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Hong Gil Dong Episode 19, recap

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*pokes gingerly at wordpress* Phew. Seems to be working. It’s shut me out most of today and yesterday, so I was worried.

People, prepare to alternately laugh, cry, thump your keyboard/computer, run away in fear and wanting to hug everyone on cast.

Have I told you how much I love this show yet?

Episode 19

Takes off a little bit before 18 ended. Gil Dong and Enok are together in his room.

GD: Stay by my side.
YN: Just like that, you’ll be comforted?
GD: Idiot.

He leans over to kiss her twice. Her face scrunches up (I would be enjoying it, but hey).

Voiceover by Lady Noh at the same time of the kiss (um, wow, awkward timing much?): “If she really is Ryu Enok, then we cannot let her stay by Hong Gil Dong’s side. The person who killed her family is his father. We should let her meet with her grandfather right away.

Chang Hui, delectable in silks, disagrees: “It should be done, but don’t let them know before we confirm it.

Gil Dong watches Enok with her eyes closed (she’s doing her ‘I can’t see you so you can’t see me’ thing). Enok is really flustered – so much so, that she runs away covering her face. Gil Dong is pleased at the success of his manly charms.

Enok is so intent on covering up her embarrassment that she runs into a pole. Gom sees her take a tumble and rushes over, concern on his face. Enok runs away from him and falls down a flight of stairs. Then to get away from him, she gets up and sprints into the night – only to fall into a well.

Oh, Enok.

Gom is o.O by now, and calls for backup.

A bit later, Suk Geun rushes in, restrained by Mal Nyeo and Yeon. He yells that they “just rescued Doe Eyes with great trouble, and what did you say to make her jump into the well?!

Gil Dong is flabberghasted.

Yeon: She came here because she likes you, isn’t playing around with her too much?
MN: She held in the ‘I love you’ for you, you bastard.
GD: Guys, I just-
SG: If you’re going to continue like this, then you’d better just hand her over to Yongmun’s young master. I will be watching to see how you treat our Doe Eyes in the future.
GD: Wow, really have to follow this at her pace, or else who knows what will happen.

Enok, wrapped in at least three blankets, rolls around in her bed, gleeful at the kiss. She falls off her bed with a thump, which brings in a very concerned Gom. He’s got the wrong end of the stick, thinks that she’s depressed.

Gom: Don’t worry, he’s the team leader so he likes to play it cool, but he does care about you. He keeps that stupid pouch that you made with him all the time. I saw him.
YN: That pretty one with the embroidery?
Gom: … I wouldn’t call it pretty. Those were flowers? Anyway, he has it all the time. He often takes it out to look at it too.

Enok is so happy at this that she cries. In the next room, Gil Dong looks at the pouch. We can see that it is dying a slow death from raggedness. He remembers her promise to repair it when she first gave it to him – he’s really happy that Enok is here.

Chang Hui talks to himself with Chisu in attendance: “If she really is Ryu Enok, then she can return to my side, but if I bring her back like this, would she really be happy?

He flashes back to a random conversation with Enok, (probably shortly after the Choi-trafficking girls incident, given the reference to the moonlight warrior.)

YN: I was very small when I lost my parents, so I feel little sadness.
CH: That is better. If a child sees his parents die, he will live in the shadow of that memory all his life.
YN: I am lucky not to remember.
CH: I, too, am lucky, to have met such a cheerful person.
YN: Yup, I’m the Moonlight Warrior
*pretends to fight with her stick*
CH: Stick to the earlier thing. Sometimes I really think you are stupid. *looks at her face intently after brushing her hair away* Are you called a Moonlight Warrior because your face is shaped like a moon?

(Aren’t they so cute?)

Return to present.
CH: I’m worried for her if she hears of the unremembered cruelties.
CS: She is doing nothing more than returning to her rightful place.
(He speaks!)
CH: I want to make sure. I want to do it slowly so she will hurt less.

