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Hong Gil Dong Episode 20, recap

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GAH. 40 cm of snow. Some drifts are taller than I am!! Thank you, North America. Okay, back to the drama, since you’re all here for that, I presume.

I think I’ve wrung out my heart and hung it out to dry, but it may freeze overnight.

Very harrowing episode, as these things go. You stand/sit warned.

Episode 20

Enok is shaking with the force of her desire for vengeance, the sword is still in Gil Dong’s chest. Gil Dong looks up at her as she comes back to herself. She’s so shocked, all she can do is keep crying.

Chang Hui runs up with lots of underlings in tow, sees the situation, and probably misinterprets it. (Flies like a bird, imprints like a duckling. Oh Chang Hui.)

Gil Dong calls out ‘Heo Enok’, and this breaks her out enough to pull the sword from his chest. She drops the sword in horror at what she’s done, and I think she’s crying for what she did to Gil Dong, not her parents and grandfather. Gil Dong gets up to go to her, but she backs away (GD thinks it’s because she hates his father, EN because she can’t accept what she’s done). Even Gil Dong’s yearning puppy face can’t persuade her to come to him.

Chang Hui just watches.

Enok falls, the third time in as many hours, and Chang Hui leaps forward to catch her. He takes this opportunity to glare at Gil Dong. Gil Dong looks so devastated on so many levels.

Chang Hui places Enok in a palanquin and watches his underlings carry it away.

Chisu: Maybe Hong Gil Dong will not be able to harm his father in the end. (I don’t think he’ll need to, what with the king and Hong himself bent on dying.)

Gil Dong has helped his father inside, and is bandaging his father’s eyes.

Hong: Why did you stop me? If it was for her, then you shouldn’t have stopped me, I will catch her one day.
GD: Is this for the person you have protected and shielded all you life? I saw the king you fought to uphold, what kind of person he is.
Hong: No matter what, he is Korea’s king, and I am a minister sworn to uphold that king.
GD: To me, he is an abusive tyrant and you are his worst accomplice.
Hong: And so you support the Daegoon, to make him the best king there ever was, to be a faithful minister at his side?
GD: You mistake me. I will do not as you did.
(Yay, no sticky end for CH or GD.) I will become the king’s most feared subject, to make him protect the lower ones too.

Chang Hui is listening, but it’s hard to gauge his reaction.

GD: Today I blocked that sword from Enok as your son. Yet you forced such a kind and sweet person to craziness. I will get rid of your world.

Chang Hui walks away, really disturbed. (Dude, when is this guy happy??)

Hong reaches out to touch Gil Dong’s wound, but he recoils when he does and tells him to leave. Gil Dong is hurt. As he walks away, Hong looks in his direction and doesn’t turn away.

At Yongmun, Enok is asleep. (She spends a lot of time unconscious…)

Chang Hui looks down at her. He’s sorry, he didn’t mean to do this to her. (In certain circles you lack what is called common sense.) Enok cries in her sleep, and Chang Hui wipes her tears away. He makes a promise to protect her and never let her get hurt (in a way, YN doesn’t need protecting either, CH needs to stop this projecting thing). Cue music as he whispers, “Please stay by my side.

Gil Dong, in his part of town, sadly looks at the new pouch.

The next morning, Enok spends her day at Grandpa Heo’s gravesite. She touches the soil of his grave and calls out grandfather.

CH: He isn’t your real grandfather. (Either he’s an unperceptive ass, or the writers really want to hammer this point in and hurry on to the 4 episodes left. I vote for the writers.)
YN: Grandfather. My grandfather is right here.
CH: Your real grandfather is still alive. When you are ready, I will take you to meet him.
YN: Gongja (young master), I don’t know what’s what anymore. My grandfather is
already dead, yet you say that my real grandfather is still alive. I know that I am Heo Enok, but you keep telling me that I am Ryu Enok.
CH: You are Ryu Enok.
YN: I know. Didn’t I stab Gil Dong with a sword? Heo Enok had great luck, but Ryu Enok has all the misfortunes. I will think hard and not act on impulse. I won’t become a bad person. Gil Dong saved me from that. I will think it through carefully and slowly.

