess
    Friday, April 4, 2008 at 3:48 pm

    Gil Dong’s definitely being a heroic asshole here.. ugh.. CHxYN, not my cup of tea…

    Anyhow, let me see some fluffyy romance 😛 Ending 4, Ending 4!

  4. Haily
    Monday, April 7, 2008 at 4:52 pm

    AHHHHH!!! Wonderful ending, CHxYN is defiantly what i wanted from the beginning. If the real ending had been something like this i think i would be over joyed!!

    I like the happy ending, but i would rather with Gil Dong fake death like he did and continue watching over the world but away from YN’s eyes.

  5. Neechan
    Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 10:04 am

    You heal my wounded heart ~<3

  6. yangmee
    Monday, August 10, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    Ah, the ending I REALLY wanted. Thank you, Sevenses!

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