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Hong Gil Dong Episode 23, recap

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Omg, only one episode left! At the same time, though, I am incredibly frustrated. It really looks like an impasse.

Episode 23

It begins on the same dark note as the last episode.

Chang Hui is all alone in his darkened throne hall, talking to himself. (Insanely bad week for all our favourite people. If 24 continues like this I may throw up some blood.)

CH: It was all lies. Is this where the lies end? Even if everything was false, I must not give up.

Chang Hui’s hand tightens on the golden silk covering of the throne.

Kang Hui is in his room, talking into the air as well, and he’s wishing for his little brother to go insane like himself. (If he knows he’s insane, then wouldn’t that mean he’s not insane? Or does that just mean he has periods of lucidity…? Or does he just think he’s insane in order to avoid thinking about things properly? Okay. Too much thinking.)

Staring into the distance, Chang Hui comes to a decision about something. He calls for an attendant to come. (In passing, even the candles in the palace have golden dragons embossed on them. Flashy.)

Chisu appears at a run. Chang Hui orders him to get everything ready for the coronation (which basically means getting all the ancient documents ready and dinosaurs ministers out of bed). Chisu is like… but it’s midnight. He obeys anyway.

Yong Jin, apparition expert, tells Noh that the coronation is taking place, without the public. Lady Noh is worried at this new turn in events.

Unknown minister (who was a scumbag in Dae Jang Geum) is chatting with Lord Ryu, happy that their new king isn’t being quite so stubborn on the issues of noble supremacy after all. Lord Ryu is slightly worried that his granddaughter won’t become queen (he’s just after the power of the position, honestly).

(I think CH is hurrying everything up so his power is solidified as soon as possible, so he doesn’t have another nasty surprise like the one with the sword. Also, giant public ceremony is just asking for the secret of the sword to be proclaimed in front of everyone by the numerous people who know and aren’t afraid to use that information.)

Lady Noh goes to wake up Enok, who isn’t a part of the coronation ceremony.

YN: What? Why so late?
Noh: I’ll explain on the way there.
YN: Isn’t the coronation supposed to be in a few days, and open to the citizenry as well?
Noh: It is not appropriate for them to be there.
YN: But the Hwal Bin Dang made the biggest contributions!
Noh: My lady. This ceremony is open only to ministers and nobility. Please get ready quickly.
YN: Then… does that mean I’ll be queen today too?
Noh: Not today. The Daegoon has something to say to you.

Cut to Merchant Wang’s storefront in the middle of the night. He’s eagerly anticipating the influx of people who will come watch the coronation, and possibly purchase his things. Wang is mystified at all these noble people dressed up in court clothes and apparently in a huge hurry. (Um. #15 who can’t add two and two together to get four.)

The coronation proceeds with all due pomp and ceremony but I’m getting claustrophobia looking at all these nobles.

Chang Hui looks so young in his royal costume. (That Tang dynasty crown just makes me want to go “Whee, beads!”) He’s given the royal seal by Choi and bowed to nine times.

Noh watches, off to the side, proud and worried.

Cut to Gil Dong at the mountain, having a talk with Hae Myung.

GD: The Daegoon wants to be a king who protects the people, it’s true, and I believe in him.
HM: But the scholars will take advantage of the Sa Yin Sword if they find out about it. It’s his fatal weakness.
GD: They probably want to use it to get rid of us. If we don’t’ want to be taken lightly, we must become stronger. If we are stronger, then our king will not be affected by that.

(Obsession, or just me? It’s only the nth time he’s said this, or variations thereof. Also, Chang Hui is stronger than GD thinks. I think they’ll surprise each other. Chang Hui’s own direction is closer to the nobility than GD is comfortable with.)

Back at court, Chang Hui gives Ryu and Choi (personal advisor to the king and Minister of the Interior, respectively) ultimate power to decide on who to use for important positions in his new reign.