CH reaches out to touch her shoulder: Go back, you don’t look so well.
YN: I will not. Let me go.
CH: You cannot return to his side.
YN nods: I know. That, I’m clear on.

Chang Hui doesn’t understand and Enok looks set to have another crying jag. (Wait, is CH trying to comfort her? Oh man, you maladjusted child, CH. That way sadness lies.)

Gil Dong is with master Hae Myung, and all bandaged up.

HM: The old one’s funeral went smoothly. Enok said she wants to stay away for a while. It is too cruel to make such a cheerful child endure this. She does need time to accept things. You know how slow she is. Wait for her at her speed.

Gil Dong is silent.

In Hyung’s mother fusses with Hong’s bandages, but Hong still can’t open his eyes. Despite this, he claims that he is fine. Lady Kim wants to raise a fuss and get the troops on it, but he forbids both In Hyung and Lady Kim from doing anything. (Keep it secret, keep it safe. Sry. Had to do that.)

At court, the king is angry that Hong hasn’t been there several days in a row. In Hyung reports that he is severely ill – the other nobles are visibly disturbed. (I guess Lord Hong’s one of those people who never miss a single day of work, even if sick.)

The king hears about Hwal Bin Dang’s increasing umbrella groups and assumes that the HQ must be the mountain closest to the capital. He orders In Hyung to search it one more time. In Hyung reports that the mountain is very steep and hard to get into, so the king orders the mountain to be surrounded and placed under siege.

Minister Choi tries to dissuade him – there are, after all, hundreds of civilian families living in the area.

The king says, “If they don’t want to starve or freeze to death, let them capture Hong Gil Dong themselves! Let him fall into the hands of those he purports to help!

In Hyung goes to the villages and gives them orders to give up Hwal Bin Dang. The villagers are distressed at the severity of the crown’s actions.

Chang Hui and Gil Dong meet, but this time, the room is dark – not its usual lightness, and they’re both in defensive positions. (A sign?)

CH: Come to Yongmun’s compound in the mountains.
GD: If the king threatens us, do we hide here and there? We should stand out there and fight.
CH: Right now no one wants you to fight. Going it alone like this will only hurt yourself. If being by your side is causing them pain, then you should leave.
(I have a feeling he’s no longer talking about the villagers.)
GD: Because I am by their side, causing them pain…? *he presses a hand to his wound* Exactly like with someone else… I will consider it.

Gil Dong walks out. Chang Hui is unsatisfied – more of this uncontrolled strength and fighting spirit that he can’t seem to quench in Gil Dong.

The villagers surround Gom and Hae Myung (who were there to deliver money, ungrateful _____). They want Gil Dong. (Armed with rakes and hoes against a boy and an elderly man. Dimwits.)

Gom is sent as a messenger, and Gil Dong is pissed, not the least at the fickleness of the populace.

When he arrives at the village, they tell him to go away. Sort of like, “Thanks for all you’ve done, but now can you leave?” He’s still angry, so he tells them to come and get him.
The villagers don’t need to be told a second time. They descend on Gil Dong, kicking and beating him. He doesn’t fight back, and Hae Myung has to intervene. But Gil Dong, stubborn mule that he is, wants to continue the beating. Hae Myung knocks him out and drags him away.

GD: You should have let them catch me. Why rescue me? *points to injuries* This is from the auntie I helped bury potatoes for, this is from the uncle whose house I helped build!
HM: It was unreasonable of them.

GD: It is useless. What Hwal Bin Dang? Like the Daegoon says, who cares about me taking a stand? What Hong Gil Dong?
HM: Where is the pride you had in your deeds?
GD: It’s been knocked unconscious by a garden hoe.
HM: Don’t you understand them? They cannot fight with such a strong enemy, so they pick on you.
*throws mini-fit* Why am I easy pickings?
HM: So what if you are easy to pick on? Make them realize they can fight too.

The king condemns the village to burn because they let Gil Dong go. However, Gil Dong and co. come just as they are setting the fires. The troops are roundly beaten, again.