(Sorry for my corrupted state of mind, but really, I read into that and come up with… a euphemism for sex. I’M SORRY. D:)

Enok sneaks into Gil Dong’s room while he is sleeping. (Is this guy a cat or something? Always sleeping…) She draws a squiggly line on his chest, feels around. Suk Geun comes in to talk to Gil Dong about preparations for the raid and nearly dies of shock when he sees her patting him down. He is saddened by this desperate version of Doe Eyes and tiptoes out. Thank goodness for Suk Geun, because if he’d stayed he would have definitely died from a heart attack – Enok puts her hand in Gil Dong’s shirt (by the way, there is NO WAY Gil Dong’s still asleep for this. If he even was asleep to begin with.)

She draws out her prize – the pouch, and exits with lots of noise.

Gil Dong, true to form, opens his eyes, “Yeah, you’re embarrassed after touching me all over. Weren’t shy at all this time.

Outside, Enok makes some painful sounding accidents. Gil Dong, “I have to stop her from getting so embarrassed all the time, or she’ll put herself in mortal danger.

Cut to Yongmun.

Noh: Yong Jin (or Yong Ho – his name changed?) will bring Enok here. After the general meeting, I will tell Lord Ryu to come here. Just the fact that she is alive will provide a base of support for us. We must tell everyone that she is alive at today’s meeting.
CH: I forbid you. We can say it after everything is confirmed (How? By asking her, “Oh, just let me take a look at your arm, you might be a noble girl after all”?)

At the meeting with the city’s leaders and intellectuals, Chang Hui gets a long list of supporters. (Official JGS fanlisting, years before he was born!)

Minister Choi vows to make use of this new support and recruit more people (read: more nobles) from the farther reaches of the kingdom.

CH’s permanently furrowed but otherwise attractive brow makes an appearance.

He announces that he will include the Hwal Bing Dang as part of the subject rosters, not in the least because they will bring power from the population in general. The nobles are not sure what to make of this, and discuss amongst themselves, but Lord Ryu of the venerably bushy white beard approves, citing a need for the commoners, and the dissidents subside for now. (Because I’m sure they’re going to raise some muck in the next … 5 remaining episodes.)

CH: I know you are wary of his movements, but if I can rule him, then I will use him until the end. (Ugh, I see we are still not rid of That Puppetry Theory – but when you are king, I guess everyone is more or less a puppet.)

Far away, Gil Dong preps his loyal backers for a change in status.

GD: From now on, we are not just the Hwal Bin Dang, we are also the Daegoon’s supporters. We must prepare for future and expand our power.
HM: There are already lots of bandit groups masquerading under Hwal Bin Dang’s name and copying us.
GD: Then we must gather together those who are serious. Is it true that the government soldiers are planning to attack another bandit group?
SG: The intelligence is from Yongmun, it should be accurate.
HM: That group of people are very powerful. Their leader used to be an officer.
GD: I’ll go and see them. If they are willing to merge, together we should be able to beat off the soldiers. No one can refuse someone who takes an arrow for you. Get ready to move tomorrow.

(I’m not sure if his last sentence refers to what Hwal Bin Dang is doing for this new group, or to CH’s actions. Knowing the Hong sisters, probably both.)

Minister Hong is with the King.

King: If I sacrifice you, maybe I will be able to catch Hong Gil Dong.
Hong: A fake execution will not fool him. Use my life as your gambling stake, and to cover up the matter of the Sa Yin Sword.
King: You are willing to give your life to protecting me? No. It’s because you regret having protected me. You want to abandon me, isn’t it?
Hong: I can no longer do anything else than protecting you. In order to protect you, I sacrificed the rest of the world. For the crime of not steering you the right way, let me give my life.
King: You are using your death to reprove me? You once said that you could regret putting me on this throne, but that you would never abandon me. You have to live and protect me till the last. Even if I die, you will guard me. Even if you think my life isn’t worth protecting, this is still your sworn duty!

(The king is very emphatic whenever he speaks, and to avoid weird reading, I’ve not put ‘!’ everywhere. But they really should be.)

Hong gives orders to his hit people/spies to get Enok, but considers getting Grandpa Heo first.

Oblivious Enok is at the market with her grandfather, contemplating embroidery threads. (Debut of the quirky ponytail. Alas, our ninja has yet to appear.)