Seo talks to Eun Hye at home.

Seo: Now that we’ve survived, the core of power will return to me someday.
EH: To gather power, we will need a common enemy. Right now the nobility’s common enemy is Hong Gil Dong, so set him as your target and gather power.
Seo: Eun Hye, if you were born a boy, you would be the inheritor to my power. Alas. But what are you writing?

EH: These are some stories I’ve been gathering.
Seo: Stories?
EH: Yes. Stories. Everyone’s favourite hero to king narrative. It’s very interesting.

Enok timidly approaches Chang Hui in the throne room after the assorted nobles are gone.

YN: Gongja.
Chang Hui actually twitches when she called him that.
YN corrects herself: Majesty.
CH: Come live in the palace. You will be my queen, as decided.
YN: But majesty.
CH: We will not let you go

(He’s using the royal plural. Interestingly, it’s the first time he’s used rank on her, and also the first time he’s been less than gentle. I guess he’s trying to stabilize all bases because he’s afraid it’ll disappear or turn out to be lies.)

CH: You cannot refuse. And I will never let you go. If I only loved you with all my heart, cherished and admired you, then I would let you go, even if it were to cause me pain. But that is not possible now.
YN: I heard about your mother from Noh.
CH: This was all of your father and my mother’s devising. But I have to bear with the consequences. Therefore, you must remain with me. Even if you are almost dying, I will not let you go. If I am dying, then stay by my side until I am dead.
(It sounds like he’s saying the same thing as GD, but he’s really not. Listen carefully.)
YN: Sorry. I’m sorry.
CH: Sorry. That’s right. You should be sorry. We began the same way, but you’ve lived a pure life, and I’ve been soiled. It is unjust.
YN: I’m sorry. An idiot like me only serves to hurt you. I’m truly sorry.

Chang Hui walks off in anger and self pity. Enok is unhappy, both because of the wacky family history, and because recent encounters with both boys have mentioned death. (Hmm. I wonder. Foreshadowing?) I also don’t think Chang Hui can properly love Enok anymore, not when he’s reminded of his mother’s treachery every time he looks at her. (Also, just noticed, no more guyliner!)

Kang Hui is amused that his brother is already king.

KH: You really are in a hurry. Now all that remains is to kill me. Use another fake incident to cover up for the fake Sa Yin.
CH: Do you really want to die at my hands?
(Funny enough, he’s still using respectful speech towards him.)
KH: As your elder brother, I only await the day you become like me.
CH: I’m not cowardly like you. Therefore I will not lose my throne to insanity. If I got here solely on the thought of revenge, who knows if I would not have already become crazy like you? but I’m not like you. I am king because I want to protect my people. And I will hold on to my throne.
KH: Hong Gil Dong knew everything. And he didn’t tell you! You, supported by the people? Don’t make me laugh. He is the one they love. You are nothing but a pretty mouthpiece!
CH: You think that because you wanted nothing but power. When you thought you were not the intended king, you threw everything you had away! From now on, using my own power, I plan to build my own path.
KH: You are nothing! Everything is false!
CH: I am already the king, and I will never ever lose the position. Unlike you, dear brother.

(Wow. Kang Hui is so poisonous, but Chang Hui is standing his own ground. And I like that they’ve made him grow into his own person, and not Gil Dong redux. That would have been irritating.)

Chang Hui gives orders to one of the attendant ministers to accompany Kang Hui to exile and to severely punish those who supported him. (The important members, I assume, are already dead by Choi or Ryu.)

Kang Hui falls down into a chair in shock.

CH: Your exile will not last long. Like the way you imprisoned me in the Daebi’s palace, I will return favour for favour, brother.

Kang Hui is very angry that he cannot affect Chang Hui anymore. It was his last weapon, and now it doesn’t even work.

Merchant Wang, up very late tonight, sees the palace staff escorting the king (shouting away in his carriage) and the shackled nobles (including In Hyung) out to exile. He wonders why there’s so much fuss, and anticipates events that have already taken place.

