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Hong Gil Dong Episode 18, recap

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For 19, my heart forebodes. Also, am really emotionally devastated after this ep, sorry in advance for incoherencies. 5035 words!

Can’t wait for Wednesday! *hops in place*

Episode 18

Gil Dong is surrounded by four murderous ghosts, and decides to give it his all. He even says, “Just because you’re women, don’t expect me to go easy on you.

Then one of them stops, “Wait. It’s not him.” The others stop to look at Gil Dong’s hatless face, and all agree. The cat’s out of the bag as Gil Dong realizes they’re actually human. Just then, ghost #5 pops up out of nowhere, and Gil Dong’s face spasms in his effort to rein in his terror.

She apologizes for scaring him, and melts away with the other women. Gil Dong, needless to say, is more than a little freaked.

He then picks up a square piece of clothe that’s been left behind.

We see that the noble Gil Dong beat up is surrounded by the ghost ladies, and killed. In Hyung, arriving at the crime scene in the morning, blames it on the Hwal Bin Dang even in the face of opposing evidence. (Cutesy CSI reminder at the beige police barriers around poles.)

To get the people to start looking for GD and to just cause trouble in general, In Hyung puts up proclamations that his group is responsible for the deaths. In Hyung, you bastard.

Gil Dong and Chang Hui meet for their daily date. Gil Dong is sitting on a barrel while Chang Hui stands in receptive listening pose (their positions echo the first time they met in this warehouse). Gil Dong is rocking back and forth while Chang Hui jibes at him for not catching the ghosts. GD takes offense – they were really scary! He bets that the mighty Daegoon would be scared by them too. (Take a moment to see the buddy dynamic with Chang Hui – these cockles, they are warmed.)

Chang Hui turns serious, and tells him that these new rumours will greatly impede his efforts at gathering the noble scholars with the Sa Yin Sword. Gil Dong promises to investigate and put a stop to these women’s actitivities – once he turns them in, the Hwal Bin Dang (and the prince’s connection with them) will be cleared.

Noh, not one to let sleeping dogs lie, urges Chang Hui to abandon Gil Dong while he can. Chang Hui is totally not willing, and convince her to watch for the outcome of this incident to see if she’s wrong about Gil Dong. (Basically she thinks he represents all that is baseness in the lower populace and a threat to the stability of nobles and society in general. She thinks he’s seditious. What a load of nonsense.)

Meanwhile, Suk Geun and Mal Nyeo have taken over as our resident matchmakers, as they tease and needle Gil Dong about Enok’s single-minded respect for him. Gil Dong exits annoyed.

Enok is piling firewood from a wagon to a corner – by scurrying back and forth. One wonders whether she has thought of moving the wagon closer to the woodpile, but then one remembers that this is Enok we’re talking about. (She does look really cute in her new costume, and her hair is all up now – I foresee ninja hair soon. Yes, I notice these things. Actually, when does she not look cute?)

Gil Dong makes the logical leap right away, and drags the wagon over to the woodpile. She’s happy at the help, and thanks him by way of stating her respect for him. He gets pissed off, and destroys her woodpile in a boyish tantrum. He asks her if she still respects him, and Enok huffily answers no.

Now fully satisfied, Gil Dong proceeds to go into town. (Us: Is this boy logic? It has to be. Just tell her you like her already!)

Gil Dong takes the bit of fabric to merchant Wang, who smells it and detects … sourgrass and kimchi! (Lol, forensics expert he is not.)

Gil Dong realizes that it’s a table wipe of the sort commonly used by soup ladies who work at little restaurants, and tracks them down. To the ladies’ credit, they calmly acknowledge that they were the ghosts of yesterday, then proceed to stuff food down his esophageal pipe. He wants them to stop because their crimes are being blamed on him – and the ladies realize he is the head of Hwal Bin Dang, Hong Gil Dong.