YN: Must make pouch pretty for Gil Dong!
GH: For something like that to be taken for a precious item… you are lucky.
YN: Hey, he said I was pretty!

GH: Yes, well you are pretty to begin with. You just dress badly.
YN: So…
*looking down at herself* this isn’t pretty?
GH: You have an, um, unique charm.
(Spoken like a true grandfather!)
YN: If I’m like those women, with my hair up, would I be pretty?
GH: How the mind leaps to marriage! You’re thinking of marrying him already?

YN: *cheeks blushing divinest red*
GH: You want those hairpins? How fortunate. I always thought it was unrequited love, but now I can sleep at night.
YN: Everyone says that Little Bear (Gom) can’t sleep at night because you snore.
GH: Ahem! He heard me practicing secret martial arts techniques and mistook them for snoring.

Gramp Heo demonstrates what he means for Enok, and she laughs at the silliness of it all. Grampa Heo’s mood takes a more serious turn as he spots Grandpa Ryu (el prickly teddy bear).

He asks, “Enok, if someone noble like that was your grandfather, how would you feel?
YN: Old man, if your granddaughter was a noble maiden, how would you feel?
GH: I wouldn’t like it.
YN: Well, neither would I.

Then a silly moment of fist hitting occurs. (My heart, it forebodes.)

Meanwhile, the other grandfather has a chat with Noh and Chang Hui.

Noh: Are there any distinguishing characteristics that would allow you to recognize your granddaughter?
Ryu: You’ve found news of her?
CH: We’re not certain yet. We must make sure.
Ryu: She looks very like my son. I would know immediately if I saw her.
CH: She was lost at a young age.
Ryu: I would know her anywhere.

As Enok prepares to go back to the mountain place, she and Grandpa Heo have some buns. Grandpa decides to stay in the city, to do more shopping for his soon-to-be-wed Enok, and she’s so happy she gives him half of her unfinished bun. Grandpa Heo needs to deliver medicine to a local merchant, and Enok offers to do it for him the next day. (The camaraderie is so touching. This scene is directly opposite to how we first met them, which was, of course, the two fighting over a bun. Now they’re fighting over who gets to give the bun away.)

Yong Jin, accompanied by his own guards, comes to get Enok. It’s interesting to note that like Noh, he’s become respectful towards Enok now that he knows she is a noble scion. When Yong Jin announces her using Heo, Chang Hui decides not to introduce her to Lord Ryu, much to Noh’s displeasure. (By the way, the hair off to the side of her head is looking more and more like black plaster.)

Chang Hui meets with Enok after Ryu has left. She’s poking aimlessly at the ground with her stick (which, I’ve realized has no purpose at all). He mutters under his breath, “What do I do with you?

(Is he going to tell her? Omg, is he?)

At Wang’s Gil Dong is inspecting a selection of sunglasses, and inquires after the price of one. Wang grumbles that he’ll just take the most expensive one after hearing the prices, but to his supreme surprise, Gil Dong picks the prettiest one and pays for it. The merchant is so touched he ends up crying. For this, Wang gives Gil Dong a freebie – Lord Hong’s people have been looking for Enok, and not in connection with Hwal Bin Dang. She should watch out, as Enok seems to be their main target.

In Hyung is with Lord Hong, and vows to get Gil Dong this time. Hong tells him not to expect too much, since he doubts this mountain is Hwal Bin Dang’s real base. He has chest pains again (hmm) and tells In Hyung to avoid behaving stupidly and get hurt because he dislikes Gil Dong so much.

In Hyung’s a little hurt: “Are you worried for me or that guy?
Hong: Let me be the only one to bear the crime of something as cruel as killing your own brother in this family.
IH: Let me, let me catch him and protect father and the family!
Hong: In Hyung, don’t be like me.
IH: My way of protecting people I care about is to kill him. I will not regret it.

(Lord Hong is silent, probably struck by how IH echoes his own words and actions 20 years ago.)

Back to Chang Hui and Enok.

YN: You wanted to see me because you want to know the situation with Hwal Bin Dang? Gil Dong’s got everything covered, don’t worry. I was coming to see you anyway.

CH just looks at Enok.