Gil Dong then orders everyone (and this time the villagers are taking part) to block all the king’s offerings/tax monies. (I love mutual hissy fits. Don’t you?)

All the raids are successful, yay, cool fighting moves. The king is furious as news reaches him that Hwal Bin Dang is distributing his goods.

Suk Geun and people are showing off the loot. Enok watches, off to the side, and is spotted by Suk Geun, except when he looks again, she’s gone.

Now the entire area is loyal to Hwal Bin Dang, tralala inverse effect, so the king orders the entire mountain to be burnt.

King: I am almost crazy. (Us: Uhhh. Sure. Have a Valium.)

Lord Hong hears of this new madness and rushes over to stop the king. He’s the only one who has the courage to oppose this mad mad monarch. Kudos, but what made him crazy like this in the first place? Hmm?

We have our obligatory Crazy King scene – his glee grows as the mountain catches fire. (Does he really not care that this is his own soil, his own people he’s killing?)

Just then, Gil Dong and the bandits come with their own firebrands. The king looks like he was forced to swallow a lemon attached to a large chunk of dynamite.

King: Too bad you came out before the fire got going.
GD: Oh, you came here in person to set the mountain on fire. How could I stay home?
King: You will die before you extinguish those fires.

Cut to Lord Hong hurrying blindly up the mountain with his servants.

GD: I’m not here to extinguish that fire. (So defiant!) I’m copying your majesty: I want to try setting a fire of my own. I won’t let you escape here alive either. You picked a picturesque spot, but you don’t know this mountain. If I don’t let you out, this location guarantees your death. And with this wind, if we set fire here, it will be ablaze within minutes. Everything is ready. What do you want to do?

The king looks around, more bandits with firebrands surround his group. In Hyung, almost as an afterthought, snarls at Gil Dong, who really doesn’t pay any attention to him at all.

GD: Go on, set your fires. Before they catch on we will all be dead. Even if I’m a fiery ghost I won’t let you escape. If you don’t want to die with us, then extinguish those fires and get your army out of here.

The king follows his orders. (Lol. Ahh, inner anger is a wonderful thing for the heart.)

GD: If you want to try this again, we’ll think of even better things for you. Don’t use such a dirty foot to step on ordinary people and prevent them from living. Oh yeah, don’t wet your bed tonight in fear of the fires you’ve been playing with. Be careful~

Lord Hong arrives in time to see Gil Dong confronting the king. He sees Gil Dong, looks at the king, and then he loses his sight.

Gil Dong is welcomed back into the village. They call out “Long live Hong Gil Dong!” – a chant usually reserved for kings. (Uh-oh) Gil Dong plays it cool, but is happy inside.

Chang Hui and Yong Jin arrive. Chang Hui muses, but not in so many words, that Gil Dong is truly a king of the people.

As the village elder makes a speech in support of Gil Dong, we see the blurry figure of Enok some distance behind Gil Dong. (I guess they made her wear yellow so she’d stand out even on fuzzy shots.)

Chang Hui is unsettled at seeing the populace’s reaction to Gil Dong. (Yo, confidences issues, hello.) And then he spots Gil Dong. One more turn of the rack, after so many.

Gil Dong puts up with the adulation.

Chang Hui mutters to himself, “Every waking moment, you see him?” (Someone break him of this habit before it gets serious. See: precursors to insanity.) Enok is here to see how Gil Dong will do without her – to her, he’ll do fine. We know otherwise.

At that moment, Suk Geun chooses to tell Gil Dong about having seen Doe Eyes around. Gil Dong runs all over the place looking for her. Enok wanders about, missing Gil Dong like she did in episode 10. Chang Hui asks her if she’s been here all this time, and she nods. She isn’t going to go to his side, however.

We see Gil Dong still frantically running about, trying to find her. Aww. Give the guy a chance.

Alas. Chang Hui and Enok make their way back to Yongmun.

