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Episode 24 preview

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Go give your thanks to crybabytt!

Preview here. Preview the second, here. (They’re the same, but one’s on youtube, and the other one’s in Chinese.)

I’ll be back with textual and scene interpretation later. (So much info, and not enough understandability.)

Text summary:

Battle breaks, GD shouts: Let’s end this!

YN is seen running around between the two – she gives messages to CH from GD. CH doesn’t want her to a) go to GD b) put herself in danger c) be killed as part of the rebellion. (OR all three, I can’t tell.)

There is fighting, though I only see flashes of SG among the mess.

CH is in a war tent à la Mongolian – possible siege situation. YN persuading him not to do something. She’s arguing with both GD and CH, at different times.

GD is lightly injured, she tends to him in his room at the mountain. They hug, and it looks like night out there.

Right now there are two main theories running amok on the Chinese forums (creating no small amount of distress, I might add):

1. Enok will die – HM says this in 12 (in the event she goes back to GD), and 23 has been peppered with references to death in her conversations with both boys. Even I’ve noticed.

2. GD travels to the future, where his ideas are somewhat realized. Really not sure on this one.

[EDIT]: Jess, soruyo, iurgnotmis, JaneSc: I really wish YN doesn’t die either. In fact, I want her to make both guys (but especially GD) realize how stupid and testosterone-filled they’re being. I also hope the writers don’t pull that YN-promises-to-stay-with-CH-to-keep-GD-safe crap, first because it demeans their struggles, and second because it would be plain stupid. (Plus, how would they resolve that satisfactorily in one episode??)

I think the first episode is still to come, due to certain hairstyle hints 🙂 . It almost feels like they’re prepping us for an unhappy ending, so it may be that they’re trying to trick us.

And since CH doesn’t have any heirs yet, I assume he lives through this.

Wednesday really can’t come fast enough.



P.S. Since I’ve gotten several instances of people looking for Hong Gil Dong episode #25 – this show ends at 24, which is to say, March 26. There is a special, consisting of interviews, fun stuff and NGs, but the plot, the story, the thing that’s been making me scream with frustration (at its lack sometimes) for the past few weeks – ends on 24. This public service announcement is now over. Thank you.

  1. Jess
    Monday, March 24, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    How can Yi Nok die? I mean, in the very first episode… the very first scene…

    And yeah, Wednesday (or Thursday for my case – subs=my life) can’t come fast enough! Really hoping for a thrilling episode… but hey, in a way, don’t we already know the ending? Again, referring back to 1st ep… we all know who YN is going to end up with, don’t we?

  2. soruyo
    Monday, March 24, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    I forgot which actor said it, but he said we wouldn’t see that scene again and to expect a ending with a twist. Yi Nok doesn’t die and becomes queen if the monk is right. Well I’m basing this on the fact that fortune tellers are always right in Korean dramas. Does the monk count as a fortune teller? What I’m wondering is who is the king at the end?

  3. iurgnotmis
    Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 12:03 am

    Thanks for the translation of the preview. Now let’s all go suck on a lemon because either way, it’s not looking happy. What happens to the “happily ever after” tone at the beginning of the drama!?

  4. JaneSc
    Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 5:01 am

    Poor Gongja, whatever the ending, he will be alone again, naturally…

    It’s soo sad to have his character so in love and devoted to Yinok. Even a Gil Dong and Yinok ending does not give me great satisfaction.

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