Chang Hui is already suffering from a headache. (That’ll teach him to stay up late all the time. Poor thing. It’ll get worse before it gets better.)

The next morning, people are clustered around the message board, disappointed that there is no public coronation after all.

At the breakfast table, Hae Myung recounts the people’s disappointment at the lack of openness, the way it was before. Gil Dong worries that something may have happened in the palace overnight, and Yeon guesses, correctly, that it had to do with the Sa Yin sword. Suk Geun wonders thoughtlessly about Enok’s marriage, until Mal Nyeo smacks him, anyway. Gil Dong walks away, not even bothering with the pretense of cheer. The rest of Hwal Bin Dang commiserates with him while Hae Myung looks thoughtful.

Right on topic, Enok is dressed in the queen’s clothing, to make adjustments before the proper ceremony in a few days. She is very pretty, but also pale and unhappy. Lady Noh makes more comments that make Enok feel obligated to stay with Chang Hui.

Noh: Did his majesty give you that hairpin? Leaving his mother in the fire, that was the only thing he was able to take out.
YN: Gongja must be in a lot of pain.
(Me: And what about you, or GD… it’s like a triangle of pain.)
Noh: When you were in pain, he was there for you.
YN: You’re right. When I thought Gil Dong was dead, when grandfather Heo died. He was always here to comfort me.
Noh: Please stay by his side and be a good queen.
YN: I … am only … I will try hard.
Noh: Here, let me put the hairpin on for you.

(An unhappier bride there may be, but I think I might have been too busy crying to notice.)

Gil Dong meets with Chang Hui in … the throne hall, of course.

GD: If I want to meet you in the future, do I have to wear this? (Me: Hey, it looks good on him, I’m not complaining. But his indignant arm waving is kind of funny.)
CH: Yes. That way our relationship will be clearly visible to all.
*senses that CH is angry* You know about the Sa Yin sword?
CH: Why didn’t you tell me? Were you afraid that I would find out and run away? Or, were you afraid I’d go crazy like my brother?
(I’d say he already is a little, but it could just be the stress showing.)
GD: You’re so strong. That auntie made it seem like the end of the world. (Lol, Noh as an auntie. Made my day, GD.)
CH: You wanted to protect me because I was your chosen king.
GD: The nobles will use that sword to impede you in everything. I wanted to prevent that from happening. Don’t waver like your brother did. You have to be a normal, good king.
CH: It will be so. I will not be controlled again.

Chang Hui and Gil Dong stare into each other’s faces, trying to test for weaknesses. The testosterone, it can be pounded with a meat cleaver.

Kang Hui makes his hurried, if somewhat boring, way across the country in a carriage (ahh, motion sickness, my old companion). The eunuch makes a pit stop at a village where lots of ‘traitors’ were killed. Chang Hui gave him orders to let the people of the village know that the former king was passing by and to arrange for Kang Hui to be alone. (This same eunuch just serves different people with no change of countenance. He kills the queen-to-be’s grandpa and is like, okay, you want KH dead? He’s dead. Also, now we know what CH was so headachy about.)

The village he stops by is a beautiful place, white and pink plum blossoms waving in the wind (plum is known for flowering the earliest, beginning midwinter at times. Beautiful. Visit Nanjing sometime in early spring and you’ll see.). The grass is beginning to come out and it’s such a peaceful country setting. Kang Hui walks around aimlessly and smiles at the beauty of the plum blossoms.

KH: But where is my chance to blossom, to grow?

The villagers are show to be angry and advancing towards where Kang Hui is.

KH: If I tell them that I could have been a good king, that I was also wronged, that would make them angry, wouldn’t it?

He turns around to reach for a flower, but the first blow of the villagers makes it that he never reaches it. He dies. (Am sad for him in the end. he did so much wrong, but awww.)

