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Hong Gil Dong Episode 21, recap

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(Also, something that makes the GDxCH shipper in me very happy – ahaha. Here. It deserves its own post, but I couldn’t wait…)

Finally! After what feels like 2723817478121 assignments and midterms, between very little sleep, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

Episode 21

The beginning is pretty idyllic, as Enok walks through a random village, hairpin in hand, enthusing about her upcoming marriage to Gil Dong. She’s very happy, and as she sees Gil Dong from the back, she calls out his name. But he doesn’t turn around. Enok looks down at her hands in sadness and sees them literally covered in blood from the hairpin and the package it came in.

Gil Dong turns around to look at Enok and the music turns sad. Enok cries as she says, “Grandfather is dead. I can’t be at Gil Dong’s side anymore.” Gil Dong walks away.

(Cue thousands of Obama GDxYN fans shouting, “YES YOU CAN!”)

We realize that this is just a dream, as we see Enok sleeping uneasily, murmuring Gil Dong’s name. Chang Hui sheds a tear and begs her to look at him – even once! She says Gil Dong’s name again, and Chang Hui kisses her.

A few miles away, Gil Dong is alone in his room, grieving for the end of this happy part of their relationship. He has a flashback of Enok in that very room, promising to always stay by his side. He tosses the new pouch she’s made for him in the stove/heater, and puts his arm over his eyes. The pouch is reduced to cinders.

Chang Hui is with Lady Noh in their corner of Yongmun, having a talk. (But not the Do Not Kill My Friends or Keep Secrets From Me talk. Alas.)

Chang Hui is more determined than ever to become a benevolent and powerful king, if only to give the people what they want. He tries to minimize Gil Dong by relegating him to the role of spokesperson. In a rather pathetically dramatic gesture, Chang Hui dramatically unsheathes the sword and makes a vow. (And that particular shot has got to go. They only use it every time CH starts doing his Prince of Darkness thing.)

CH: I will be the one king who protects the people!

Lady Noh, not one for letting anyone have the last word, tries to stir up Chang Hui in Gil Dong’s direction: I am worried that these people may become louder and more powerful.
CH: I will be able to harness that power. I will not be afraid.

(What is this bipolar flip flopping of CH’s? Nice tender puppy lover, then … dark angsty ambition boy. Sheesh.)

Lord Ryu and Minister Choi have another talk. (This is a great episode for clandestine meetings, btw.)

Ryu: Finally. I have been waiting 20 years for the decree written on the Sa Yin Sword.
Choi: I thought you said you didn’t know about it.
Ryu: How could I not know? I pretended not to, to stay alive. When the words were carved on the sword, I was there.
*Surprised* What?
Ryu: We scholars are followers of status
(yeah, Confucianism and people keeping to their proper stations in society), but that does not mean we cannot create the status. *sinister chuckling* (Omg, teh teddy bear is evil!)

Choi talks about the possibility of a fake sword to Noh, who refuses to believe it. (Poor deluded soul.) They both know they can’t afford to reject it, because it is the declaration of Chang Hui’s being the legitimate heir. (I say a lot more about that here.)

Lady Noh gives contingency orders to Yong Jin to find out what has happened to the blacksmiths and craftsmen who made the sword.

The king, too, is wondering why his father wrote what he did on the sword. He also talks to an imaginary Lord Hong, wondering if his father knew he’d turn out crazy like this and that was why he set Chang Hui as heir. Poor Kang Hui muses that if the sword had said, “Do a good job!” on it, he would have been an awesome king. (There’s a Freudian term for that, and I believe it is rationalization.)

A palace eunuch (the same one who killed Grandpa Heo), suggests that the king make a Sa Yin Sword of his own. It can be used to ward off his worries… and the king agrees, hoping that it will drive away all his demons. (Not that way, but it will.)

(The name Sa Yin is translated, as far as I can make it out, as the Four ‘Yi’ Sword, Yi being a marker of time – year, month, day and hour. Apparently the old one was made on a Yi year, month, day and hour. So making a duplicate would only require that combination of timing.)

Chang Hui and Gil Dong meet at the bandit mountain to discuss attack strategies on the day of the sword unveiling. (Also a day of celebration for driving away demons – a Demon Festival?)