CH: Are you feeling better?
YN: Not yet. I’m still thinking of what I should do. That night, I was so full of anger. Gil Dong saved me from being stupid. I will start over as a new person – I don’t want to become like those aunties, like living ghosts. I wanted to see him one last time before
becoming Ryu Enok. I’ve finished watching. Let me meet Ryu Enok’s grandfather.
CH: If you live as Ryu Enok, you will be very stifled. If you want to hide, you can come here. I am still able to protect you.
(Issues letting go, we see.)
YN: After seeing Gil Dong stop the king from burning the mountain, I realized I still wanted to stay by his side. But Heo Enok cannot, so I will live as Ryu Enok and hide away. If I go with you as Ryu Enok, then Gil Dong has to come too. (Does she have a sixth sense? How can she tell CH is on the verge of giving GD up? Also, when does she develop into her own person, independent of GD?)
CH: Did you decide that because of him?
YN: I don’t know what use Ryu Enok is yet, but if it helps establish a new world and put you on the throne, I will do my part with Gil Dong.

Chang Hui doesn’t know what to say, he’s so devastated. Honestly, just give her up. Plenty of other pretty girls who will throw themselves at his head later on, and Enok, please have some measure of perception and stop torturing the poor kid’s heart, thanks.

The common people are again abuzz over Gil Dong’s powers. They think of him as a hero and a potential king. (So all the signs are there. Damn.)

Enok and Grandpa Ryu meet.

Ryu: Is that Enok?
YN: Are you my grandfather?
Ryu: So alike! You look exactly like your father!
Noh: To avoid the king and Hong, let her stay here. The Daegoon will protect her.
Ryu: Thank you. I will never forget this.

Enok sadly leans into Grandpa Ryu’s embrace.

Lady Noh tells Enok that she is important because she is alive, thus she is a proof of Hong’s and the king’s crimes. She dresses Enok in a proper hanbok. (Hey, she’s quite fetching. Who knew?)

At the noble’s meeting, everyone is annoyed at Gil Dong – they think he’s usurping power that belongs to the noble class. Minister Choi, ever the opportunist, is okay as long as it destabilizes the king. Chang Hui announces Ryu Enok. (Why she’s so important mystifies me. As long as he’s legitimate and a good king, wouldn’t they support CH anyway? But I guess they have to prove that the sword really came from the king…)

Enok’s entry takes the form of a long agonizing walk, she’s almost queen-like.

YN: I am Lord Ryu’s orphan, Patriarch Ryu’s granddaughter, Ryu Enok. Setting the fire and robbing my family – the king and Hong’s crimes are widely known. Please gather your forces to oppose them.

Chang Hui has a touched expression, then switches to heartbreak and anger at seeing sunglasses in her hand.

The king gets tons of scrolls demanding to see the old king’s will. He refuses to recognize it, but Choi informs him that too many people want to know. (Ha, Choi beats him with logic. Go Socratic method. The king will burst a vein these days and save CH the trouble of deposing him.)

Chang Hui with Gil Dong at the bandits’ mountain. They wrestle over which road Chang Hui should take as king. (CH, see GD for the guiding light he is, don’t abandon him!! He’s sooo not your enemy unless you misbehave.)

CH: The way you speak to me makes it seem that I am not your master, and you are not following me, but rather that you have chosen me?
GD: Hey, if nothing else, you are a pretty good person.
(Us: *quivers*) Don’t forget, have confidence!
CH: If things get bigger, you father will have great trouble staying alive. Your father will try to use his life to lure you out. What will you do then?

(At least they’re pushing each other, testing for the other’s outermost limits.)

Suk Geun comes in to announce someone who wants to see Gil Dong. It’s Hong. (So he knew where GD was all this time. Huh. Really not subtle hints from SG to get rid of CH.) Hong is already blind.

Hong: Where is Gil Dong?
GD: Here.

Hong turns toward him. We see heartbreak and sadness on Gil Dong’s face.

The king’s got at least 5 crazy moments in this episode. He wonders what to do to get Gil Dong, but cannot bring himself to kill Hong. (He still feels a bond to Hong – for all Seo’s boasts, Hong holds the real influence.) (Hey, good hands run in the fake family of CH and KH.)

Back to father and son moments.