YN: When you told me not to come visit you at Yongmun, I thought it was because I found out your identity, that we couldn’t freely associate anymore. But, I seem to have misunderstood.
CH: You realized.
YN: But gongja, I really, really like Gil Dong.
CH: I know. I’m not unperceptive like you.

YN looks down.

CH: YN. You are very important to me (Not to ruin mood, but omg, worst delivery ever, return of the wood!)
YN: I know
CH: No, you are more precious than you think, precious enough that I stopped myself from holding you to my side, precious enough to always want to protect you.
(God, if my bf confessed like this, I’d be in severe doubt as to his affection. The words are fine but he’s so wooden.)
YN: Thank you.
CH: Go home.

(The theme of this episode seems to be: NOW SHE KNOWS.)

Grandpa Heo is picking out jewelry for Enok at the stall. He asks for the best one they have, he’s so happy. But one of Hong’s people spot him.

Eun Hye and Noh have a plotty conversation together. (Wah, how fearsome.)

Noh: Your marriage into the Hong family, is it completely cancelled?
EH: I never wanted it in the first place.
Noh: Your father still doesn’t know the truth about the Daegoon, does he?
EH: He would never dream that Yongmun is the base for the Daegoon. If Daegoon becomes king, what will happen to Hong Gil Dong? If he becomes king, will Hong Gil Dong become a noble?
Noh: Do you want that?
EH: I want to get closer to him. With this goal in mind, I can persuade my father to support the Daegoon.
Noh: If my lady will help us, we will do all we can to oblige you.
EH: Good. I will do my best to get what I want.

Under the table, Eun Hye holds on tightly to her pouch.

(In passing, I hope EH doesn’t marry. Those are some ruinous genes. Also, I have a feeling Noh might eventually get rid of her.)

Speaking of pouches, Enok is making a new one for Gil Dong. Flowers are too difficult, she decides, so she’ll try a bun. Gil Dong sneaks up behind her, and says that this one is fine. Enok is so startled that she gets up suddenly and ends up bumping into GD’s chin. He staggers, obviously dazed.

(Lol, I’d like a pouch with buns embroidered on it)

Enok is all panicky, then remembers that she’s waaaaay too close to GD, and gets embarrassed. This being a perfect opportunity to introduce embarrassment reducers, GD gives her the newly purchased sunglasses. They’re all couple-y. Aww.

Chang Hui absolutely refuses to check if Enok is really Ryu Enok, even though they need the support of her grandfather and the proof she provides.

CH: I just want to let her live without pain.
Noh: Not knowing who her parents are, not knowing her own name, these are also unhappy things.
CH: To see my own parent killed, to remember my name every waking moment, so I can avenge her – I know the pain and burden of such knowledge. I don’t want to tell her those things, I want her to live oblivious and happy for the rest of her life.
Noh: Enok was named in hopes of uniting you and Ryu’s family.
(Oh smart, use his weakness.)
CH: My mother and her parents all died a tragic death. That the fate that such an unhappy ending left should result in today’s situation is right.
Noh: If she finds out later, it will bring more harm to her.
(Omg, she’s right – you’ll see.)
CH: That won’t happen. I will get rid of any possibilities of that happening. (Hang on to that thought, buddy.)

Hong’s people track Grandpa Heo before capturing him and hear that Enok will be coming by the day after with medicine. Grandpa Heo puts up a good fight, but there are too many people armed with bats, and they knock him down. (Okay, side word for brutality here, they didn’t have to hit him that one last time, wtf, he was already going down).

At the mountain, Gil Dong warns Enok against going into town for the next few days, but she’s not really that worried for herself or her grandfather. GD also won’t let Enok come to today’s raid, but he promises to bring up the proposal/marriage thing with her grandfather the next time they meet. So much happiness, so little time.

Suk Geun comes to report readiness on all fronts. GD has to leave, but before that, he points in the opposite direction so Suk Geun looks away, and sneaks a peck on Enok’s cheek. Then he makes an innocent exit.

Enok is very happy.

Voiceover of Gramp Heo: Lord Hong, Enok is going to marry Gil Dong, please, please just let them be happy together.