Yeon has put together a recipe for explosives from Choi’s old stock and tests it in front of Chang Hui and co. It blows up a goodly portion of a cleared field, but Chang Hui says it’s too weak. (Sour grapes over YN, much?) Gil Dong feels that his people are unappreciated, and Chang Hui just tells him to keep up the R&D. On SG and MN’s side of things, the Hwal Bin Dang trainees are also viewed as insufficiently skilled.

It’s like the prince is purposely trying to annoy them. No diplomacy at all, dear boy.

Gil Dong and Chang Hui discuss the possibility of setting spies amongst the blacksmiths who will be in charge of making the new sword. Chang Hui, away from all prying eyes, brings up his surprise at HBD’s growth. Gil Dong asks him to leave the mountain to his governance, as so many people from all different walks of life are now gathered here seeking utopia. (Ahh, the days of idealism.)

CH: You are sure you can govern so many different types of people?
GD: Because we are all working for the same goal. Everyone’s expecting great things from you. They are your people too.
Chang Hui smiles a bit.
GD: You should start gathering capable people too. A king should always have people to help him at his side.
CH: You really don’t want to stay with me?
GD: If I do, won’t all the Confucian scholars oppose you?
CH: Screw them. If you say you can work with them, I have no reason not to use you.
GD: Do you think I can do that?
CH: I live in hope, but I know you can’t. You speak to me informally day in and day out; you will never be the same as those others.
GD: When you become king, I will call you ‘Your majesty’.
CH: I will make you become a minister.
GD: Please don’t make us regret our choice, your majesty.
CH: This time, I chose you. I am the king’s choice, as dictated by the Sa Yin Sword, and I chose to use the people’s power.
GD: Then please be responsible for your choices. Also, stop following me.
(Jokingly serious manner, don’t worry.)
CH: *small laugh* The one who’s been following me from the start is you. (Mock serious here too.)

Chang Hui leaves.

(They’re sooooooooooo cute together.)

The king orders In Hyung to find all the craftsmen who made the first sword, so he can make an exact replica. In Hyung, single-minded like bat out of hell, still wants to go after Hong Gil Dong. The king knows he can’t catch his brother, and tells him to just obey his own orders.

Yong Jin makes his report to Lady Noh: Five people in total were involved in making the sword, but three have since disappeared. Noh thinks they were killed to keep the sword secret, but in fact, they went home safely after making the sword. The craftsmen only disappeared after the death of the old king. Lady Noh is worried and tells Yong Jin to find those that remain.

Chisu is with the HBD group, still steadfastly refusing food from these weird people. (They’re a little offended at his standoffish manner.) Then, Suk Geun asks after Enok. Chisu replies that she was sad for a while, and is now recovering.

Gom: Is she coming to visit?
CS: No.
SG: After your Daegoon is made king, the mountain should be safe enough. She can come then.
CS: When that happens… she may enter the palace.

Everyone is shocked, and Hae Myung has to explain to Gom that Enok will become queen.

Gil Dong overhears this and is severely unhappy.

Back at Yongmun, Chang Hui strolls into a room to find Enok flipping unhappily at a book.

CH: Did you get scolded again?
YN: Omg gongja! Ai!
*falls off chair, tries to get up several times, but keeps falling down*
CH: *is weirded out a little and gives a hand to help her up*
YN: Gongja! I mean, Daegoon, your highness came here? ( I wish I could write in French. There’s no ‘vous’ in English.)
CH: Did your grandfather tell you to speak like that?
YN: Yes, your highness.
*silently annoyed*
YN: *fidgets hilariously, obviously uncomfortable with being formal*
CH: *goes to chair, sits down, then notices Enok isn’t sitting* Did he tell you not to sit without my permission?
YN: Yes, your highness.
(These words are so foreign to her! lol)
CH: You don’t have to. Anyway, your grandfather isn’t here. Do like you usually do.
*looks around in manner of teen checking for parents, plunks herself down*
CH: You look very tired.
YN: I get scolded everyday.
*picks up book* This is too hard. I really am an idiot.
CH: They’re telling you to read this?
YN: I have to memorize it! I can’t even read it, how can I memorize it?
CH: If we go word by word, you can remember it.
YN: Don’t believe in me too much. I’ve had it read to me many times and I still can’t remember it.

CH: I’ll help you read it however many times you need. Don’t give up.
YN: You’ll be very tired and disappointed.
CH: As long as I’m with you, I won’t be tired nor disappointed. Please keep working on it.
(Me: He says please, but it’s really a command.)
YN: I’ll try.