Hong: I will use my life to protect the king until the very last.
GD: But I will built an even better world. Father-
Hong: Gil Dong, at the end, you are still not my son! That is my world, that is the law that governs this nation, it cannot be violated.
GD: In the world I will build it will change.
Hong: No matter what, as my son, you did not take heed of my wishes, I will not let you do that, nor be satisfied with your actions. I came here to say this.
*pause for CH and GD to absorb that, whatever it meant* If the world you hope for comes, then come to this father’s grave, but before that, do not come to me.

Hong gets up to leave: “Is the daegoon at your side?”
GD: Yes, it’s him.
Hong turns toward Chang Hui: Gil Dong, you should protect your king until the very end.
GD: I will.

(The music is so touching. I think I’ll upload my favs from the OST after.)

Hong painstakingly puts on his court clothes at home. He’s preparing to die, I think. In Hyung asks him if he’s really blind, and Hong says, “My eyes have seen what I needed to understand at the last. That is enough. Now, to use my death to protect that one. I will leave satisfied.” (In reference to GD facing off with the king. I’m not sure if he means protecting his son or the king.)

The king sees Lord Hong hobble in with the help of In Hyung – he is visibly shaken: “You really cannot see? You will never see me again?” (It’s sad, how true this sentence is.)

Lord Hong begins his confession: I am unfit to be a minister of the king, today I confess my crimes. (Whatever else you want to say, he does have guts.)
King: “What are you saying?”
Hong: “I will now tell of my crimes against the royal house and your citizens. I was the one who stole the old king’s will and the Sa Yin Sword, I killed my good friend, the late Lord Ryu. In addition, setting fire to the Daebi’s palace, plotting to kill the Daebi and Daegoon were all my acts.”

(Lord Seo is afraid, IH can’t believe his ears, Choi is pissed off that he’s been pre-empted, the rest of the nobles are afkldsajfkl;asdjfkl;asjldk;. Good use of music in this episode, very sad, final, yet portentious music.)

The king understands what Lord Hong’s doing now.

Hong: All the scholar’s accusations of wrongdoing are mine to bear. Every one is a death penalty: please grant me the grace of death.

In Hyung is shocked – Lord Hong didn’t warn him at all, did he? But the guy’s been prepping for a while now.

After court convenes, the ministers discuss what happened today. Everyone knows Lord Hong did it to save the king from further troubles. Seo hems and haws. The ministers as a group are afraid of the real crown prince and resolve to resist the Daegoon to save their own lives. Choi is not too happy about that.

Alone with Hong, the king lets loose his anger and desperation.

King: Why?!
Hong: This is my last attestation of loyalty.
*kneels* Let me be the bearer of all the guilt. They say they will give the people a king who is best for them, and the king you are now can no longer compete with them.
King: You say I cannot compete with them!
Hong: Please forgive me for not being able to stay with you until the end.
*crying* I will never forgive you abandoning me this way. Never.

The king is left crying, all alone, in his big palatial room. He gives orders for Hong to die by poison – he has to, but undergoes such pain at having to do this.

That night, Hong’s execution time comes. All is silent and only the torches flicker. (How the mighty fall. His hair and clothes are roughened.) The king mourns alone – there’s real pain here.

Flashback to a younger King and Lord Hong. That one had ideals, and sanity.

King: I come from a low birth, but if I do a good job as king, the people who criticize me will fall silent and the common people will believe it too.
Hong: I will serve you loyally.
King: Please stay with me until the end.

Lord Hong gropes blindly for the poison set before him.

Hong: I am sorry for not being able to accompany my king until the end.

As he drinks, we hear a voiceover of the king crying.

Hong coughs blood, “That child. That child should be looking at me now.” He looks around, even though he’s blind now. He senses Gil Dong, standing there, crying. Gil Dong whispers “Father“, and Lord Hong dies. It’s a very painful convulsing death.

Chang Hui is there, watching Gil Dong watch his father. Gil Dong turns away, in pain. He sees the prince, their eyes connect. Chang Hui has a face of manly concern and sympathizes. (Aww they console each other via eyepathy.) The king is alone, crying this final act of desertion. He is angry at Gil Dong for empowering Chang Hui – he mocks him for his ambition to give people a king they like. He makes a resolve to kill Gil Dong if it is the last thing he does.

