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More tidbit

Thursday, March 20, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m working on 22 and 23, don’t worry, but someone on soompi found this crazy funny Chinese site where people postulated possible endings for HGD according to Korean and Chinese conventions. Make you laugh while you wait… (All credit to original poster(s)!)

The really good ones are bolded.

Alternate endings for Hong Gil Dong:

1. The traditional Chinese pugilistic ending: In order to save Enok, Chang Hui sacrifices his life. While dying, he lays in Enok’s arms, her tears falling down on his face.

2. The usual Kdrama ending: Chang Hui chooses to make everyone happy, 3-4 years later Enok and Gil Dong reunite happily.

3. The ‘Jin Yong’ version: Enok marries whomever, but the emphasis is on all three of them withdrawing from the world, becoming wanderers who don’t care about what happens to the world.

4. The Xiao Li Fei Dao (小李飞刀) ending: Enok wants to return to Gil Dong’s side. Gil Dong doesn’t feel he can make Enok happy, so he says cruel things and leaves her. From then on, he becomes an alcoholic.

5. The Prince’s First Love ending (aficionados of Sung Yuri will recognize this one): Chang Hui becomes king, Enok leaves with Gil Dong. Enok discovers that she has become used to Chang Hui’s caring, his gentle gaze, and that her deepest feelings are for Chang Hui. After returning to Chang Hui, Gil Dong continues his life as a wanderer who upholds justice.

6. Prince’s First Love ending version 2.0: Chang Hui’s life hereafter becomes tragic and alone as #3 in the love triangle, to assuage his heartache, he creates Korea’s most glorious reign. (Maybe we should just name it Daegoon Chang Hui’s First Love. ^^)

7. The Goong ending: Enok leaves completely. Gil Dong makes Mal Nyeo the head of Hwal Bin Dang and goes to look for her. The two marry, leaving all the anguish for Chang Hui to bear!

8. The Lovers in Paris ending: Everything is settled, Enok goes to China to discover herself, Gil Dong goes to China to find work, the two wait to meet.

9. The My Love Patzzi ending: On the day that Enok is about to become queen, Chang Hui can’t find it in his heart to force her to marry. Enok returns to find Gil Dong. Gil Dong is surprised – “Why did you come back?” Enok – “I feel happier with you!” Gil Dong is touched.

10. The Hotelier ending: Chang Hui becomes king, Gil Dong is so popular with the people that Chang Hui is forced to exile him. After a few years, Enok sees him walking towards her in the street, both begin crying.

11. The Winter Sonata ending: The fighting ends successfully, camera pan, Enok and Gil Dong holding a child in their arms appear before the audience. (Audience concludes that it’s in a few years later.) Gil Dong – “Our son just peed in his pants!” Enok – “He’s not at all like his serious father!” Gil Dong – “That’s because he’s like his adoptive father!” The child cries furiously. Enok – “Looks like I have to go back to the palace and see the real dad!” Gil Dong – “Good bye!”

12. The Autumn Fairy Tale ending: Enok dies in the end, leaving two bachelors.

13. The Xu Zhimo (徐志摩) ending: Chang Hui’s last act of love is to let go, as he stands along on the city walls, looking at Enok’s departing figure, he sighs, “To have her, I am fortunate. To not have her, it is fate.” (Literally: 得之,我幸。不得,我命.)

14. The Nine Ball ending: Enok smiles, elegantly and enigmatically, at Chang Hui and Gil Dong – without saying who she will go to!

15. The Loving You ending: He loves her, she loves him, he loves her… none of them got together in the end because the director and writers didn’t agree!

16. The Hwang Jin-Yi ‘Eun Ho’ version ending: (one of the best, imo) Chang Hui falls ill with the after-effect of so many arrows and sword stabs. He goes to the place where he and Enok first met, JGS feels that the scene is familiar, and says, on the spur of the moment, “Even though my time on Earth has been shorter than usual, I will not regret anything. I hope you will not cry too many tears because of me. I do not want you to go through life with tears in your eyes. Let me cry for your loneliness. I have to go now, to somewhere I can only watch you. The tears I leave will protect you, I will always pray that your life after me, will be happier and more fulfilled.” (Do any of you get it? Dead of laughing over here.)

17. The Alien Sam ending: After a long discussion, all three feel that staying on Earth would be too dangerous. All return to Mars.

18. The JYP ending: Enok dies, but before she does, she makes Chang Hui promise to take care of Gil Dong. Chang Hui and Gil Dong form a group, UN or fly to the sky, and begin a new life.

19. Ancient Chinese history ending: Chang Hui becomes king. After Enok leaves, he feels lots of anguish. One day, he sees through the futility of the world and becomes a buddhist monk.

20. Modern Chinese history ending: Knowing that the Sa Yin sword is fake does not disappoint Chang Hui – because he chooses to ‘Believe in the people, rely on the people.’ After a successful takeover, at the annual party congress, Chang Hui makes the following report: “This battle took full advantage of Bureau Chief Hong Gil Dong’s exemplary advancements in …”

21. The ending according to Jay Chou’s The Secret that Cannot be Told: After Enok leaves, Chang Hui thinks of her day and night. One day, while playing the guitar, he accidentally travels through time, and becomes the JGS of today. This is the ‘secret that cannot be told’.