Gil Dong is sulking in his room while Hae Myung talks at him. It’s really messy, looks like Gil Dong had some fun throwing stuff around.

HM: Enok has the face of a queen.
GD: An idiot like her as queen. Even I’m worried.
HM: Do not try to deter her.
GD: Who, me?
HM: Who are you trying to fool?

Gil Dong has a flashback of Enok sharing buns with him. There’s a plate of at least fifteen buns on the ground.

GD: You spend a lot on buns.
YN: I love them most in this world!
GD: Really? Buns are the first?
YN: Buns are good. Chicken too. Cookies also. You’re right. To say that buns are first is a little hard.
GD: So, buns, chicken then cookies. I’m going to be beaten by potatoes and dog next.

YN: Buns, chicken and cookies are all good, but there’s only one ‘I love you’ in this world. Gil Dong, you are my ‘I love you’.
GD: Is that good?
*so busy chewing, nods*
GD: Then you’re ‘ love you’ too.
YN: Really? 🙂
GD: Didn’t I just say it? ‘I love you.’
YN: You said it! You really said it, you can’t take it back even if you find out what it is later!
(Us: why would he want to?) Gil Dong, ‘I love you’. *gleefully eats her bun*

Back to present.

GD: You thought I didn’t know what it means. I’m not stupid like you. *feels his wound* If I knew it was going to turn out like this, I would rather have died from that stab. This hurts so much more.

Chang Hui is reading from a book by Confucius, on proper relationships between people of different stations in society: “Between father and daughter there should be filial piety. Between ministers and their king –” (Me: Chang Hui, read to me! I don’t care if I don’t understand!)

Enok falls asleep, cutely enough, her head makes a thumping noise on the table when it lands.

CH: Looks like I shouldn’t have trusted you.

While Enok’s asleep on the table (going to get a crick in her neck in that position), Chang Hui studies her, “Don’t hurry her. Slowly, let her know your feelings. That is enough. Enok, this time when you enter the palace, don’t look for him.” Chang Hui puts his head down and just looks at her. The shot retracts behind a curtain, recording a rare moment of peace. (Moments like these, I wish Enok would stay with Chang Hui.)

Gil Dong is laying out the plans with Hwal Bin Dang, “The day they make the Sa Yin sword, we attack the palace.

HM: People who support you will come from all over the country and attack the soldiers, to keep them occupied.
GD: That day, all the citizens of this country will come forth and declare their new king!

Chang Hui is with his nobles, also detailing the plan – Gil Dong will be in the palace, Yongmun and Hwal Bin Dang will lead the attack on the city. The scholars will also do their own uprising. (Me: How? By burning their books? Please. Don’t make me laugh.)

CH: Then, the real crown prince according to the former king’s will, I, will regain my rightful throne.

We cut to a mad king moment: Make 300 swords, then hang them everywhere there’s a ghost!

At Yongmun, Noh, Choi and Chang Hui triple-check their preparations.

Noh: We have taken precautions so that materials for the swords will all come from Yongmun.

We see Yong Jin delivering orders of iron and stuff to the palace, but they’re not supplies, really.

GD: Yongmun will plant explosives in the palace.
SG: This is real stuff we’re playing with here.
GD: We also need to send some people to investigate the blacksmiths.

Off the side, In Hyung also doing his finding people thing. You know, he’s not so inept without Gil Dong around. It’s almost like he has a brain inhibitor that kicks in when GD’s around.

At the blacksmith place, Yeon explains that the best blade makers of the nation are here, and that as long as HBD have their support, it is no problem entering the palace.

The head blacksmith refuses to enter palace, being somewhat terrified of royalty. He lets slip that he participated in the making of the Sa Yin sword. He says, “Sorry, can’t help, go to someone else.

We cut to Yong Jin reporting to Noh, who says the fourth blacksmith has also disappeared. The only one left is an old man living in Seoul. Noh orders him to find this man (the one GD talked to earlier, I suspect) and to get to the bottom of this business.

Lady Noh is rather calm, considering the universe as she knows it is about to collapse, but then, she has to be.

Lord Ryu gives a list of supporters to Chang Hui, not so subtly hinting to Chang Hui that he wants the king-to-be to use these people in court after he becomes king. (Goddammit, CH is just never going to be free of puppeteers. And he’s honest with all of them! NO, WHERE IS YOUR INNER MACHIAVELLI? I quake for the dear boy.)

