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Hong Gil Dong Episode 22, recap

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I am this close to throwing up my hands in despair. THIS CLOSE.

But anyway, you’ll see what I mean.

Episode 22

We begin where we left off last episode (they’re getting longer, totally). The king is enjoying himself at his own banquet, as everyone eats and watch the gisaeng dance.

Enok is denied entry to the palace, sees Gil Dong walk by, tries to get his attention. The guards knock her around, discovering that she is a girl, which means intruder. As a last ditch effort, she shouts ‘I love you’ to Gil Dong as a signal. (Me: What happened to her super martial arts skills… or does she think it’s not necessary to use them right now?)

Gil Dong hears and turns around. He recognizes her voice and wonders what she’s doing here. He tries to follow, but learns that no one is allowed to leave the palace, on his majesty’s orders.

As Enok is dragged to some mysterious spot in the palace, she sees the queen escaping with her staff. (So KH covered all his bases.) The king is also about to leave and gets a big attention-getting distraction out.

After seeing a group of guards pass, Enok finally shows off her martial arts skills and gets away.

Gil Dong meets with Suk Geun, and both wonder why Enok is here. Gil Dong knows that if she’s here it means something went awry. Gil Dong goes off to meet her, Suk Geun oversees the implementation of original plan – explosives etc.

In Hyung and his people are waiting outside the palace, ready with fire arrows. He promptly negates any sympathy I have for him by darkly anticipating the night’s killing.

More breaking of necks by Yeon, Gom and co. to get to the gate. Gom is used by Yeon as a weapon, lols. They’re targeting two spots: the South Gate to let Chang Hui’s troops enter, and the dance stage for overall effect.

The king sort of relaxes as he enjoys the show.

We cut to Enok running away from the guards in an empty palace. She ducks under a set of buildings. The guards go past. (She’s becoming expert at this, isnt’ she?) Gil Dong searches for her amongst all the running guards (he’s in official garb and isn’t bothered), and Enok discovers more oil poured all over the place.

She runs off to look for Gil Dong only to have him pull her behind a building. Enok tells him that the king already knows they’re planning to attack and has spread oil all over the buildings of the palace, that all the the queens and concubines have already hurried away. Gil Dong can’t believe he’s going to set things on fire again.

To mask his escape, the king sets up a … portable toilet. (Me: right.) He makes his escape, dressed as just another minister.

As Mal Nyeo and Suk Geun prep their people for the evening’s tasks, Suk Geun tentatively asks if they could give their relationship a go if they both get out alive. Mal Nyeo replies, “I’ll think about it, half boy.”

Suk Geun’s reaction is so joyous it’s kind of freaky.

The king continues the freaky element as he escapes. Very glee at destroying Chang Hui’s supporters while holding the key to his identity in his hands. Chang Hui, meanwhile, rides to the palace, as Hae Myung volunteered to fight off the guards.

Inside the palace, Gil Dong and Enok split up: Enok to stop Yeon and Gom from blowing things up, Gil Dong to prevent the king from leaving. They cheer each other on with their memory of tiger fighting –

Gil Dong: I respect you.
Enok: Jiayou!

As they run to their destinations, we see a paralleled shot. Suk Geun gets up to the stage as lead drummer.

Yeon, Gom and co. set up the explosives at the South Gate.

Gil Dong goes back to the main palace grounds to discover that the king’s already left. He shoots an arrow into the king’s seat – the signal to start fighting. Most of the nobles are all woozy from the poisoned wine. Suk Geun and Mal Nyeo slit the giant drum and get weapons from inside. The real fighting with palace soldiers begins.

As Yeon about to light all fuses, Enok kicks the torch away and explains about the oil poured all over the palace.

The king gloats at his escape and his success at destroying Chang Hui’s allies. (Me: to quote, “There is a proverb chiefly concerned with calculating the numerical value of unhatched chickens.”) His guards open a final gate, but Gil Dong knocks them aside, flagpole in hand.