Gil Dong looks at Chang Hui with tears, almost as if he’s saying, ‘This is what I’ve sacrificed for you’, Chang Hui looks away, and spots Enok. Gil Dong looks in that direction and connects gazes with her. They both cry. Off to the side, Chang Hui is jealous and left out.

ch, yn, gd triangle

Gil Dong and Enok meet in the warehouse.

YN: I can’t say sorry to you, neither can I comfort you when you cry, because I’m Ryu Enok. Now I really can’t stay by your side and watch you. But I will stay far away and watch. I will still miss you and think of you.

She walks forward to touch where he was wounded (their song starts), “Even though I can no longer stay, but I will still worry aobut your safety. No matter what, stay safe.” Gil Dong holds on to her hand, she pulls it away. Both are crying. Enok doesn’t look in his eyes as she walks away, Gil Dong blocks her, and hugs her from behind.

Enok closes her eyes, Gil Dong leans his cheek on her head, but when she opens her eyes, he’s gone.

(It’s a bad day for GD, first his dad dies, then his girlfriend breaks up with him. Ow.)

Noh: When we have the people in power, we can isolate the king and control the king. If we get them on our side before using troops, it will avoid a lot of unnecessary waste. (You mean bloodshed?) (Also, leading him down wrong road, again.)
CH: These are all the people who seek to oppose us, those who tried to kill my mother and I.
Noh: They are the power needed to overturn the throne.
CH: If I ally myself with them, then I need to break ties with Gil Dong.
Noh: Daegoon, Korea is not a country that can be ruled by someone popular with the people. You said you want to be a king supported by the people, but what if that king is Hong Gil Dong?
(Kill her, now!) Would you give the throne to him? He is their ideal, they will follow him. To prevent that from happening, you must ally yourself with the powerful.

Chang Hui walks to Enok, who is sleeping. Chang Hui touches her, she says Gil Dong’s name,

Chang Hui is really devastated, (emo mooosik) “Because of him, you received such hurt, but your heart still contains only him?” (This also applies to his relationship with Enok? Hello, paging Mr. Crown Prince.) He hears Noh’s words again – “The people want Hong Gil Dong.

Enok says Gil Dong again. Chang Hui is really puppy faced now. “Enok, please, can’t you just look at me once? Just once?” He bends down to kiss her. Masochist.

Gil Dong is in his room, holds onto the pouch, then he burns it.


– Gah. Previews/spoilers indicate another separation, and this time because of CH. Noooooo, don’t sacrifice GD! People might just come at him with smtg sharp.

Apparently they’re airing only one episode this week. NOOOOOOOOOO! >.> I want my HGD fix!

– Hey, we haven’t seen EH around for a while now. Wonder what devilry she’ll get up to, in 21/22. Hope she dies before 23.

– On the other hand, I feel bad for CH. Always the third wheel. He deserves someone who will care for him as much as he does for YN. Or at least a puppy, but somehow I feel that position has been taken up already.

– I’m being frivolous to save my heart from aching. This ep hurt.

– 4670 words. I am teh krazee.



  1. flyingcrispi
    Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    Dear Sevenses,
    You have snow!!! You’re so lucky! Here, it snows like once every three years.
    Well well well…
    “Even Gil Dong’s yearning puppy face can’t persuade her to come to him.” Oh, DG, I’d come to you anytime. (^_^) ❤

    “She spends a lot of time unconscious…” Indeed. Maybe it’s to avoid her saying something dumb and breaking the whole atmosphere.

    “(Either he’s an unperceptive ass, or the writers really want to hammer this point in and hurry on to the 4 episodes left. I vote for the writers.)” I vote for the unperceptive ass. He is like my cousin, socially unadapted.

    “(Keep it secret, keep it safe. Sry. Had to do that.)” (O_o) That I did not understand.

    “D: Because I am by their side, causing them pain…? *he presses a hand to his wound* Exactly like with someone else… I will consider it.” In With S2’s subs, he says “exactly like you-know-who”…I first thought he was talking about Voldemort. (What is going on in that head of mine?)