Eunuch to Chang Hui in the palace.

Eunuch: The corpse was buried under that plum tree.
CH: Don’t let anyone know yet.

Chang Hui looks like he’s about to cry, but then he lifts his head, and it’s not sadness, but a futile sort of anger.

Seo and Ryu visiting Seo’s special dungeons of doom. Seo half blackmails, half cajoles Ryu into giving him a minister’s position. They agree to target Gil Dong (Me: EH, look what you’ve done.) Seo’s got them by the neck, now, and Ryu has no choice but to go along with. (Also, it looks like Ryu’s motivation for all this was for Enok to become queen. wonder how he’ll take it when she says she loves GD. Ahaha.)

Gil Dong talks with Chang Hui again. (Wow, they haven’t moved? I hope it’s the next day.)

GD: Why is a sleezeball like that Seo still walking around the palace?
CH: He also knows about my weakness. It was a compromise to cover up the secret.
GD: Then the fact that all the new ministers are noble scholars, is that a compromise too?
CH: I cannot just brutally force my will upon them because I am king. I must also make concessions to guard my throne.
GD: If you want to change, you must first start from the inside. Or else you are just filling in the spot for the old corruption!
CH: Then, why don’t you come give it a try? You said you wanted to prevent me from being restricted by people, then come and do the job yourself. Even temporarily, come and try to control them.

GD: Okay. Sure, I’ll try. What positions are you giving me? If I’m to be a minister, at least give me one that has power.

Chang Hui and Gil Dong are both unhappy with each other. (Ahaha, gauntlet, and more testosterone than a charging bull floating loose.)

Little does Gil Dong know what kind of trouble Chang Hui has to bear to get him the minister of defense position. Oh Gil Dong. He swaggers in, doesn’t even pay proper respect. CH is going to need some Advil/Tylenol.

The common people are all happy at this sign of change.

Seo butters up some more to Gil Dong, now that he’s in an important position. Gil Dong resolves to get recruits, but the noble sons are slacking off. It’s like gym class in elementary, but with swords. Ahah, Gil Dong captured all his recruits from nobles in the brothels and won’t let any of them escape with obviously fake maladies. Seo is headached.

GD: I, Hong Gil Dong, will not stop until all fit Korean citizens join the army!

The nobles fuss at Chang Hui. He needs headache meds. (I know the boy’s in pain, but so funny!)

Chang Hui moves Gil Dong to the IRS or corruption investigation corps. On his first day, he flips prominent merchant houses upside down.

GD: *wearing glasses* I, Hong Gil Dong, will not stop until all corruption stops!

The ministers fuss some more, CH clutches his forehead. (Dead of the laughter here.)

Yeon and Gom at a random intersection, looking at wall notices on Gil Dong’s activities. The popular ones will be copied elsewhere – reference to blog culture? Articles on Gil Dong get the most hits. Yeon comments that the nobles must really really hate him now.

He’s right. Seo is venting and vows to separate Gil Dong from Chang Hui (try if you like…) He wants to use the Sa Yin to force CH’s hand. (Does he know that it’s not a good idea to threaten your king?)

Gil Dong meets with Chang Hui in ordinary clothes.

GD: You should not let me be a minister. I won’t wear those clothes any longer.
CH: You did it on purpose to annoy the nobles, didn’t you?
GD: I thought I’d poke them a bit, make them realize that things can change, but they don’t want to change.
CH: I’d wanted to keep you, despite all their complaints, but all that was for nothing?
GD: I made things difficult for you, didn’t I? I’m very sorry, majesty.
CH: People who want to change and fight like you, people who want stability, they are all my citizens. I cannot let either one go.
GD: To put it bluntly, you are the type to preserve the world, because you of all people hold the greatest power. If the one highest in power can work side by side with the lowest like me, we will avoid a lot more conflict, become less hurt.

There is ominous music, and Chang Hui is left frowning. This is where they begin to part ways.