Kang Hui: It’s you!
GD: I knew you were crazy, but I didn’t think you were crazy enough to burn down your own home.
KH: I will rid myself of demons! I will kill you, Hwal Bin Dang, all those connected with Chang Hui!
GD: From killing the Daebi, do you now want to burn down the entire palace? Looks like you’re a real pyromaniac!
KH: I became crazy starting from burning the Daebi’s palace. If Chang Hui sees all this as ashes when he arrives, he will go crazy too. My insanity will transfer to him.
GD: Chang Hui will not have a reason to go crazy like you, because I will protect him.

The king taunts him. Gil Dong knows if the king makes it out alive then the palace will burn. Once again, we see that In Hyung is all ready.

Meanwhile, Seo is wearing a path in his floor at home. (Me: It’s dark already?) He’s worried about which side will win and which one will lose. Contingency plan is basically to suck up as much as possible.

Gil Dong and Kang Hui face off.

King: Don’t just say you’ll protect him. Let us see your actions! Your father said that, didn’t he? That you would choose a king who would protect the people! He said I was powerless to stop you. (GD’s expression changes somewhat here.) He was wrong! The moment I exit you will all turn to ashes! (Me: There’s like 15 people with swords against one person with a … flagpole. You think that’s fair?!)
GD: The clouds and rain are gathering. Storms will form against your complaints, and blow your crazy world away! They are gathering right now.
King: Where are they?
GD: You cannot hear their voices, majesty?

We see another rapid change of sequences. Hae Myung shouts an order to rush the gates, Chang Hui and Chisu rides through streets with their soldiers. (Lol, JGS is doing the sack of flour thing, must needs riding lessons, my boy!) Mal Nyeo and Suk Geun kick ass at the main palace stage; the common people rush to help Chang Hui and Hwal Bin Dang on the streets.

Lord Ryu reads a proclamation, announcing Chang Hui as the rightful king, blablabla. Most of it is posturing because the assembled nobles are there for power, not because they really care.

Back to Gil Dong blocking the king’s exit.

GD: Everyone has gathered to take you off the throne, go out if you wish. It is no longer your kingdom. The palace here is your last world.

The king is so furious he can’t talk properly.

GD: We will take this last world away from you!
KH: Kill him!

Members of Hwal Bin Dang come out of nowhere to protect Gil Dong, to stand behind him.

GD: Majesty, your reign is ended.

Kang Hui falls to his knees, in shock, then he laughs crazily. In Hyung’s soldiers are taken prisoner even as Kang Hui shouts for more fire. (He also mutters something about a new world, but it is a point of irony, that his new world is the cleansing of Chang Hui’s influence, not GD and CH’s rosy vision of equality.)

All Kang Hui’s nobles and people are captured and imprisoned. Kang Hui himself is escorted to a small room and told he cannot leave. Left alone, he laughs wildly.

The common people celebrate the beginning of Chang Hui’s reign, which they hope is a better and happier time for them.

Chang Hui enters the palace with his loyal Yongmun staff at his side (nice outfit). The streamers from the earlier celebration are still there. In a wide shot, he sees the members of Hwal Bin Dang who fought and made this possible surrounding the king’s walkway, awaiting his arrival. We see his face during the slow walk up to the throne, and his face is conflicted. (Never happy, this boy.)

He unseeingly passes Suk Geun with an arm around Mal Nyeo, Enok still in her disguise. Enok and Gil Dong exchange a look of mutual congratulations, but for once Chang Hui doesn’t even notice them, he’s so focused on the throne. (That just foreshadows that he’s going to focus on being a king in the end, and not on relationships.)

Lord Ryu, in his place as kingmaker, proclaims Chang Hui’s legitimacy and bows down to him as a subject. As the prince-turned-king looks down at the masses of bowing people, firelight plays on his face, and it is, once again, very hard to tell what he is thinking. The music is tense, not joyous at a goal accomplished after long struggles.

Chang Hui takes the proffered (and fake) Sa Yin sword from the kneeling Ryu. We see that even the members of Hwal Bin Dang have kneeled down. He catches Enok’s eyes and she smiles at him, then half-kneels. Gil Dong remains proudly standing, and the crescendo of an emotional insert song arrives when the camera focuses on Gil Dong’s upright figure. Chang Hui sees this and smiles a little. (But not bowing is a big no no… um, GD.)