CH: I cannot accept them all. Most are just showing their faces for the sake of showing them.
Ryu: You will need people at your side to protect you
. (An echo of GD, but with completely different motivations. *hisses at Ryu the elder*)
CH: I will give positions to the people who risked their lives for this new reign of mine.

Lord Ryu is taken aback at his refusal to acquiesce. Trouble brews. (I throw things.)

Ryu: By writing their names on this list, they are staking their lives for your sake. (As opposed to GD’s people, who are actually, say, fighting? He’s old, so I won’t insult him, but oi. Wake up call for room Ryu ASAP, please.)
CH: Of course I would not forget the people who risk their lives to obey the old king’s decree, but they would be the ones to do this for honour, not self-profit. (Which is what Ryu’s doing, and we see how CH is already headbutting with his nobles.)

The king is with In Hyung, “What? The blacksmiths all disappeared at the same time?” In Hyung reports obvious signs of foul play. The king wonders if Hong did this to safeguard the secret, but In Hyung reports that there’s still one who’s alive. (And so the race to find him begins.)

Back to Yeon and Gil Dong. The smith knows that his friends were killed because they made the Sa Yin sword. He was almost killed too.

GD: Was it because of the secret decree that was carved on the sword?
Smith: I don’t know anything! I’m going to go now.
(Good choice, bud.)
GD: Please tell us what happened in detail.
Smith: Actually, they were not killed because of the old king’s Sa Yin, but because we made a copy of it afterward.

GD is beginning to realize the truth: The exact same sword?
Smith: Yes. We had to carve strange words on the fake one.
GD: The one with words… is fake?

As if to hammer in the precarious situation, we see Chang Hui looking at the words written on the fake sword. (Please don’t do anything stupid when you find out, please please please. Or anything stupid in general. Like… turning evil over YN and trying to kill GD.)

Smith: After we made the fake one they were all killed. I wanted to hide for the rest of my life. But soon after the person who made us make the sword appeared.
GD: Who was it?
Smith: The military liaison minister at the time, Lord Ryu.
Yeon: That’s Enok’s dad…
Smith: And the Daegoon’s mother, the Daebi. The sword that the king gave the minister had no words on it.

GD’s wide-eyed throughout this entire thing. (Am as gobsmacked as he is.)

We see Ryu the elder opening a sword case. He reveals that he had the real one all along. “Should I let the Daegoon see the real sword? See who the important ones are?

(Because he’s too fixated on this heir thing, I guess. Omg, omg, CH, be strong! Also, evil Ryu people! Poor Chang Hui, the writers are testing him to destruction. Such a thoughtful, serious, smart boy, and what do they do to him? Gahhh!)

Gil Dong arranges a meeting with Noh in the fabric warehouse.

Noh: Why did you ask me to meet you here alone?
GD: Considering the Daegoon’s pride and his self esteem, and since he doesn’t seem to know… did you know from the beginning?
Noh: … ?
*angrier* The Sa Yin sword is fake. Did you know from the beginning?

Noh’s worst fears are realized.

At the smith place, In Hyung makes away with the old blacksmith.

Noh: The Daebi and Lord Ryu carved that decree? Is that true? (So the true blood snobs are CH’s mom and EN’s dad? Oh man.)
GD: You really didn’t know? *concerned*
Noh: *falls to her knees* Don’t tell the Daegoon, he can’t know!
*roaring* If Ryu the elder has the real sword, he will know sooner or later. He will use Chang Hui!

Noh still absorbing.

(We see that GD really cares about CH and has the brains to be able to hurt him to make him grow, though this is just shielding him from future abuse. Noh doesn’t see it that way, I guess, because she thinks the nobles are allies. Oh Noh, after years of serving in the palace, you still don’t see? Ravening wolves, all of them.)

Lord Ryu the elder decides to show the sword to Chang Hui, to let him know who is the most ‘important’ to him. And then… he leaves it open to us for us to imagine. (It’s just as well Enok is staying at Yongmun. Imagine if she found out? She’d try to kill this grandpa.)

Back at the warehouse. Noh is still on the ground. “I will tell him. Let me tell him. Don’t tell him. Accepting you with the people is already tiring enough for him. So do not tell him that his position is false.

(Me: uh, GD, don’t trust her. DO YOU SEE THAT LIPSTICK? Just don’t!)

GD: If this is all the Daebi’s scheming, then the old king’s suspected death, is that her doing too?
Noh: Then… did the Daebi…
GD: You and the Daegoon really didn’t know?