Eun Hye has written out the story of Hong Gil Dong as we know it (wiki link) and is surprised that her nanny thinks it’s so fun. To her it’s the scariest thing possible, because for Gil Dong to be king, there is immense upheaval in the social structures that the nobles rely on. (How come nanny can read?)

Eun Hye meets with a printer on the sly to publish copies of her book to distribute. (If they’re traced, it could mean so much trouble for her.) Both common people and nobles are to receive copies.

EH: In the stories, Hong Gil Dong can become king, but in life, what happens? Will he die?

Everyone reads the story; it has the anticipated reaction. The capital is in an uproar. Poor Chang Hui needs more Advil.

Ryu postulates treason, Chang Hui knows he didn’t write it, Gil Dong thinks it’s nonsense.

Merchant Wang chats with Gil Dong and crystallizes the fact that the book Gil Dong is the hope of the people, and that people’s imaginations may run away with them.

Eun Hye is at home, happy at the response to her book, and anticipates Chang Hui’s reaction. She muses that she wrote Gil Dong in too noble a light, because she still loves him.

CH: A peasant becomes the minister of defense, then king. This story threatens to shake the roots of our monarchy.
GD: I know. I didn’t write it. It’s not how I envisioned my world . Even if I were to create Yul-Do, I would not be king, nor would I set anyone as king.
(You’re about 400 years too early, bud.)
CH: Then your world has no king?
GD: Whichever world needs a leader, but the king right now doesn’t need to do anything, he gets kingship dropped from the sky. If we were to let the people choose, then it would be different.
(Yes, then you get morons like Bush. Much better, I’m sure.)
CH: Then he would not be a king, and this country’s king is not chosen that way. Are you planning to destroy our way of life?
GD: Even if there were no king and nobility, they would still exist under different names. There would be a new ruling class and the oppressed. A place where everyone’s equal, you’ve said that it is not possible even in death, but people dream. I and the Hwal Bin Dang will help them get closer to that dream, however we can.
CH: Will you fight until you achieve your dreams?
GD: It’s the only way to change anything.
CH: Stop now, please. If you don’t stop at an appropriate place, you will run into my world.
GD: I will become stronger so I will not break on the tide. You’ve said that you understand my desire for change. Well, support me, and let me go forward.

Chang Hui is unhappy and frustrated because his best friend has suddenly turned into his biggest threat.

Seo with the nobles. He suggests, again, making Chang Hui choose between Gil Dong and them (though he’s already made his choice, I think), and to use the Sa Yin to force him to obey.

Enok talks with Chang Hui, wearing the ugliest hanbok known to man.

YN: Is Gil Dong in danger? I heard from Lord Seo’s daughter that Gil Dong is provoking a confrontation with the nobles.
CH: She is very smart, but very dangerous.
(Oh, he’s figured it out then.)
YN: But no matter what, he is on your side, he will be alright?
CH: To be alright, he is searching for a proper stopping point.

Enok is relieved.

CH: Did you come here to ask me that?
YN: Not entirely. What do you want me to do in the future?
CH: I’ve already said that our fates were determined when we were born.
YN: But to be queen… I don’t think I can. Even I know I am stupid, and while that’s okay in ordinary life, in such an important position just because of my birth doesn’t seem right.
CH: That is how the king and queen of this country are chosen.
YN: But what if I give birth to a son as stupid as I am, wouldn’t that be trouble for the kingdom? It doesn’t seem right.
CH: You keep saying that you are stupid, but you say the exact same things as he does, with the exact same reasons.

Cut to Seo in his carriage, then orders a stop and he gets off. I am mystified, until Seo is all outraged that these other people don’t give him right of way but keep walking. (Um, dude, wide street. I’m sure you can handle it. More respect for the people who give you the clothes on your back and the food you eat, please.) They sneer at him, he is angry, and orders their capture. It’s like sparks on tinder. They smash his carriage.