The king is left alone.

Gil Dong and Chang Hui have their private talk in the throne room, and there, alone with Chang Hui, Gil Dong bows his head.

GD: The common people bow to you, and hope that you will not disappoint them. Please be a wise king. Now is the time for a new beginning. When you become a king people respect, then I will kneel down to you. (Chang Hui is not terribly happy at this, or at GD’s emerging refusal to abide by societal norms.)
CH: I will become a king to whom people will kneel in respect. Of course.

Gil Dong smiles a lot, Chang Hui… doesn’t. (So serious all the time. We need to get him a teddy bear. Or a Chaegyung.)

Enok is outside with Yeon, Gom, Suk Geun and Mal Nyeo, celebrating that no one got hurt. They do their team ‘aja’ thing, but Enok suddenly remembers that as a member of the nobility, she isn’t part of Hwal Bin Dang anymore. She is sad. The four tell her not to be ridiculous and name her an honorary member. Aww at the camaraderie!

Lady Noh comes and is not happy at seeing Enok in disguise (Me: We can’t afford to let granddad know she was gallivanting around doing dangerous things). Enok is taken back by Noh. The Hwal Bin Dang members are sad at her departure.

Gil Dong passes Enok and Noh in the hallway and realizes what’s in the air. (Impending royal wedding of doom. I feel sorry for those event planners.) He goes without saying a word to either one of them.

(Enok is all, Gil Dooooooooooooooooooong in her head.)

Chang Hui has a talk with her in the throne room too.

CH: I heard you did a great thing today. Thank goodness you aren’t hurt.
YN: To have an idiot like me who can’t memorize things even when they are repeated 20 times over accomplish a good deed. Today I really felt useful with my fighting skills. When I’m with Gil Dong, I’m good enough to catch tigers, I’d forgotten that. Now, no matter what happens, I won’t forget.
CH: You forget that at my side… I thought I could become the world’s strongest/best person with you by my side. Are you able to forget that?
YN: To be honest, I was afraid that being unable to follow the rules and being stupid into the bargain, I would be a completely useless person.
CH: What should I do to ease that fear? Give me some more time.

(Geesh, can’t you stop mentioning GD?! Also, we all missed the cheerful and happy YN of yore.)

Gil Dong meets with his people at the palace gates. He gives orders for the Hwal Bin Dang to move back to their mountain base tomorrow. Apparently the coronation is open to all. Gom wants to stay and watch. Gil Dong says okay, and leaves.

Yeon: Young idiot. The Daegoon’s coronation is also Enok’s wedding.
Gom: Omg, she’d make an awful queen.
SG: Yeah, Doe Eyes doesn’t fit into royal life.
MN: She does. For our new world, the best queen would be an honest and cheerful one.

We switch to Seo garnering power with Ryu, making up stuff about rushing out in order to save Chang Hui to gain a spot on the all-powerful scrolls of supporters…

Later, Lord Ryu the elder and assorted people assemble to meet with Chang Hui, mainly to establish the new court and ministerial positions. Chang Hui looks at the roster. He is not terribly happy. (You know, it occurs to me that he would be much happier making buns. Since day one, this kingship thing has given him nothing but trouble and stomach ulcers. Alas. Someone has to be at the top and piss everyone else off.)

CH: I will not immediately distribute positions. I have already said that I will not use people that are using the revolution as an excuse to climb on top. If they are incapable people, they will not be part of the ministry. Also, this list contains opportunists who switched sides according to situation.

(Lol, everyone looks at Seo, who is agog at such frankness. CH didn’t absorb that lesson in diplomacy very well, did he?)

CH: We must weed out people like that. Set up the coronation ceremony so the common people can attend.
Ryu: That would diminish the royal house’s prominence.
CH: I don’t care about that type of prominence. I want the people who fought for me there when I become king.