The ladies apologize for putting him in a bad spot with the authorities, but they vow to continue. If he tries to stop them, in fact, they threaten to kill him too.

The king hears of Gil Dong’s troubles created by In Hyung, is all gleeful. In Hyung has done his research this time and figures out that all the dead nobles (4 so far) have one case in common, which occurred five years ago. There is still a noble left alive, however, and he plans to use this man to lure in the culprits and maybe even nab the Hwal Bin Dang.

Meanwhile, Gil Dong follows the soup ladies to their training, and is stunned at their skill. He’s so excited and asks them where they got their training from – it turns out that as they’ve been operating their roadside eatery, passing martial artists and skilled monks have been giving them tips here and there. They’ve been training for five years (note period of time and obvious thumping the head hint).

As he watches them walk away, he sighs to himself that the ladies’ five year revenge plan is scarier than actual ghosts.

Chang Hui meets with Minister Choi, who presents him with scrolls from different nobles asking for an investigation into the fire that killed the Dowager Queen and the Crown Prince. Apparently Choi had sneaked them out before the king saw them, deeming the time as inopportune – they have to wait until they have a stronger backing from all sides, when they can afford to openly oppose the king. One of them is from the late Lord Ryu’s father, who is a powerful man in his own right, with lots of followers, especially amongst the scholars.

Ryu is mostly concerned with his granddaughter, Enok.

(I love how pivotal GD and YN both are to CH’s attempt at reseizing the throne – GD for his magnetism with the people, and YN for her symbolic significance as Ryu’s daughter. Lady Noh, eat your heart out! There is also the moral compass thing, but that faint worry of CH becoming evil is kind of making a comeback.)

As if to hammer in the point, we see Enok with the other grandfather, who’s tearing gleefully into a bun. She comments that only Gramp Heo knows her best (meaning he knows which foods she likes). Telling him that Eun Hye wants to purchase medicine from him cheers him up for a bit. Gramp Heo mutters to himself that Enok really won’t adapt well to a noble girl’s life. He then asks her, openly, whether she’d want to have pretty clothes and live a sheltered life. Enok is perfectly fine with being who she is.

Besides, it would keep her from being with Gil Dong.

Gramp Heo almost shouts at her, “You like him that much?!

Enok nods a happy yes, and proceeds to stuff her face.

In some dark room at the Hong house, Lord Hong has figured out, based on Gramp Heo’s past investigations, that Enok is Lord Ryu’s daughter. He wonders why Enok is with Gil Dong, unless it is that she doesn’t know her real identity.

At the bandit camp, Suk Geun and Mal Nyeo have some fun poking at Enok this time, telling her selective information about these ‘women’ that Gil Dong’s gone off to visit. (Like, they totally forget to mention that these ladies are all old enough to be their mothers.) Suk Geun, just to wind Enok up, drops some salacious ‘love bomb’ hints. Enok is outraged and more than a little annoyed – why does a team leader have to go see girls? Mal Nyeo wryly hints that she’s just concerned about her respect for Gil Dong.

The subject of all this discussion is sleeping over at the aunties’ restaurant. One of them wakes him up, but since she’s dressed in mourning white clothes, Gil Dong gets a bad shock. (His facial expressions are pretty funny.)

GD: “Yah! Why do you dress up as ghosts? Do you want to scare your victims dead before you kill them?

The auntie is glad that she’s scary (me: o.O) and proceeds to tell Gil Dong a ‘real’ ghost story.

A while ago, in a village, there was a newly appointed magistrate overviewing a case. One night two ghosts of young women appeared to him and told him that the butchers in the nearby all-butcher settlement had killed them. So the next day, he had all the men in that settlement killed to calm the spirits of the girls.
We see Chisu reporting to Chang Hui with the real story: All the dead nobles had been officials of the same region and participated in the slaughter of butchers, who had supposedly raped and killed two village girls.