    “(I love mutual hissy fits. Don’t you?)” Always.

    “Us: Uhhh. Sure. Have a Valium.” Hehehehe.

    “The king looks like he was forced to swallow a lemon attached to a large chunk of dynamite.” Wow. Where did that come from?

    “(Does she have a sixth sense? How can she tell CH is on the verge of giving GD up? Also, when does she develop into her own person, independent of GD?)” EN died with her grandfather. Now we have EN.v2, +2 in charisma, +4 in fighting skills, and +3 intelligence points.

    And EN.v2 always have to mention GD when talking to CH. Like it’s not hard enough for him…Poor eye candy…that’s why he’s emo.

    “She dresses Enok in a proper hanbok” She looks just like EH, who we haven’t seen in this episode, thank god!

    “please grant me the grace of death.” He’s been wanting to die for quite some time now. Now he’s dead. Good, let’s move on.

    “Flashback to a younger King and Lord Hong. That one had ideals, and sanity.” I almost liked him.

    “(Aww they console each other via eyepathy.) ” Just like that time when bandits were executed. So cute.

    “(It’s a bad day for GD, first his dad dies, then his girlfriend breaks up with him. Ow.)” ‘Cause you had a bad day, You’re taking one down, you sing a sad song just to turn it around… (Somehow, it fits a bit the situation)

    “Masochist.” LMAO but so true.

    “Gil Dong is in his room, holds onto the pouch, then he burns it.” IDIOT!!!! She’ll kill you when she fins out!

    “On the other hand, I feel bad for CH. Always the third wheel. He deserves someone who will care for him as much as he does for YN. Or at least a puppy, but somehow I feel that position has been taken up already.” There’s ALWAYS a third wheel in dramas. Just like in “My Girl”, it was sooo painful watching Lee Jun Ki suffering…

    Surprisingly, I wasn’t as emotionally devastated by this ep as I was for the previous one. It only started to got to me when Hong confessed for all his crimes.

    Anyway…………………………….(where’s PacMan when you need him?)…….
    Can’t wait for the next ep.

    With a lot of bbq sauce on top,

  2. sevenses
    Tuesday, March 18, 2008 at 9:09 am

    I know that snow is a seasonal pleasure, and being very fond of the white stuff, I usually rejoice when it snows. However. We have had, up to the end of January, 2.32 m of snow. And that’s not counting the two storms we had in Feb, nor the one storm we had this month, or even the week of snow that is coming up. So…

    I vote for the unperceptive ass. He is like my cousin, socially unadapted.

    Considering the beginning of ep21, yeah, CH is a bit socially retarded.

    Keep it secret, keep it safe is something Gandalf says to Frodo in the first of the Lotr movies.

    I first thought he was talking about Voldemort. Um. Yes, okay.

    I’d read something in CC’s fics where she says, “Lucius Malfoy looked like someone had just forced him to swallow a lemon taped to a brick.” The facial expressions were largely similar, so I borrowed that phrase.

    EN died with her grandfather. Now we have EN.v2, +2 in charisma, +4 in fighting skills, and +3 intelligence points.

    -23161 for intrepidity and happiness, though.

    And EN.v2 always have to mention GD when talking to CH. Like it’s not hard enough for him…Poor eye candy…that’s why he’s emo.

    Yes! That’s exactly what annoys me, thank you for making me realize. I mean, people were ticked off that CH kept on mentioning Hong as GD’s dad when talking about Grandpa Heo, but then YN turns around and it’s GD, GD, GD all day long!

    IDIOT!!!! She’ll kill you when she finds out!

    And then she’ll resurrect him and have cute little GDs and the occasional mini-CH.

    Surprisingly, I wasn’t as emotionally devastated by this ep as I was for the previous one. It only started to got to me when Hong confessed for all his crimes.

    I was majorly spoiled for 19, so 20 hit me harder than 19. But emotionally speaking, we are much more invested in what happens to people in 19, yeah.

    Tomorrow! 22 is tomorrow~


  3. Anonymous
    Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 10:35 pm


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