Ministers Ryu and Choi are mad that Chang Hui refuses to recognize the contribution of the scholars. (Okay, so show me what they did. Besides pushing brushes around and saying stuff, I mean.) They discuss weakening Hwal Bin Dang’s influence in court matters and Hong Gil Dong’s influence over Chang Hui.

(Alas, theirs is the love that dare not speak its name.)

Ryu: The Daegoon has not ascended his throne yet. Before he becomes king he will know. (See what I meant about that manipulative Dumbledore asshattery? Ryu is so totally evil.)

Chang Hui and Gil Dong forgo having dates in the old warehouse. It’s much more comfortable and wind-proof in the throne room.

CH: You really don’t want to become one of my ministers? (Aww)
GD: I said I didn’t want to, no matter what kind of king you are. I would become a plain, ordinary, soup-eating citizen. (Us: Ha!) Don’t you already have loyal people at your side?
CH: You won’t even stay for the coronation?
GD: If we stay, the nobles will think we are trying to take over. It will make your position difficult.
CH: A lot of the citizenry must really want your name to be written down in history, to be named as a minister. That would be their first proof that this world has really changed.
(Me: Go proletariat!)
GD: The world can’t be changed in one day. No matter what, there will always be the powerless at the very bottom. A world in which everyone is equal is something not to be hoped for even in the next world. But as long as I live I will fight on for them.
*smiles* Even if I forget to be afraid of that Hong Gil Dong in their midst, I must become a king who doesn’t forget them. (The boy smiles! Someone, quick! Catch me before I faint of shock!)
GD: I will stay and watch over you. *he turns to leave*
CH: *looks up suddenly* Do you not have any other warnings or requests?
GD: Just one thing. Please spare my brother.
CH: He’s not dangerous enough to be killed. I will exile him.

GD looks up, bows his head.

CH: No requests for anyone else?
GD has already turned around, so Chang Hui can’t see his face: I am not one who can request things of the king. The person, who is the strongest and most precious to me, will always remain safe.

Chang Hui’s face is pained. He knows as well as Gil Dong that this is giving Enok up.

Lady Noh talks to Enok in her room. (No one is happy in this episode. Perhaps the Hong sisters had indigestion that week?)

Noh: I will guide your life in the palace now. I will teach you the rules, the way of speaking and walking.
YN: Does attendant Noh also think I will become queen? I’ve thought about it carefully, and I really can’t do that.

Noh looks like she’s going to cry. She kneels down.

YN kneels down with her: Why are you doing this?
Noh: I beg of you, please stay by his side.
YN: … attendant Noh …
Noh: All his life, he’s walked alone over a long and hard road.
YN: I know.
Noh: When he was little, to prepare him for hardship and to cultivate a moral outlook, I have never made him a single comfortable set of clothing to wear.
(Me: That would explain his perpetually pained expression.) I regret that a lot now. Please promise to stay by his side when he is in the deepest pain possible. (Me: Talking about the Sa Yin, aren’t we?)
YN: I will try. (She repeats this three times, to reassure Noh or to convince herself?)

Noh is relieved. (She’s put a lot of thought into raising CH and she really does love him. More than his mother did, maybe.)

Lol, Mal Nyeo and Suk Geun interlude! Suk Geun is all awkward… asks for alcohol to boost his courage, and Mal Nyeo comes and gives him alcohol… from her mouth! ROFL LMAO at his expression.

The next morning…

Gom: Now that the new world is here, there is no need for Hwal Bin Dang. Everyone can keep themselves safe. Oh, but what will we do?

Everyone can tell what happened last night. Mal Nyeo is amused – and apparently Suk Geun can go on like a pile driver.

Suk Geun suggests that Gil Dong kidnap Enok to China and come back after they’ve had three kids. Yeon adds that Chang Hui is likely to have 30, due to his ability to have multiple wives. (I think CH would die pining away after Enok.) Mal Nyeo and Gom volunteer to prepare the nursery.

SG: We already have a Gil Dong (dong = east), so how about Gil ‘west’, ‘north’ and ‘south’?
GD: One Gil Dong is enough for Hwal Bin Dang. Content yourselves with me.

Gil Dong goes to his father’s grave. He remembers his father’s last words to him and is sad.