The next day, they go to Gil Dong at the mountain, afraid of the trouble they’ve caused. Gil Dong promises to find a solution for them. (These people are idiots who resort to violence. Not being elitist, but if you deface Condi Rice’s car, you get fined. That’s how society works. You don’t shield hotheaded idiots, unless you’re one too.)

Gil Dong resolves to become stronger. (Stubborn. He needs to compromise. He says the men’s way of doing things is too hurried and ineffective, but doesn’t he see that his way is equally inflammatory?)

Seo is venting (Yeah, but he was unwontedly rude. I don’t care if he got beat up for being an ass. He’s got bigger problems.) This incident concentrates the fear that Hwal Bin Dang is an anti-establishment organization (it is). Chang Hui either has to do something or his nobles will do it for him.

(I wonder if Gil Dong cares that the men who attacked were in the wrong… or does he think it’s alright to oppose oppression in whatever way possible? Even to the death? Even to the point of using oneself as a suicide bomber?)

The ministers petition Chang Hui to let them attack Hwal Bin Dang before they become a nationwide revolt. Chang Hui is really not feeling well.

CH: They are not violent agitators.
Ryu: If the king of a country is unwilling to defend its basic stability, then we as nobles cannot allow ourselves to ally with such a king.
CH: Are you trying to threaten me?
Ryu: Majesty, we can definitely uncover your status.
CH: It’s about that damned Sa Yin again.
Ryu: Allowing for your status, we are strong enough to gather troops. Please accept our loyalty to you as king and oppose this potential uprising.
Everyone: Please consider carefully!

At the bandit home, Hae Myung is trying to talk sense into Gil Dong.

HM: Be careful. Do not let frustration and grievances turn these people into vigilantes.
GD: I will. We need to be stronger and more stable.
HM: I hope this country can bear your strength. If not, we risk being broken.

Yong Jin enters. Chang Hui came in person to see Gil Dong! He’s in plain clothes, and not too happy. On the other hand, Gil Dong’s not happy either.

Downstairs, Suk Geun bothers Chisu, who vanquishes him with a half boy comment. Mal Nyeo tries to hit on Yong Jin. Yong Jin is all, I am wise to you. But then Mal Nyeo pretends to faint and gets his wallet. Gom runs around with a sword, then gets unhappy. Yeon takes the sword and licks it – not the type of metal he likes, but it’ll do.

Chisu and Yong Jin have a moment, amidst all this weirdness.

YJ: Every time I’m here, I get all confused and dizzy.
CS: That’s because everyone here is insane.
YJ: I get the feeling that it’s completely different from the outside world.
(You’ve said it. They live in a fantasy world of GD’s devising.)
CS: But somehow, I always want to stay longer with them.

Yong Jin nods.

The two bosses have a talk.

CH: I want us to work together. Please stop here. I don’t want us to fight anymore.
GD: You want to stop when you are king, is that it? Or maybe this is your limit, but we are just beginning.
CH: As king of this country, it is my duty to stabilize it.
GD: I want it to get closer to the one in my dreams. I will fight on.
CH looks to be pleading here: I’ve gotten this far with you. I understand and know your strength. But I want that strength to stay with me, to do work for the country.
GD: I’m confident you know the extent of my strength, to know to fear it.

(Me: he’s done it now. GD, noooooooooo, wrong words.)

Chang Hui looks like he’s been kicked in the stomach.

CH: You are stubborn as always. My country cannot accept you. I need to reconsider.
GD: If you want to stop here, as king, then how can the new world accept you? I also need to reconsider.

There is climatic music. Gil Dong looks resolute, Chang Hui looks like he can’t bear it any longer (someone hand him a security blanket/willow bark tea/Tums). Chang Hui walks away, an older and more stressed out man.

Cut to EH: Will I be better after he is gone?

Ryu gathers his nobles with Seo: We should get together and stop Hong Gil Dong!

