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Episode 23 preview

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Woah, thanks to this dedicated fan, who filmed the preview off her tv/computer screen, we have a preview of episode 23, without even going to the trouble of having episode 22 air…

It’s not translated, but working from the Chinese translations here, I think I have the vague outline of a textual spoiler.


Seo with Eun Hye, talking about the new revolution

  • Seo: We came out of this alive. I will become the core of power once more.
  • EH: To gather support, you need the Yangban on your side. Right now they must hate HGD intensely. He will be our common enemy.
  • Seo: If you had been my son, what great things you could have done! But what are you writing?
  • EH: I am gathering stories about the revolution and putting them in a book.
  • Seo: What story?
  • EH: Don’t the commoners really like stories about a hero becoming king?

(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I WAS AFRAID OF SMTG LIKE THIS. SOMEONE KILL EH FOR ME. PLSKTHX. She’s going to cause trouble and tension for GD, b****! She’s going to force CH to kill him or harm him and someone, please, take a chair and hit her.)

Chang Hui as king, with Gil Dong (who is in ministerial garb, yum).

  • GD: I have to dress like this to meet you from now on?
  • CH: What you are wearing clearly denotes our relationship. (Um, not clear on this one.)
  • GD: You know about the sword?
  • CH: Did you think I was going to be like my brother? You knew, but you didn’t tell me. Were you really afraid I would become insane like my brother?
  • GD: Isn’t he perfectly alright? Why did Noh force me to conceal it?
  • CH: You are supporting me because I am the king you chose?
  • GD: I will stop the nobles from using the sword as an excuse. But please don’t turn into your brother, be a good king.
  • CH: I will not turn into my brother.

(Ahh, when CH stands by GD, despite the original novel’s end depicting GD as king and therefore threatening CH and nobility to a level, what will happen?)

Chang Hui giving orders to eunuch.

  • CH: Do not let them know of the crazy king’s death.
  • Eunuch: Yes, your majesty. I have buried him underneath an apricot tree. (Or smtg like that…)

The common people gathered around a proclamation.

  • Person 1: HGD is the military liaison minister?
  • Person 2: For a thief to become a minister, this world must have turned completely upside down.
  • Yeon: His doings are very popular with the people.
  • Gom: Yay! My chief is popular!
  • Yeon: But the nobles must hate him like poison.

(*quivers for GD and CH* They’re like binary star systems, yay for orbiting and satellites and bad metaphors from me this early in the morning. They’re just such love.)

Chang Hui, at the end: Lies. All lies. That false ending, does it stop there? Or are there bigger lies waiting for me? Even though they are all lies, I must not give up.

The intensity, it kills. I feel like I’m suspended from some random tree, trying to wait for the eps to be released.



  1. iurgnotmis
    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    yup you found me 🙂
    thanks for the epi 23 preview, can’t believe it’s near its end! T____T it’s been such a great drama!
    as for EH, as dangerous as she is, i think the idea of her writing GD’s story solves the problem of the historical inaccuracy of the plot line. can’t wait to see the twist in the last episode!

  2. sevenses
    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    I will have this huge HGD shaped hole in my life come March 26.

    I always thought Grandpa Heo would be the one to write in all the weirdly inaccurate bits, with Enok giggling the background and GD graciously ignoring all of it because it made her happy. And CH would be off being the king and letting GD do whatever b/c he trusts him to do the right thing by the people.

    My dream!! T.T

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