Camera switch to him- we see that he’s all cut up, surrounded by Hong and men.

GH: She is Enok, just Heo Enok, not Ryu Enok. She doesn’t know any of the past,
Hong: She really doesn’t know?
GD: She knows nothing. If you want to cover up her parents’ death, just take me.

But Hong, cold-hearted demon that he is, decides to catch Enok and end matters once and for all. Grandpa Heo laments in fear and sorrow for his adopted granddaughter.

Ironically, Enok is, at this moment, happily ensconced in bed, marvelling at her own good fortune.

In Hyung orders the attack on a neighboring mountain, even though his subordinates hint that this Hwal Bin Dang may be fake. In Hyung really doesn’t care.

Gil Dong gives an inspiring speech to another bandit chief, about supporting a king who isn’t crazy or corrupt, who will support their ideals. The guy is convinced.

(I’m so sad for GD here because it’s becoming clear that CH will betray him (for yn or for political reasons like the nobles) and that he just believes, so hard, that CH will do best by him. I hope, in spite of the odds, that CH does.)

Anyway, at this new bandit mountain, the government soldiers come to attack but are ambushed and beaten flat. (We have a few moments of solid killing – I don’t think I’ve ever gotten used to the way historical dramas sometimes portray the relatively different mindset towards killing in the past. It’s all okay if the enemy is the enemy. Not really my cup of tea.)

IH hangs by his ankle from a tree.

On the other side of the mountains, Enok leaves for medicine warehouse. Grandpa is trying, with the power of desperation, to work his ropes loose.

Hong prepares ambush for Enok.

The king waits, in his room (fittingly, it looks like twilight – he’s almost finished. Support has eroded to the point of no return).

Random moment that breaks my heart: Enok helps a woman with her really heavy pumpkin. It’ll be a long time before she feels lighthearted enough to notice the opportunity to do something so kind.

Grandpa Heo is prepared to die, but he wants to break Enok out alive at whatever cost, so he uses his own body to use guards’ knives to slice ropes off. (I’m crying. Are you?)

Enok arrives at the emptied warehouse, is promptly surrounded by armed men. The palace eunuch notices that she’s also the gisaeng who stole the sword. Enok tries to fight, but for the same reason that fell Grandpa Heo, she too, is trapped, kneeling within a brace of swords.

Hong: Are you Ryu Enok?
YN: My lord?
Hong: I will ask again, are you Ryu Enok?
YN: My name is Heo Enok.
Hong: You really don’t know anything?
(What kind of half-assed question is that, you jerk?) You don’t know who your father is? Who you are? (Well, now she suspects, you idiot. You have no subtlety at all.)
YN: I am only Heo Enok.
Hong: You are like a clueless child, nonetheless, you should have died long ago. Take her quietly into the palace and take care of her there.

Grandpa Heo comes and rescues her. They fight in slow motion, and just as they are about to make a successful escape, the eunuch slices Grandpa Heo’s back. He falls down in pain, as the cut is quite serious. Enok calls him grandfather, instead of the usual ‘old man’.

They escape. Enok knows to create as much trouble as she can to distract the pursuers and is quite a kicker as well.

In another world altogether, both in mood and situation, Gil Dong taunts his half-brother, hanging from a tree.

GD: This is near a road – if you yell loudly enough, people will come to rescue you.

IH: You think you’ll get away with this?

GD: If you come to capture me like this every time, I’ll be just fine. Not sure if you’ll be okay though. Get rid of your noble pride and ask me for help, and maybe you won’t die.

IH: You want father to die too? Being together with the Daegoon, you’ll end up killing father! Don’t you know that? Like me, father will die too!

Bandits look at GD.

GD: You know that won’t happen. Because he’s not like you.

IH: I will kill you before that happens.

Noh reports to Chang Hui that the palace rumours indicate there’s been a fight with members of Hwal Bin Dang. Since Gil Dong’s far from the city, Chang Hui realizes right away that it’s Enok.

In the fabric warehouse, Enok holds Grandpa Heo as he breathes his last. He tells her to be a good girl and to forgive everything. Enok touches his corpse with trembling hands and goes to pieces.