Lord Ryu the elder has a conversation with Chang Hui in the throne hall.

Ryu: Please be more realistic.
CH: I do not think it impossible.
Ryu: If you want to use people of skill, you must be prepared.
CH: To use people of special skill, can I not start with those who I trust?
Ryu: You would consider giving such an important role as Minister of Defense to Hong Gil Dong?
(Lol, that must sting, his son held that spot.)
CH: I do want that. If possible.
*angry and wants to get his own way* What kind of person is he anyway?!
CH: He says he wants to be an ordinary person.
Ryu: Yes, that is right. He is the people’s king. They will support him and wish for him to be king!
*is also angry* That kind of speech is never acceptable from a minister to his king!
Ryu: You are a king because of Hong Gil Dong, and you will fall from kingship because of him!
CH: Lord Ryu!
Ryu: Your status today is due to the ignored Sa Yin sword! Those that guard your status are the royal house and noble scholars of Korea!

CH: If you think it’s that important, then obey the one who was selected by the old king.

Lord Ryu realizes that Chang Hui is really hard to control. He is unhappy and will probably show him the sword. (I am unhappy and will probably drop something heavy on him.)

Eun Hye visits In Hyung in prison.

EH: Thank you for saving my father.
IH: Truth to tell, I was more worried for you.
EH: You are very stupid. I don’t even love you.
*begins crying a little bit* I’m sorry. Thank you.

Lady Noh with Chang Hui (you guessed it, in the throne room).

Noh: You must kill the exiled king. That way there will be nothing left of his reign. (She is totally his ruthless side. Or his id. Omg Freudian analysis. *headdesks* So Gil Dong and Enok would both be his superego, with himself as ego?)
CH: I don’t want to do that. It will become my lasting burden.
Noh: Majesty.
CH: He is of royal blood, and my brother. He became like that after killing my mother and father.
I do not want to be like him. (Oh so the dad’s death is now called into question as well?)

Noh knows that it’s imperative, in order to avoid the sword’s fakeness being discovered and then have the nobles split – if Kang Hui is dead, it’s a moot point.

Kang Hui meets with Seo. He promises Seo a key to regaining power for a chance to meet with Chang Hui. Seo is all aflutter with greed. So now Seo knows that the sword is fake. He tells Eun Hye. They plot; both calculating how to give the biggest blow to Chang Hui and to re-establish themselves as the most powerful family.

Eun Hye goes to visit Gil Dong at the mountain.

GD: I thought you wouldn’t come again. Thank you for warning Enok that day.
EH: I thought I was stupid to do that, without even a reciprocal feeling. So I am here to ask you one more time, take my hand.
*extend said organ* I have never once given up something I wanted. So in the future, even if I become stupid like that, or fall for your tricks, I will not regret it. So take my hand. I might do anything; don’t you want to prevent that? Take my hand.
GD walks past her: The first time we met, I said you weren’t my type, right? Now, you are even less my type.

(We can only conclude that we must be happy and stupid to get good boyfriends, especially boyfriends of CH or GD’s caliber. What a depressing thought.)

EH: If I cannot get something, I will destroy it. Why didn’t he stay to hear me finish?

(Uh-oh. EH is off her nut. Again.)

EH: Everything will end here.

She requests her dad to do whatever he can to kill Gil Dong. Seo is happy that she is finally over him.

Seo: It is time for me to reveal the secret and regain my power
EH: I have thought of the cruellest death for him. Wouldn’t it be ironic to have him killed by the king he brought to the throne? That will give him the most pain.
(Well technically being killed by YN will be the worst, but obvious impossibility there. Another painful death? Accidentally falling into onto a sword, which is what CH looks like he’s going to do.)

Kang Hui is bent on destroying Chang Hui’s reign and goes to see Chang Hui under the pretext of confessing who participated in murdering his mother.

Kang Hui is brought in to Chang Hui – he’s so listless now. He looks at where the sword is displayed.