Seo: We will have the military at our side. If his majesty doesn’t listen to us, we will use the Sa Yin to force him. And if he still refuses –

CH: – then you revolt?

(Ooooh boy, this one’s angry and his nobles get a tongue lashing. Props to his people for accurate intelligence though.)

CH: All my ministers together, plotting away! Did you want to depose me?
Ryu: All we want to do is to get rid of the enemy to both nobility and royalty – Hong Gil Dong!
CH: I will take care of him. I will get rid of the threat to my country and protect it. So do not, ever again, use that Sa Yin as an excuse. If I find anyone mentioning it, I will take it as an insult to me and to the royal house, and I will kill that person.

As if to make a point, Chisu and Yong Jin come and unsheathe their swords dramatically.

CH: Who still dares to question my authority and lineage?

Later, Ryu with Chang Hui. Now that he’s gotten what he wants, Ryu is all happy. (Will. Resist. Urge. To. Smack. Elderly.)

Ryu: The blacksmith has already been taken care of. (Oh god, not more killing.)
CH: I want to wipe all traces of that sword from this world. And to abandon that beginning too.

Ryu looks discomfited.

CH: I will not make Enok queen.
Ryu: But it was determined by bla bla bla
(I tuned him out, and you know the story.)
CH: I do not want to cause her death.
Ryu: …
CH: I will destroy Hong Gil Dong. If she stays, she will rush to his side.
Ryu: he’s just a peasant, no need to worry.
(Me: Shows how much you know.)
CH: No. I know her. She will try everything to get to him. And then she will die.

Enok is in her room looking at the queen stuff. She is holding Grandpa Heo’s pin.

YN: I am such a bad person. I have almost forgotten you. To tell the truth, I miss Gil Dong more. I am so bad. I will try hard not to do anything bad from now on.

Chang Hui comes in and sees her clutching that pin.

Enok looks up and apologizes.

CH: I should be the one who is sorry. You’re too stupid. I cannot accept you as my queen. Like you said, you cannot become queen. (Lies, all lies! You love her really.) I would never be able to harm you, so please, go. I hope you will remain the same, still the same cheerful person. So please forget all this, and go.
YN: Thank you. You really are a good person.

Noh with Enok, that night. They’re going to China the next day, and when they come back, Noh will guard Enok with her life. (I’m unclear on this, does that mean she still may be queen?)

The king orders Yong Jin to prepare the attack to Hwal Bin Dang’s mountain, at the same time, Gil Dong orders everyone to find a new place, because the king knows this place like the back of his hand.

Morning: Enok in travel clothes with Noh.

Enok remembers Gil Dong’s words to her and pleads with Noh. “I felt like dying just then… please let me see Gil Dong before I go. Just for a little while. Once. Please.

Noh tries to dissuade her, then in the absence of any other tactic, she tells her about the attack. Enok is very very shocked, but Noh tries to tell her that Gil Dong and Chang Hui’s worlds cannot go together. Enok rushes past Noh, determined to get to Gil Dong, but Lord Ryu stops her, tries to tell her that Gil Dong is the enemy… (Right. And the Queen of England likes to kiss pigs in her spare time.)

Gil Dong is preparing everyone to leave, but Gom runs up with the news that attack troops are already here. Gil Dong realizes Chang Hui must have prepared in advance.

Lord Ryu still trying to stop her, this time with her lineage. Enok cries. (The audience would like a brick. Failing that, a convenient lightning bolt would work too.)

We see Chang Hui standing in his throne room, giving the order to exterminate all Hwal Bin Dang, and Gil Dong at the gates of his village, preparing for his one last stand.


– 1st reaction: Enok dies! And then the two bump heads and realize how stupid they were. But it surprised me that Chang Hui doesn’t go himself.