Interlude, Suk Geun with Gil Dong, commiserating over his father issues.

Chang Hui has people combing the city for Enok. When he does find her, she faints, from exhaustion and likely shock.

At home, Gil Dong hears of the rumours and nearly rushes off. Yong Jin comes with an invitation from Chang Hui, and tells him that Enok is unhurt and resting at Yongmun. (Yes, be like that. Don’t tell him the important bits. You’re only working together, after all.)

Enok wakes up in Chang Hui’s clothes, and Noh burns her old ones.

Noh tells Chang Hui that Enok has the wrist scar – so she really is Ryu Enok.

Chang Hui regrets not telling her the truth right away, especially as it resulted in this. He decides not to keep any secrets from her again. He goes to see Enok, who blames herself for Grandpa Heo’s death. Chang Hui tells her not to blame herself, and that Grandpa Heo wasn’t her real grandfather. (Um, yes, genius move, do it while she’s down, you socially malajusted child!)

Gil Dong sets off from the bandit hideout to get Enok, completely unaware of the turn in events.

Chang Hui shows the sword to a shocked Enok, and tells her the harrowing tale of her family’s deaths. He’s doing this in a quiet voice so as to not shock her, and I get that he’s trying to prevent her from being hurt grievously, but obviously. A. Bad. Time.

Enok asks Chang Hui who killed her family, but figures out by his expression that it’s minister Hong. (And we all thought she was dumb. Carry on, gal.)

Enok faints from the stress of accepting it all, and Gil Dong continues his obliviously happy journey. (We see a reversal in their roles, usually GD’s the one who angsts, and YN the clueless one.)

Minister Hong is with the king, and reports his failure to capture and kill Enok. The king still refuses to kill Lord Hong.

At the door to Yongmun, Gil Dong is refused entry by Chisu, who waits until Chang Hui comes. The prince doesn’t tell him about ‘Ryu Enok’, but he does say that Enok’s grandfather was killed today, by his own father. Gil Dong is shocked.

Enok wakes up, once again (that would be 3rd time this series), in Chang Hui’s room. Noh comes in with a platter, and addresses her as ‘my lady’. The hairpin Grandpa Heo bought in wrapped in bloody cloth. Enok unwraps the cloth, clutches at the hairpin as the only thing left of her grandfather, and then notices his blood on her hands.

She goes through a rapid range of emotions, from disbelief to anguish to pain and finally to a very destructive kind of anger. She repeats the prince’s words earlier, “Your father, mother, and grandfather were all killed by Lord Hong.” She grabs Chang Hui’s sword, hanging conveniently on the wall, and goes to avenger herself on Hong.

Chang Hui, blocking Gil Dong from seeing Enok (he’s the only who knows how to, and will calm Enok down, you stubborn idiot) because “Your father is responsible. Do not see her. It will only bring her pain to see you.

Yong Jin rushes up, raising the alarm that Enok is gone.

So the prince and Gil Dong run to his room, because it’s not like ‘she’s gone’ means she’s not in the building anymore, right? Anyway, she’s not there anymore.

Enok is marching along the darkened streets, only one thing in mind- and it’s quite a scary focus. She’s completely gone, in terms of rationality. No more happy, scampering, food-loving Enok. This one is capable of anything.

Lord Hong is with In Hyung, unaware of the danger looming close. His heart acts up again.

Before she enters the Hong residence, Enok throws the sword sheath away. As Hong drinks his medication, her shadow appears on the door. She knocks the servant away, and announces to Hong, “I’m going to kill you.”

She slashes at his eyes first, and Hong is blinded by the blood. She prepares for the killing blow, but Gil Dong blocks her. Hong’s servant takes the opportunity to carry Hong out from behind Enok.

Gil Dong tries to talk reason into Enok, but she literally flings him into a wall, and walks out. Her walk is very Death Robot March-y. Lord Hong is hunched in pain against a part of the house, and Enok takes no time to raise her sword, only to be deflected by Gil Dong again. She kicks him away (so she can fight really well – either that or GD isn’t trying).