KH: In the end, you push me out and become king.
CH: I did not push you. I came back to claim something that was mine.
KH: Yours? That’s right. You lived your whole life thinking that way. The only way you could keep surviving was to believe that it was yours, wasn’t it? The things that father carved on the sword. We both believed in them too much.
CH: I thought you were going to tell me about the people responsible for my mother’s death.
KH: Yes. I am here to talk to you about your mother. I wanted to talk about the mother that wanted to put her son on the throne regardless of the methods she took. The thing that killed your mother was that Sa Yin Sword. She made it. It was false, and it killed her.
CH: What are you saying?
KH: Father’s sword had nothing on it.

Cut to Lord Ryu looking at the real sword appraisingly.

Chang Hui has gotten off the throne and stands in front of his triumphant brother.

KH: It messed everything up. I became a useless person, and you, because you were the rightful heir, lived on the edge of a sword, day in and day out. The one who stole power and lived with it is you, not me.
CH: Do you think I’ll believe your lies?
(Is shouting now, no doubt distressed)
KH: Who told you there was a secret decree on the sword? It wasn’t father, was it? You heard about the decree after father died, didn’t you? You heard after that fake sword was made.

Flashback to Chang Hui with Lord Ryu the younger, remembering his words.

Ryu the younger: This is the secret decree that will put you on the throne.

Little Chang Hui looks thoroughly discomfited. He pulls out sword to see the words written on it (and was never happy again).

Chang Hui having a standoff with Kang Hui, but still believes Ryu was telling the truth.

KH: Daebi arranged matters by promising Ryu’s daughter to you. She’s named Ryu Enok, right? What did she say to you when she died? That power-crazed mother of yours told you to keep looking for the throne no matter what, didn’t she?
CH: Don’t you dare slander my mother.
(That Crazy Shifty Eye Thing makes a comeback.) My mother was… my mother…

He remembers that her last words were exactly as Kang Hui says, and his face gets all freaky (like he can’t take it) in manner of horror movie with long hair and big eyes. Eeek.

Chang Hui is lost in his memory while Kang Hui taunts him.

KH: Did she say that? What a cruel mother!
CH: She wouldn’t do that!
(Grabs KH by the robes. Violence is never the answer.)
KH: She was the queen who would give anything to put her son on the throne.
CH: For me.
KH: You were always just a tool to power. To make the fake sword become the former king’s decree, she made father into the former king. She killed father. For you.

CH is crying manly but shocked tears.

KH: She killed him for you. (Chang Hui lets his brother go.)
CH: My mother…. for my sake….
KH: Killed him!
*mad laughter*

Poor baby Chang Hui is so devastated. (And very girly in his distress. Please to be stopping the red lipstick for him.) I understand why she did it, but KH is just being terribly brutal – he’s out to wound. (Also, wackiest instance of ‘yo mama’ comments ever.)

Chang Hui relives every moment leaving his mother behind in the fire.

A while later, Chang Hui meets Ryu the elder, and looks at the two swords side by side.

CH: Is it true? Was everything he said true?
Ryu: All this was for the pure blooded Daegoon to gain an easier path to the throne. Please remember that this status was given to you by the Daebi your mother and us loyal ministers. We hope you realize that to put those words on the sword meant putting our lives on the line.

Chang Hui is left alone with the swords. He stands still.

CH: Everything, it was all lies. Mother, what should I do now?

Cut to Enok looking at the hairpins.

YN: If I try hard enough, can I become a queen like the Daegoon’s mother? (Oh honey, believe me, no one wants you to do that.)

Gil Dong is with Noh at Yongmun. (Ironic, given that now there’s a bigger bad guy out there, GD and Noh band together.)

GD: Destroy that sword! (Us: Yes please. It doesn’t look terribly useful.)
Noh: We can’t do that.
GD: Right now he has enough power from the people’s support, and as long as he holds them, the matter of the fake sword should be nothing.
Noh: That is the name he tried to earn all his life. If he gives that up now, he might as well as give everything else up too.
GD: We will protect him because he is our chosen one. We must.

Cut to Chang Hui. Unstable camera movement to show his state of mind.

Gil Dong striding out of the Yongmun compound and bumps into Enok. There is a long, awkward silence.