At Yongmun, Chang Hui is holding the phoenix hairpin in hands. “Mother, I have someone to give your hairpin to now. I wasn’t able to protect you, but I will definitely hold on to her and protect her.

(YN is not your stuffed doll! Repeat after me: YN is not…)

The king has finished interrogating the old smith. Zooming in with a crazy camera angle, we see that he realizes, dully, that the real sword had no writing on it.

The king laughs and cries and howls, curling into the fetal position. (Me: *gingerly pets* He’s in such pain… aww.)

Gil Dong and Noh are in the warehouse, still.

Noh: Now what are you planning to do?
GD: We will not change. He decided to walk this path with us, and as long as he doesn’t change his mind, we will continue to support him. I believe in him. He will not waver.
(Hopefully not at the price of his kingship.)
Noh: For his sake, you have to pretend not to know.

Gil Dong, against his better instincts, agrees.

(Me: *kicking and screaming* NO, DON’T YOU TRUST HERRRRRRRR! *other people in school look at me weirdly*)

At Yongmun, Chang Hui has given the hairpin in its wrapping to Enok.

YN: Isn’t that..?
CH: I had a lot of trouble finding it after you took it away.
YN: Oh, it was yours? But how did you find it?
CH: Like you said, we found it after following you.
YN: Oh, you were following me around because of this, I thought it was because you liked … me
*covers mouth, oops*
CH: Even if the order’s a little strange, you’re not wrong. That is the last thing my mother left to me.
YN: Is this a hairpin?
(Yes, CH, being a manly man, would know.)
CH: Yes. It’s a hairpin only the queen can wear.
YN: So it’s something like that, no wonder…
CH: I want to give this to you to wear.
YN: Didn’t you say that only the queen can wear this?
CH: If you can wear this at my side, then I can try to be a good person with a safe heart.
(Enok finally gets it, I think.)
CH: I won’t hurry you. Think about it carefully.

The king is planning his retaliatory move at the sword-making ceremony. (I wonder if it’s too late for him to turn back to a sane person? … Yup.)

Lord Ryu strokes the unmarked blade of the real sword (um, creepy). He tells Noh that the old king had always intended for Kang Hwe to be king, that this thing was all the Daebi’s planning.

Ryu: The old king had no plans to let the Daegoon become king.
Noh: Then this was all singlehandedly the Daebi’s work?
(She’s all devastated because her martyr-saint person is being tarnished.)
Ryu: The Daebi and I could not accept the king’s mistake in setting such an heir, so we decided to do this.
Noh: Since you made a choice then, I trust you will not waver in your support now?
Ryu: As long as the Daegoon clearly sees who supports him and not hang out with the likes of Hong Gil Dong, we will keep the sword a secret.
(I wonder how he’d react to his Enok’s relationship with Gil Dong? Oh snap.)
Noh: Please do not forget your obligations before your granddaughter becomes queen.

(Remember that Noh is still perfectly fine with killing GD and dumping him in a ditch somewhere. It’s CH that’s standing between all these angry nobles and GD. Oh, faithful lover, do not fail us.)

Enok looks over the hairpin, but prefers the one Grandpa Heo bought her, as it suits her (Audience: Choosing GD over CH. GilNok 4eva!). She doesn’t think she deserves the queen’s hairpin at all, being a stupid sort of person. (I always thought she was too disposed to think well of people, and not actually dumb. It takes a while for it to sink in that not everyone is made of sugar, spice & everything nice…)

She has a joyful meeting with Gom. He says that Gil Dong is here – Enok’s probably hurt that he didn’t visit? (Lol, jealous at the CH for hogging their mutual boyfriend?)

Chang Hui and Gil Dong are talking.

GD: We’re all ready. Suk Geun and co. are entering the palace as entertainers tomorrow.
CH: Go to the banquet with Minister Choi.
GD: Apparently the banquet/party will last until the next day. An hour after sunset, we will make our move.
CH: Then I will bring my troops in at the same time. This is life-or-death. Don’t fail.
GD: Hey, you’re the one who failed last time.

CH: *snorts* If some idiot hadn’t gone and exploded everything, I’d be in the palace already.
GD: Do you still blame me?
CH: I am glad we didn’t succeed that time.
*reaches for the sword* Last time I was too preoccupied with revenge and my royal right. I would not have made a good king.
GD: And you will be a good king now? Keep thinking that way and be strong. Don’t make me regret my choice. Whatever you do, don’t forget.