CH: So the accusers were ghosts? What was the real reason?
CS: The real culprit was the son of a prominent Seoul noble, but the newly appointed magistrate didn’t dare offend his father, so he used these butchers as a scapegoat.

Going back to Gil Dong with the aunties, the leader laments that no one questioned the veracity of the ghosts. She wanted to summon the girls’ spirits to ask if her son was really one of the killers, but they never appeared to the various summoners and priests she hired.

Auntie: For dead people to kill those who are still alive, it is so unjust. We decided to be ghosts too. You say you are Hwal Bin Dang. Are you trying to save us? Very sorry, we cannot be saved.

Chang Hui and Gil Dong meet in the usual warehouse, with the usual positions, Gil Dong on a barrel and Chang Hui standing.

CH: Since you’ve already found them, why not turn them in?
GD: They’re only aunties working at a soup stall. They’ve been waiting five years.
CH: God, I told you not to involve yourself in personal hates and vengeances – are you going to help them now?
GD: I want to stop them.
CH: You started off saying you wanted to turn them in, now you want to stop them. Please don’t start thinking you have to help them.
GD: I want to stop them from killing nobles.

(Aww, doesn’t CH sound like a wife scolding her husband here?)

Noh nabs Chang Hui for a chat.

Noh: See, he’s showing his true colours.
CH: We’ve been through this before, haven’t we? Stop running down my boyfriend! He’s just being sympathetic.
Noh: He’s full of resentment toward the nobility – as an illegitimate son who was nearly killed by his brother and then by his father. Maybe he’s Hwal Bin Dang on the outside, but he’s like those women, filled inside with hate for the nobility.
CH: Are you going to visit Lord Ryu today?

Noh: *sighs* Yes.

(To avoid confusion, I will heretofore refer to the living Lord Ryu as Grandpa Ryu and the dead one – YN’s father – as Lord Ryu. Okay?)

Noh is speaking to Grandpa Ryu (who closely resembles an elderly teddy bear).

Grandpa Ryu is overcome at the sight of the sword, knowing that his son gave up his life to protect it. He also confirms his suspicions that Lord Hong was the one behind the attack and deaths. Noh tells him that the Daegoon inscribed on the sword is still alive.

Ryu wants to know if his daughter-in-law and granddaughter survived – Noh says that Yongmun is still searching with all its might. (Right, because you people can’t add 1+1=2, hello – EH knows, cause not that many Enoks walk around, sheesh.)

Lady Noh plays on Grandpa Ryu’s emotions, tries to rouse him to expose the King and Lord Hong’s treachery by using his sadness at his son’s politically motivated death. His venerable position in society and within the academe make him virtually unassailable, though Noh can still dispose of him in need, I guess.

After a lot of sighing, Grandpa Ryu agrees to father scholars to support Chang Hui.

In Hyung, at the crown soldier HQ, plots with his subordinate. He plans to shadow the only surviving noble left from the case of the butchers so as to catch the culprits and Hwal Bin Dang. His subordinate remarks that he’s never seen In Hyung like this before, and In Hyung replies that he’s trying to show ‘someone’ something. (Could he be more manipulatable?)

At Lord Seo’s, Eun Hye is buying medicine from Gramp Heo at a really high price. She drops hints about feeling closer to Enok, who’s oddly familiar, having a childhood friend named Ryu Enok, whose parents died when she was smal, twenty years ago. Bla bla bla, just to make sure he gets it, she repeats ‘Ryu Enok’ several times, then mentions that the only person left alive in the family is the patriarch Ryu.

(From the rich creamy smile on her face as GH walks away, I guess Eun Hye’s satisfied with what she’s doing – but to what end?)

Gramp Heo walks off, determined to investigate – as he is sure Enok’s real name is Ryu. He arrives across from the house (more of a mcsprawly mansion) just as Grandpa Ryu leads a group of scholars into his gate. He wonders if Enok would like life here.

Just as Gil Dong plans to leave the bandit place, Enok jumps up and decides to visit with him.