Back to Chang Hui, the shot focuses on the instability. The fake sword falls to the ground and Chang Hui falls to his knees. He’s suffering through disbelief, anger and back to disbelief.

Gil Dong in the courtyard with Enok.

YN: I will try hard, because I’m staying here, because my name is Ryu Enok.
GD: I know. But you didn’t need my permission. I’m in turmoil too.
YN: But… if… I can no longer endure, can I go to you?
GD: No. You have to keep enduring.
YN: Idiot
(mong cheong yi)
GD: If you come back, I won’t let you leave again. So, until you are dying, until you feel like you will die, don’t come back. Like now, if you can endure, then do so.

Enok cries. Chang Hui walks in the gate, totally exhausted. He looks up to see the two and, with a kicked puppy look, staggers away.

After a long time looking at Enok, Gil Dong walks away.

Gil Dong to himself: I can do it.

Enok to herself: I can do it.

We see a bunch of things – cushions, mini tables, decorations – being thrown around. (And for two seconds I thought it was Chang Hui venting, until I realized that Chang Hui probably doesn’t have flowery pots of rouge.) Eun Hye destroys her room. She is absolutely set on using Chang Hui to kill Gil Dong.

Chang Hui is alone in his throne room.

Gil Dong is back at the mountain with a large gathering.

GD: Since we have a new king, we are no longer traitors. The days of being chased by soldiers are over. We will go down this path with the king!

Chang Hui is still alone in throne room and imagines his brother there.

KH: Little brother, welcome to this throne. (Woah, ominous and scary.)

Back and forth between Gil Dong and Chang Hui.

GD: Everyone, welcome to a new world!

CH: Is this my end?

GD: This is not the end. We must help our king till the end!

Juxtaposition of Chang Hui and Gil Dong: the screen splits in two, Gil Dong’s exuberance vs. Chang Hui’s despondency.



– Anyone else feel that things are starting to drag? I mean, I’m not expecting a one episode resolution of issues, but it’s been … 19 to 22 is four, right? It’s been four episodes and things just go on and on. We’ll have a very rushed ending.

– Uhm. CH doesn’t go crazy, I don’t think. Though we’ll have dark spots ahead, and things will probably only resolve themselves 20 minutes to the end on the 24th episode. That’s how the Hong sisters usually work.

– God. So slowwwwwww. I hate slow streaming. It’s like trying to run toward a pile of chocolate and never getting there.

– Possible spot of trouble, as GD’s idealism clashes with CH’s need to compromise with the nobles. He sort of refuses to back down even the littlest bit, do things Chang Hui’s way, as he said he would in ep… I forget which. But he does say that he will understand and back down if need be, and he doesn’t. Not yet. EH will stir up trouble with the nobles, as per the preview, and CH will be hard pressed to defend GD, but he will.

– Issue of YN possibly becoming queen… I don’t think so. Chang Hui’s perceptive enough to see that she loves GD. And he isn’t the type to force her, not by precedent.

– Sorry, am tired, and sleepy, and the wind, it keels. Will work on 23 pronto.

– For stats purposes, 5483 words!



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    I’m from Ontario.. lol for some reason, I have this weird feeling that we’re from the same place :O

  2. iurgnotmis
    Friday, March 21, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    if 22 puts you close to despair, episode 23 will be just as frustrating, if not more. i really wonder how everything will wrap up without seemingly hasty and out of sync with the paste of the majority of the early episodes.

  3. Anonymous
    Friday, March 21, 2008 at 11:05 pm


  4. sevenses
    Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 4:00 pm

    23 was a drag, but at least it’s a climatic drag. I don’t see how we’re going to avoid a rushed ending. I just don’t. It’ll go something like:

    CH defeats/is defeated. GD is captured/runs away. YN runs to them, is on time/too late. Angst angst angst angst death angst. Fighting. More angst. Then, 10 minutes to the end, YN and GD are happy and together. CH is alone/finds another girl/kills EH.


    Oh, and I hail from right next door, Jess.

  5. flyingcrispi
    Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    That was gooood.

    “(She’s becoming expert at this, isnt’ she?)” Indeed. EN and guards, an ever lasting love story… they keep running after her.