They share a long meaningful look.

Enok runs out to see Gil Dong – their song plays.

GD: I heard you were very sick, are you better now?
YN: I’m better. What about you?
*touches her chest where the wound was*
GD: Of course, it was such a long time ago. I’m perfectly fine now. In a few days I will go into the palace to catch a very fearsome tiger.
YN: I can’t go this time, will you be able to? You caught those things because I was there.
(And, you know, I can’t help but think they won’t be able to until she helps.)
GD: Such faith in those tigers. When I come out of the palace, you’ll be going in, right? We won’t be able to meet like this anymore. So this last meeting reassured me, you look really well. Goodbye.
YN: Then, goodbye.

The king is with In Hyung, discussing the possibility of turning aside an attack. When In Hyung mentions the matter of infiltration, Kang Hwe decides to burn the entire palace complex down to destroy all support to Chang Hui.

In Hyung thinks he is mad. (A bit late there, fellow.)

The king is just fixated on weakening Chang Hui so that he’ll never rise again.

A rapid exchanging sequence begins, showing us all the different elements going on at the same time:

HBD has completely infiltrated the palace. Yeon and Gom at the swordsmithing, Suk Geun as leader of the drummer troop, Mal Nyeo as leader of the gisaeng dance troop.

Gil Dong dresses up as an official on the big day. These people are all front scouts.

Hae Myung and Chang Hui are meeting in the woods with the real resistance troops.

The setting up for festivities start, but everything’s so tense! The king is also ready, for all-out killing. In Hyung gives orders for people to pour gasoline around and over the palace (err, we’ll pretend it’s oil, no gasoline back then!) The head eunuch dude puts sleepy meds in the wine.

It’s a festival to celebrate ghosts, but it’s a way for the king to rid himself of his own ghosts.

In the woods, Chang Hui and Chisu ride on. Accompanying Minister Choi, Gil Dong enters the palace with fake ID. Lord Seo stops them. (GD: Uh, wtf?) Seo comically thinks he’s the perfect son-in-law. Go Seo~

At the open square inside the main palace grounds, several rows of tables are set up. The king enters for the big party. The gisaengs do some sort of traditional dance to chase away bad spirits. The king’s enjoying himself. Gil Dong checks out the surroundings.

In Hyung can’t bring himself to burn the palace down with Eun Hye’s dad inside. Seo meanwhile tries to warm up to Gil Dong, who looks like he’s thinking, ‘Eun Hye didn’t get her brains from her dad, did she?’

In Hyung gets Seo alone and tells him that there will be trouble in the palace today – Seo goes home. He tells his daughter of In Hyung’s interesting warning and Eun Hye is alerted to the possibility of a counter-attack. (Well, we always knew she was a smart girl.)

(Okay, this constant panning on gluttonous nobles thing is getting on my nerves.)

Eun Hye rushes over to Yongmun, but no one’s home except a skeleton staff. Enok plays with ribbons on her outfit and is bored. She wants to do stuff. Eun Hye comes in and tells her the danger everyone is in. Enok doesn’t even think twice before grabbing a costume and setting out.

At the palace, neither Gil Dong nor Choi have partaken of any drugged foods, thank goodness, and are alert. Gil Dong is supposed to make his move an hour before sunset.

Enok dresses up in that old palace guard uniform (remember when things were happy and not so deadly?) to go warn Gil Dong and co. While trying to get in, she slips on the oil that’s been poured around and on the wooden structure of the palace and realizes the king’s ‘great plan’.

Gil Dong gets up to go check on everyone. He happens to walk by the gate Enok is stuck at. She can’t go in, nor can she call out his name, so, as she is dragged away by guards who have discovered her subterfuge, she calls out ‘I love you’ several times. Gil Dong hears, and turns around in surprise.



– A lot of people are saying that the Daebi set herself on fire, to make CH more motivated, but I don’t think she planned the fire incident at all. As far as I could see, she was going to consolidate support for her young son at a time when things were going to be unstable for them (younger contenders to the throne usually died an unsightly and quiet death or lived out their short days in confinement – no mother would want that for her son). But then things went pear shaped and the king made his move before her people were ready. Point final.

– I am shocked, however, that Lord Ryu is going to try to blackmail CH. Such a bad idea.

– So now CH and the King have effectively switched positions, trading legitimacy like hats.