While Gil Dong is down, Enok stabs toward Hong with all her strength, only to have Gil Dong reappear impossibly fast and take the sword for his father.

Time stands still. Enok begins crying.



– What a juxtaposition – YN standing over GD, with CH’s sword in her hand and in his body.

– I may never recover from being pulled in so many different emotional directions at once.

– So. Issue of Hong. He’s dying, certainly, but he may die with the secret of his support for the king. It’s a way out, I suppose, for the king – he can claim innocence for killing Ryu and the Daebi, he can actually use more ruthless methods to hunt down GD (IH being who he is, can be stopped by his dad.) But… such a waste – Hong represents someone who is consumed by the social order he supports. He also can’t seem to keep whoever he loves – his second ‘wife’, GD, his best friend Ryu, etc.

– CH’s behaviour. I think he is more sensitive than that. I certainly hope so. The character would have waited for YN to be calmer, but was probably overruled by the writers for max effect. He has been very careful to put her happiness in front of his desires, notice? He won’t just suddenly stop – any decision he makes in the future in regards to YN will be first evaluated with her in mind. I’m not terribly worried on this front. (He’s turning out to be more or less the opposite of Byun Hak Do, who was catalysed by love into this selfish tyrant that saw reason two episodes to the end. CH, on the other hand, is bettered, more focused on positive actions by his love for YN.)

– The appearance of a real ninja in YN. Wasn’t she ferocious today?

– Also, completely superficial issue, but driving me mad. CH’s costumes are pretty fabrics, nice patterns. Why can’t he match the colours properly? Dark teal embroidered with purple on top of royal yellow? Why not just blind me and be done with it? What happened to the nice silver and black combos of yesteryear? Or even silvery pink? Those were endurable.

– I am just hanging on, to be honest. Really can’t wait for 20. Or the end. But 20 first.

– For stats purposes, 5276 words!



  1. flyingcrispi
    Friday, March 14, 2008 at 8:25 pm

    Oh God

    Can’t find words for THAT

    I’ll comme back and leave a decent comment when the tears stop flowing out, my heart stops racing and my muscles are relaxed.

    But holy s**t.

  2. flyingcrispi
    Friday, March 14, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Ok, so, it’s gonna be 3 am by the time I finish typing, there might be some not understandable stuff, so forgive me for that please.
    (I love to pick up what you say and comment it, I’m always having fun doing it.)
    GD and EN are so cute together.
    “CH: I want to make sure. I want to do it slowly so she will hurt less.
    (Sorry for my corrupted state of mind, but really, I read into that and come up with… a euphemism for sex. I’M SORRY. D:)” I was laughing so hard I had to bite my pillow not to wake everyone in the house.

    “(Official JGS fan listing, years before he was born!)” : He looked angry when he saw it… maybe because there weren’t that much names… or b/c GD didn’t sign it?

    “(Is he going to tell her? Omg, is he?)” : That’s just so “will-they-won’t-they”. When you think it’s gonna happen, well, uh, no.

    “(The theme of this episode seems to be: NOW SHE KNOWS.)” : That’s a pretty big blast. Usually, they do it “slowly, so it will hurt less”, but she was just slapped in the face with the whole thing. CH didn’t really help with the grieving process and “violence-is-not-a-solution” thing.

    “(Um, yes, genius move, do it while she’s down, you socially maladjusted child!)” : Well, is there really a good timing for that kind of thing? I mean, maybe it was just best to say everything, so she faints once (or twice) rather than partially (she would faint a lot, then).

    “(And we all thought she was dumb. Carry on, gal.)” : I was surprised she made the connection. Maybe with the shock, some of her neurons connected and wham, there she was, intelligent.

    By the way, I thought they insisted a lot on the fact that it was GD’s dad who killed her family. Not minister Hong, but GD’s dad.

    “I may never recover from being pulled in so many different emotional directions at once” : The episode was divided in three parts. First one: you laugh, it’s cute.
    Second one, you freak out, you’re all tense and you open your eyes as big as a possible.
    Third one: you cry. A lot. And you’re all tense. And your eyes are still open.