GD: Why?
YN: Umm. Ahh. Definitely not because I heard you were going to see girls!
GD: Hmm. If I bring you, it’ll make them drop their guard. Your innocence is the key to my detection!
YN: ?? What are you detecting?
GD: Ghosts.
YN: o.O
GD: We go forth ghost hunting! You shall be bait.
YN: !

Then we see Enok eating away at two bowls all at once, with aunties looking on in wonder. They argue over how much she’s eaten, and then press more on her. Enok is really happy because this is the first time anyone has told her to keep eating.

Leader auntie: Is she your wife? Keeping her alive and fed will be a job and a half. But she’s a good girl.

Cut to Yongmun, Lady Noh reports to Chang Hui about her success with Grandpa Ryu.

CH: I must meet them soon.
Noh: If only we could find Ryu’s granddaughter…!
CH: To search so hard and still not find her, she must have been killed.
Noh: Her name is also Enok.
CH: … Really?
Noh: When you were little, you met her once. Does the Daegoon not remember?
CH: Me?
Noh: We went to Lord Ryu’s house together.
CH: That I remember. I accidentally hurt her.

He flashes back to the encounter between little Chang Hui (who’s played by the same kid who played kid!Shin in Goong, btw) and wee Enok. She’s crying and he’s standing conflictedly aghast, holding something in his hands. Lord Ryu runs over and checks wee Enok. Chang Hui the kidlet apologizes for burning her arm with hot water.

Noh: To scar a girl’s body, what will you do?
*scared like anything* I take full responsibility! I will take care of her!

Noh and Ryu chuckle at Chang Hui’s response. Lord Ryu tempts wee Enok with a cookie and soon all is well.

(We see what a caring father Lord Ryu was, and I feel bad that Enok missed out on such a happy life. Also, Chang Hui as a kidlet is so cute – aww – and so earnest that I think he’d make a super good husband for Enok anyway.)

Noh: If she is still alive, she has special fate with you. (Meaning… marriage, I guess.)
CH: Enok. Is this also fate?

(No honey, it’s the writers.)

Meanwhile, the object of this oft-contemplated fate is amusing the aunties with her stories of the Amazing Dancing Cobra. She uses a roll of rice to imitate the movements, then bites down on it. The much amused aunties are further gratified when she compliments them on their cooking with many superlatives.

Walking through the city’s busy streets, Gramp Heo reflects whether happy, carefree Enok can survive in a cage-like noble house.

Nearby, merchant Wang tries to get rid of Lord Hong’s spy person, who is stationed there to catch Gramp Heo. Wang is supremely annoyed and wants him gone – not because he’s worried for Heo, but because the guy’s presence is driving away his customers. As Gramp Heo approaches merchant Wang’s, he changes his mind and walks away, unaware of the danger he has just escaped.

At the aunties’ place, Gil Dong wants to know their next move, but the leader won’t tell. He watches her attempt to thread a needle in order to patch her ghost costume and takes it away to do it for her.

GD: Why not wear something else? If this gets any more repairs you’ll be beggars, not ghosts.
Auntie: You want me to wear new clothes to kill people?
GD: Yeah, you’re right, if you wear new stuff you won’t be scary.
Auntie: These were mourning clothes for my son.

The leader apologizes for living solely for revenge and tells him not to do the same thing.

Gil Dong decides to leave with a very well-fed Enok, who happens to mention that all five aunties are from the same town. The town’s name jogs Gil Dong’s memory as he remembers a gisaeng talking about a noble who was vice magistrate there.

Lady Noh has information on the next victim, who is the vice magistrate person Gil Dong’s trying to find. The man is leaving for China the next day, so tonight is the only night the ‘ghosts’ will be able to attack. Chang Hui delectably broods in silk.

We see a quick montage of all the parties concerned: In Hyung’s people prepping, Noh and Chang Hui discussing, Gil Dong investigating, the ladies getting ready, and the nobleman, who needs to lose a few pounds.