– And this secret keeping thing – again, the most important person to the secret finds out last. And! All that crap people went through because of that sword, all those lives! (I guess, commentary on the fake power people scheme, kill and die for?)

– This episode crystallized my worries for Chang Hui’s actually being king, ow, so many people want to control him, and Ryu isn’t the type to let things go by like that. Save me (and CH) from power mongers! That’s what actually happened to the king CH’s partially based on – controlled by his powerful courtiers, his hands were tied and he couldn’t put in place the reforms he wanted.

– I find it ironic that Ryu killed all these smiths and their families, and then Hong turns around and kills him (and a lot of other people). Are they trying to tell us that politics just aren’t clean?

– So far CH has only said he’s the heir by the old king’s decree 135165218109 times. I think he’s going to be particularly hard hit when he finds out that the sword is fake, and that GD knew. Hopefully GD and YN can convince him that it never mattered to them, that now CH really can be a king of the people.

– No Eun Hye in this episode! *fireworks*

– My hand, it cannot move.

– For stats purposes, 5389 words!



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    Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    (Also, something that makes the GDxCH shipper in me very happy – ahaha. Here. It deserves its own post, but I couldn’t wait…)

    I wish I could understand.

    (Cue thousands of Obama GDxYN fans shouting, “YES YOU CAN!”)

    Hahaha, I loved this vid.

    (What is this bipolar flip flopping of CH’s? Nice tender puppy lover, then … dark angsty ambition boy. Sheesh.)

    What is worse? A crazy macbeth-ed king, or a schizophrenic one?

    (Omg, teh teddy bear is evil!)

    And it sucks.

    (Also a day of celebration for driving away demons – a Demon Festival?)

    Or a celtic Halloween?

    CH: Screw them.

    Remind me why you’re not working on this script with the writers of the drama.

    YN: Gongja! I mean, Daegoon, your highness came here? ( I wish I could write in French. There’s no ‘vous’ in English.)

    No you don’t. English is so much easier…

    (Me: Chang Hui, read to me! I don’t care if I don’t understand!)

    Imagine that…Ch reading you a bedtime story… *spaces out in delight*

    (Please don’t do anything stupid when you find out, please please please. Or anything stupid in general. Like… turning evil over YN and trying to kill GD.)

    I think he’s just going to throw himself into the fire.

    Noh’s worst fears are realized.

    Lol. She looks like she’s just been to Alaska and saw there really were walruses there.

    (Me: uh, GD, don’t trust her. DO YOU SEE THAT LIPSTICK? Just don’t!)


    *other people in school look at me weirdly*

    They must think you’re a psycho by now… or just a tiny bit obsessed person. (^_^) Do you really watch HGD at school????

    (Yes, CH, being a manly man, would know.)

    Oh lord, that was so powerful… I’m still laughing.

    Are they trying to tell us that politics just aren’t clean?

    Fiction reflects reality, they say.

    No Eun Hye in this episode! *fireworks*

    Wow, you really must have been tired…*gives sevenses a pat on the back* Don’t worry, you’ll be fine if you get some sleep.

    Lots of love and sleepy eyes,

  2. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    That was me not logged in, sorry!

  3. sevenses
    Thursday, March 20, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    I wish I could understand.

    I wish JGS had finished singing ‘If’. You know. I really really want him to sing on camera. Can’t wait for Doremi so we know how his dreamy voice sounds like in song.

    What is worse? A crazy macbeth-ed king, or a schizophrenic one?

    I would say, avoid both, but who knows? Both are kind of bad.

    Remind me why you’re not working on this script with the writers of the drama.

    Because I would have Chang Hui and Gil Dong frolicking and in love? Also, Eun Hye would be dead, by some magical bolt of lightning.

    I think he’s just going to throw himself into the fire.

    I’m disposed to think that he’ll tip GD off about anything bad, sort of play both sides of the game, so to speak.

    They must think you’re a psycho by now… or just a tiny bit obsessed person. (^_^) Do you really watch HGD at school????

    Yeah, well we have a few other ppl who watch anime on the coms too. They’re mostly surprised at my furious recapping speed. (Or lack of speed, if the Chinese servers have limited outgoing broadband to foreign countries.) I’ve gotten a fair number of friends hooked on the drama, though it’s starting to slack, as we’re fairly buried under work.

    Thanks! I will be sleeping like a dead log the weekend this whole thing ends. And then the fanfics will begin… *muahahahahaha*


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