    “The appearance of a real ninja in EN. Wasn’t she ferocious today?” Scary…But somehow, I was all “EN, fighting, go kill that *******!!!” and I liked her better that way. You can’t be naive and dumb all your life.

    And the spoilers about EN being crazy and stabbing GD were true. Never would have believed it.

    Also, I think Sung Yuri did an awesome job portraying EN’s emotions.

    “Also, completely superficial issue, but driving me mad. CH’s costumes are pretty fabrics, nice patterns. Why can’t he match the colours properly? Dark teal embroidered with purple on top of royal yellow? Why not just blind me and be done with it? What happened to the nice silver and black combos of yesterday? Or even silvery pink? Those were endurable.”

    Well…Even EN looks better in CH’s clothes than he does in his own. I think Lady Noh had a bad fashion influence on him. Speaking of her, as you said concerning her hair thing, in the end she’ll look like André Kim. But back to CH’s clothes. The ninja outfit makes everyone look good. That’s why CH’s not wearing it anymore. B/c we’re supposed to start to hate CH. If he looks good, it won’t be possible.

    Aigooooo, I really cannot wait for the next ep, it’s gonna be a torture.


    (it is way past 3 am… HDG, you’re driving me crazy).

  3. Saturday, March 15, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    I hope you’re feeling better now. And lol, HGD eats up all my spare time, my studying time, and my sanity time… it’s always HGD time in Sevensesland! It’s sad and rather scary.

    Well! It’s true – I’m always the last one to get a dirty joke in class, but this one just leaped out at me. (I wonder if it’s because I’m normal in a corrupted school or smtg.)

    Maybe he’s angry because they didn’t even think to ask GD. 😀

    The revealing of the truth was a bit clumsy. But I guess they wanted to traumatize YN so she’d turn into a Death March Robot. I think people just thought violence was ‘getting things done’ back then. And isn’t CH so socially stunted? (I mean, all three are, and if you look, I think YN may actually be the most normal of them all, despite the airheaded food obsession.) But CH is the worst ever.

    Oh, ha, YN becomes a fainting maiden – remember when she said, ‘Only noble ladies faint’? And now she is one, and she faints. Way to capitalize on all those jokes, Hong sisters.

    By the way, I thought they insisted a lot on the fact that it was GD’s dad who killed her family. Not minister Hong, but GD’s dad.

    Yeah, that was to make her to and kill him. Not terribly subtle, but definitely effective (honestly, CH wouldn’t have done that. He would have told her as in minister Hong did this and that, but the sisters wanted their maximal impact.)

    The episode was divided in three parts. First one: you laugh, it’s cute.
    Second one, you freak out, you’re all tense and you open your eyes as big as a possible. Third one: you cry. A lot. And you’re all tense. And your eyes are still open.

    Unfortunately, we forget about part 1. And my eyes are always open, except when EH comes on. Then I look for dead pigeons in the sky.

    You can’t be naive and dumb all your life. And the spoilers about EN being crazy and stabbing GD were true. Never would have believed it.

    You can, but you won’t be able to hang around guys like GD and CH, who are both antithetical to ‘naïve’ and ‘dumb’. And those spoilers are coming true, but in a very twisted way. You’ll see. CH doesn’t go evil, as of 21, and if Song Yuri’s friend is to be trusted, he never does.

    Also, I think Sung Yuri did an awesome job portraying EN’s emotions.

    I agree! She grew a lot in this drama.

    The ninja outfit makes everyone look good. That’s why CH’s not wearing it anymore. B/c we’re supposed to start to hate CH. If he looks good, it won’t be possible.

    We still love him, or I do, at any rate.

    Take care, and sleep well!


  4. Neechan
    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    She’s poking aimlessly at the ground with her stick (which, I’ve realized has no purpose at all).

    Actually!!! I’ve asked around (because that stick is a source of endless intrigue to me) and Lucy figured that since YiNok and Grandpa Heo are technically medicine peddlers, they should be getting their stock by picking medicinal herbs on the mountains. The stick would then be used to poke at things and stir the foliage. That would also explain why grandpa Heo carries a similar stick~~~ 8DDD

    but.. well… they never did use it that way… :/

  5. Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 11:03 pm

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