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Chang Hui, again

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(Psst, in case you’ve missed it, HGD 22 airs next week.)

I was typing out a response to the lovely Soruyo, who asked, “So would CH go mad now and GD has to stop him in the last episodes?” and then I realized that it got too long, and I should probably make a proper post of it, so here, Soruyo, your answer in full:

I don’t think so, no. But I’m optimistic. Personally I think he’ll go into a period of self-doubt and pull out of it a better person and a better king. I mean, this YN thing is making him sad, but there’s a difference between puppy love angst and going into megalomania mode. Spoilers next, though if you’re reading this I assume you’re not afraid of them.

I think when Chang Hui finds out that the sword is fake, and since that’s the foundation for his life for the past 20 years (and for which his mother, YN’s parents and so many other people essentially die for), he might be feeling terribly shocked. Lost. Finding out that he wasn’t the designated heir, that would hurt quite a lot. He’s pretty singleminded, as we can see, and having that purpose, that sense of entitlement and a place in the world gave him a reason to live on after his mother’s death – now it’s gone.

It’s a particularly hard blow to him, because now he’s just another outlaw. Legally speaking, the real sword has no inscription, which means that the present king might just be the real heir. So Chang Hui would have been committing treason, and while that might not matter to those who love him (GD, YN, Chisu – I exclude Noh, for reasons outlined below), it would to those nobles that are flocking to him precisely because he is the Crown Prince. So they will desert him, and CH will realize who really stands behind him – GD, and those who believe in him.

As a side note, he can also no longer offer YN the possibility of being Queen without feeling somewhat guilty about his own legitimacy – he’s sort of less highly noble, even if he does have the sacred royal blood. (And if YN’s father did conspire with the Queen, well, that just makes the entire thing stink.)

Remember that scene in 15 when Chang Hui met his brother in the cemetery and said, “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t the legitimate heir so I could get up and help the people with Gil Dong“? Foreshadowing like woah. So now’s the time for him to really find why he wants to be king (he hasn’t found it yet, if you look carefully), and to assume the throne with the correct frame of mind according to Gil Dong (he’s not the titular character for nothing, you know, though the way I talk about the series, it’s hard to tell. I’m all about the prince, yum.)

A friend of mine swears that he’s going to go crazy. (Looking at you, Pris.)

I don’t, because I like the character, and I think the Hong sisters have spent too much time carefully crafting him for him to go crazy 3 episodes till the end. I hope he’ll pull through, despite all odds, and become the hottest best king ever. (Also, JGS is just too cute – though in Doremifasolatido he does have to portray a bit of insanity.)

And the Hong sisters do generally write a happy ending – I know, Pris, you’re going to say that they want to try something new – and I see your point – his older brother, after all, went crazy after he thought he wasn’t the proper heir. But Sharp Blade Hong Gil Dong presents many morality tales, with the central theme of contrast between different choices made by people in similar situations (GD and CH, Hong and GD, YN and GD, YN and CH, etc), so I think they will make Chang Hui’s ultimate fate different from that of his brother’s.

Alright, I release you from your reading obligations. The rest is pure rambling.

– Noh not included in list of people loving CH: She cares for CH, she treats him as her master, and she has done a sterling job of keeping CH safe these past 20 years. However, and this is a big one, she thinks she can make decisions for him. Chisu may make suggestions, GD may make infuriatingly sharp comments, YN may outright contradict him, but none of them take away Chang Hui’s right or ability to make his own choices. They respect his intellect and trust him to make the right decisions. Noh? Negative on all counts.

– Also, a staff member has said that the script for HGD is finished, and that the beginning of episode 1 is not going to be seen again. That’s okay – but he/she also said that YN will look back on that incident with fondness as her time with HBD. That rings slightly more ominous bells. I think that episode one’s beginning has yet to come, because a) hairstyles, b) YN is not la ninja de doom yet. Maybe she gets married to CH, maybe she and GD leave for China like they planned… we don’t know.

– Next 3 episodes better be good, as they’re tying up all the loose ends they began in 19 (or, speaking broadly, episode 1). Sit tight and enjoy the ride, folks.



  1. marai
    Friday, March 14, 2008 at 12:19 am

    This drama is a real mystery. Everything thats been happening revolves around Chang Hui’s fight to become king and now is like what will happen next. I know Hong Gil will be a greater hero than he is already but Chang Hui’s and Enok’s future (for the last 3 eps) is so uncertain and is killing me. I don’t think he will become crazy but I was looking forward for the day he became king. Hong Gil is already a hero now I want Chang Hui to be king and Enok to be his queen. This is the idea that’s been building up since the first episodes and now I feel like I’m lost. I really don’t know what direction this drama is taking and that makes me even more hook on this drama. I really hope the ending is good and happy not bad and sad.

  2. Friday, March 14, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    WordPress is being evil and eating my comments. Thank you for stopping by, as always, and I agree with what you’re saying. That’s the appeal of this show, for me, and I can’t imagine what I’m going to do after the 26th. Watch for a giant HGD shaped hole in my world?

  3. Neechan
    Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 10:29 am

    Hello i’m exactly at ep. 21 and dying. X_X

    CH really worries and scares me now. I don’t think he’ll go crazy so much as take a wrong turn that will oppose him to GD again and make YN cry. PLEASE DON’T, PUPPY!! ;___;
    I’m sure what to make of him anymore >_> I’d like to believe that he’s stronger than that and the fact that his SaYin WAS a fake can’t shake his resolve to become a good king. The nation is in need of change anyhow.

    and hey, Eun Hye makes a convenient appearance. I feel sorry for the poor girl, since her only role now is to be a convenient way to get information across quickly. Hurray for Yinok in action again!

  4. sevenses
    Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    Uh. I can’t say anything, but keep watching, neechan.

    EH + servants = the English channel of gossip, seriously.

  5. brownyb80
    Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 1:56 am

    I cried lots.. too much..O well…

  6. Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 1:49 am


  7. Maridiyyah Abdulsalam
    Monday, October 8, 2012 at 3:20 pm

    This is a very interesting film.To changhui:keep it up.May u never go backward.

  1. Monday, March 17, 2008 at 8:32 pm

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