– On the upcoming confrontation between CH and GD: That vigilante Che Guevara/Mao revolutionary thing gets on my nerves – it’s like Gil Dong’s one blind spot, even though he’s purportedly intelligent and should be able to see that you can’t twist people’s arms and make them change, you have to start gradually. You’d think, after the life he’s had, that he wouldn’t be blinded by his ideals. So now Chang Hui has to compromise with reality by attacking HBD. Argh. This confrontation is split into 40/60 (CH and GD’s fault, respectively).

– I still don’t think CH wants to kill GD. He hates Ryu and Seo for forcing him this way, he resents GD for not backing down, but he’s in a lot of pain at the thought of killing him. (What’s more, YJ and CS agree that HBD are cuddly fun things.)

– How hot are YJ and CS together in uniform? *fans self*

– About EH, I think she’ll experience a change of heart. Remember second episode, with that one lone bird? She let it go.

– This episode totally spelled the doom of CH and YN’s relationship. It’s been tainted and poisoned by all that political maneuvering.

– What will episode 24 bring? I have this vague feeling CH will relent in the end. Either that or everyone dies, and that can’t be possible, so I go for the happy end. Will post preview asap!

– For stats purposes, 5737 words!



P.S. It’s been brought to my attention that a) my posts are too long, b) I don’t have any pictures.

I can’t really fix a), I mean I can try, but I sort of started out in the 2000 range, then hit my stride at 4000-5000 per episode. It’s only for a series I’m really into, however. I don’t see myself writing that much for, Goong, say.

As to the second, this has always been a supplement for people watching the show raw, who need English to add to their understanding of the episode, with my own commentary (also, not to talk my friends’ ears off about my favourite shows ๐Ÿ™‚ ). It was intended to be read before/after watching the episode…

That being said, let me know what you think! (And thank you for staying on this long. We’re almost to the end!)

  1. iurgnotmis
    Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    i’m here to flood your comment box once again. x]

    i think it depends on your purpose of writing the recaps. if you’re writing them solely out of your love for the drama, then it doesn’t matter if there’s pictures or not, after all you write it in your own distinctive style. if it’s not your style to intertwine pictures with words then leave it be.

    as a reader, i think reading your recap is interesting. i get to see a different perspective and catch up on things i missed. so the detail/length of the post is actually beneficial in the sense that it brings forth the subtleties that i glossed over.

    but GD’s insistence really bothers me. i don’t know if this frustration is biased by my empathy towards CH’s immerse sufferings or just his superior looks. ๐Ÿ˜› i just hope the hong sisters end the drama well.

  2. Jess
    Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 8:58 pm

    Totally agree with iurgnotmis.. =)

    For the first 18 or so episodes I was like.. I wouldnt’ get bored of HGD even if it was 100 ep long. Now I’m just.. somewhat eager to get it over with =S It’s still good though, but the dragging really turned me off.

    The ending must be spectacular to get HGD back to a 10/10 on my scale. Now it’s a mere 9 ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. flyingcrispi
    Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 9:50 am

    “How hot are YJ and CS together in uniform? *fans self*”
    Hotter than a summer day in the south coast. But I like them more with the hair down.

    I watched the episode in ten minutes, only slowing down on funny moments (Yong Jin and Chisu at HBD).
    Like Jess, I want to get it over with.
    Now it’s done, because I’m soooo not watching the last episode.

    “I have this vague feeling CH will relent in the end. Either that or everyone dies, and that canโ€™t be possible, so I go for the happy end. ” (x_x)

  4. sevenses
    Saturday, March 29, 2008 at 10:31 am

    I have this vague feeling CH will relent in the end. Either that or everyone dies, and that canโ€™t be possible, so I go for the happy end.

    I know. Famous last words.


    I would recommend 24 for a watch, though. It’s beautifully done. (If you’re into getting your heart stomped on by a troupe of circus elephants.) Seriously. On the merits of the way it’s filmed and portrayed, it’s great. ON the merits of its message, not so great. Up to you.

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