22. The end according to 济公 (a prominent monk in the Song dynasty): Chang Hui, Enok and Gil Dong break through the worldly emotion that surround them, becoming buddhas.

23. Hans Christian Anderson’s ending: At the end, Cinderella (Enok) and her princes (Chang Hui and Gil Dong) live happily ever after.

24. The Harry Potter ending: Hermione Enok chooses Draco Malfoy Chang Hui, Harry Potter Gil Dong chooses Ginny Weasley Eun Hye. After n years, they have children, who become embroiled in conflict once again.

25. DBSK’s First Love ending: As Enok is about to finish the story, the bell rings. Enok says, “Children, class is finished. I will finish the story next class.” Enok leaves the school and sees Gil Dong on a motorcycles and Chang Hui on a bicycle – the two have already changed. Both say, “We’ve waited from then until now. Do you have an answer?” Enok shakes her head.

26. The Vineyard Man ending: Ten years later, Enok gave birth to lots of children, living happily with Gil Dong.

27. The Coffee Prince ending: Gil Dong and Chang Hui fall in love after being together for a long time. Gil Dong, heedless of the world, abandons Enok and declares to Chang Hui, “Chang Hui, I love you. I don’t care if you’re a king or ugly, an alien or a man. I want to go as far as possible together.” And then … discovers that Chang Hui is a girl! (Or else why would our Daegoon look so delicately pretty?) He throws up some blood in shock, and after some struggling and fighting, accepts Chang Hui. The two live happily ever after and opens a First Shop of Red Bean Buns Princes .

28. The impossible ending: Gil Dong dies.

29. The Clamp ending: CH asks Yuuko to grant his wish, but Yuuko says that the price would be too much for him to pay. After a lot of haggling with metaphorical values, they settle an agreement: for the price of his memories, Yi Nok and Gil Dong will be sent away to another dimension to start a new life together. He didn’t know that YN and GD also paid a price to get him to go with them. (Credits to Neechan.)

Almost dead of laughing and loss of hand movement,


  1. Jess
    Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    ROFL! ^_^ Hilarious … and lol I vaguely remember watching 小李飞刀 like.. almost 10 years ago.. in China. It was a good drama ^^; Him becoming an alcoholic seemed sad back then, now this just made it hilarious xD

    I need my subbed 23 T_____T Can’t find it anywhere though 😥

  2. sevenses
    Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    Ahh! So you understand Chinese! Well, then, at xiaoli.cc, there’s a special section just for Hong Gil Dong. She/He/It usually has the latest episodes the day after – which means 23 is available for viewing usually on Fridays, North American time.

    My problem is really that I watch a ten-min segment, spend half an hour writing things down, and so on. And then after that, I edit the stream-of-consciousness stuff into readable form. Csubs are generally very very fast.

    My recaps, on the other hand, lumber like elephants. 🙂

  3. Jess
    Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    :O ! Thank you for the website!! W00t =D (lol ‘xiao li’ should be a she, no?)

    Ohh, so friday it is then… yup, North American applies to me (Canadian citizen here)

    And yeah, totally understand the fact that (good) recaps take quite some time to write. But hey, we love them though! (your witty commentaries are especially entertaining to read) You better keep it up >=)

    Oh yeah.. so what do you think of 22? CH is gonna turn evil for sure, isn’t he T.T Nuooo… a guy can’t be adorable and evil at the same time :S

  4. iurgnotmis
    Friday, March 21, 2008 at 12:02 am

    haha nice!

  5. flyingcrispi
    Friday, March 21, 2008 at 6:44 am

    Hahahah, that was incredibly crazy! Loved the Coffe Prince ending…”I don’t care if you’re a king or ugly, an alien or a man…” rotfl
    This one, however, “The Hwang Jin-Yi ‘Eun Ho’ version ending” I did not understand. Do I need to see Hwang Jin Yi for that?

  6. prismatic_star
  7. sevenses
    Friday, March 21, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    Jess, really? Me too! Whereabouts are you from?

    I don’t think he’ll turn evil. He will be tortured and unhappy for a while, and then he’ll get over it. If he doesn’t, well, we have Gil Dong for that, right?

    The Hong sisters have tried very hard to stay away from black and white here – no one’s perfect, and the saintly reputations of everyone, from the queen to Ryu, were killed off fairly obviously. So to have CH go completely evil, not so likely.

    Thanks, iurgnotmis!

    flyingcrispi, I’ll get back to you on that one asap!

    And Pris, I’ve known that for a while – I think they announced it in December? But thanks for the pictures. Tezuka looks waaaaay too cheerful.

  8. Neechan
    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    The Clamp ending: CH asks Yuuko to grant his wish, but Yuuko says that the price would be too much for him to pay. After a lot of haggling with metaphorical values, they settle an agreement: for the price of his memories, YiNok and Gil Dong will be sent away to another dimension to start a new life together. He didn’t know that YN and GD aslo paid a price to get him to go with them.

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