    “to have him pull her behind a building” It’s becoming a habit…

    Also, Suk Geun and Mal Nyeo are so cute!!!!

    “(Me: to quote, “There is a proverb chiefly concerned with calculating the numerical value of unhatched chickens.”)” In french, it’s “Il ne faut pas vendre la peau de l’ours avant de l’avoir tué”.

    “KH: My insanity will transfer to him.” Did you know that insanity is not an STD? You can’t pass it on, you idiot.

    “Chang Hui enters the palace with his loyal Yongmun staff at his side ” It was synchronized walking. For some reason, I just had a matrix moment.

    “(Never happy, this boy.)” EN, do your job and make him smile.

    “(We need to get him a teddy bear. Or a Chaegyung.)” What’s a Chaegyung? I googled it, but it kept showing me pictures of Goong.

    “she was gallivanting around” Lovely word. I didn’t know it existed.

    “(Geesh, can’t you stop mentioning GD?!)” She did it again! Damn girl. She earned her nickname.

    “he would be much happier making buns” LMAO

    “(Okay, so show me what they did. Besides pushing brushes around and saying stuff, I mean.) ” lol, soo true! They all knew nothing would happen to them.

    “Ryu is so totally evil.” It pains me. I really would have liked him to be one of the good guys.

    “(Me: Go proletariat!)” if you think about it, aren’t they just communists? They want equality between citizens and a fair political system.

    “(No one is happy in this episode. Perhaps the Hong sisters had indigestion that week?)” It’s the steamed buns. They ate too much of them.

    ” (Me: That would explain his perpetually pained expression.) ” Oh lord, that was just excellent. I was drinking orange juice when I read this and it just went all over the screen.

    “Mal Nyeo comes and gives him alcohol… from her mouth!” AAAAAAAA. Overwhelmed with joy! I’m so happy these two are finally together!

    “(I am unhappy and will probably drop something heavy on him.)” Please, let it be a flagpole! I’m in love with flagpoles now.

    “Eun Hye visits In Hyung in prison.” I was hoping for some kind of “I love you but just realized it now. Plus you’re now an outlaw. let’s get married!”

    “(Uh-oh. EH is off her nut. Again.)” It’s not as creepy as the bird thing early in the beginning of the drama. I was more anxious for the bird that I am for GD.

    “GD: Destroy that sword! (Us: Yes please. It doesn’t look terribly useful.)” This guy is pretty smart. Who knew?

    “with a kicked puppy look, staggers away.” Awww. I wanna hug him so baaaad (even more now that he is weak and sad like a mop)

    “God. So slowwwwwww. I hate slow streaming. It’s like trying to run toward a pile of chocolate and never getting there.” Did you get any chocolate rabbits or eggs for Easter? And downloading is better. Streaming is if your bandwidth is omg-amazing.

    Oh, I hated that preview. WHY ON EARTH CAN’T THEY ALL BE HAPPY????

    Well, that was a great recap!
    Thanks a lot!
    Now, go and sleep, because you’ll probably see the finale tomorrow…
    I prepared handkerchiefs for you.

    Lots of support,


  6. Neechan
    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    13234 things interrupted me while i tried to watch this episode. It’s like something was trying to prevent me from finishing it. jdhkjdghjgghfgadfgsfd

    WHERE’S MY CHISU!!???~~~~ ;_; He only had one flimsy horseback riding scene. *cries*

    I always knew Eun Hye would pull that one, i’m actually surprised it took her soo long. Shame, I was beginning to tolerate her. =_=;;

    Oh the Emo. Oh the Angst. Oh the CHxGD! ~~~~~~
    I take such comfort in happy Hwal Bin Dang moments *-* CH should just abdicate, join the HBD, move in with YN and GD, and raise puppies. >____> *pets him*
    Let Gomi be King or something.(He’ll make it happy-rainbow land)…

    if only it were that easy.

    Not daring to watch 23.
    (Zhao called again. She went back and watched the whole series, and decided that as long as we don’t watch 24, its a happy ending. >_<)

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