Gil Dong gets the nobleman’s address and movements from Suk Geun, who warns that since tonight is the only night the nobleman is still in town, everyone will be on high alert. (The Hwal Bin Dang’s usually uber-effective information chain seems to have broken down) Gil Dong runs off to warn the aunties.

The aunties are already at the nobleman’s courtyard. They flip the walls to get in and ambush him, not realizing that he’s only serving as bait.

We see that at the same time, Gil Dong arrives at their food place, but he’s too late.

In Hyung orders his soldiers to surround the aunties and kills them all in quick succession. When Gil Dong rushes to the nobleman’s house, their bodies have already been laid out in the front yard.

For a few moments, Gil Dong looks as if he’s been sucker-punched. He’s devastated by the bleak sight of dirty blankets covering the bodies, which are starting to be covered in snow.

Various people (HBD and regular citizenry) gather to watch the spectacle. In Hyung orders his men to keep a sharp lookout for Gil Dong or Hwal Bin Dang’s arrival. Gil Dong looks at the last body that’s being carried out and spies the same much-mended sleeve he teased the auntie about.

(Here’s where I break down into bitter tears. The music, the gray/white/dark settings and KJH’s acting are so moving.)

Something strikes Gil Dong – I think it’s the sadness and futility of the ladies’ quest for revenge. In seeking ultimate payback, they’ve forfeited their right to live and be human. He cries for them, for what the world took from them.

Chang Hui and Chisu arrive to see the tableau. The nobleman makes his entrance disparaging the women, now that they’re no longer alive. Gil Dong experiences some fundamental fountain of anger rush up, so he knocks down a guard, takes his sword, and begins to advance menacingly on the noble.

Chang Hui can see Gil Dong’s face from where he’s standing, and his face displays a kind of worry before smoothing back to the usual expression of intense scrutiny. (Maybe JGS is getting the hang of this subtlety thing – or maybe his clothes just stopped insulating.)

The noble is on his knees now, fear nakedly displayed across his face. Gil Dong yells an unintelligible war cry and slashes downward. Everyone, including the newly arrived Hwal Bin Dang, is shocked.

We see bits of hat and hair fall – Gil Dong has cut off the noble’s hat and top knot, which are symbols of his status.

GD: I will take not your life, I will destroy the world you represent. That is my revenge.

He plunges the sword in snow at the noble’s feet and walks away with his escort of citizenry and Hwal Bin Dang.

Chang Hui is struck by how strong Gil Dong is.

After he gets home, he has a conversation with Lady Noh.

Noh: Thank goodness he didn’t start to wantonly kill people. He seems to have so much self control. I was wrong about him.
CH: But if I can’t control him, he is much stronger than I had imagined. It might have been better if he had killed that noble, and I would have been able to think myself stronger and better if he did. But now he’s so much stronger.
(Don’t go evil on us, please, and stop it with fearing his strength. He’s using it for you now.)

At the burial place, Gil Dong bows to the newly-dug graves and apologizes to them.

Mal Nyeo is comforting a crying Enok at the bandit homestead.

YN: I don’t understand how such nice aunties could have become so terrifying, full of hate and revenge.
MN: You should never understand. To see you innocent like the doe you’re named after, living in happiness, when we see you, we are comforted. We feel better. Gil Dong feels better.

(My feeling is that YN will soon get to feel the need for revenge and hate. I mean, for a kdrama, talking like that is practically tempting fate.)

Hae Myung has a talk with Gil Dong and tells him that his father stayed at his mother’s gravesite for an entire day, not long after her death.

HM: To watch someone you love die and have to protect the world that did this, to uphold it; maybe they are sacrifices for this world too.

Lord Hong has a talk with the king about his strategy for the future: He must suppress the reappearance of Ryu’s granddaughter and the sword, or else his legitimacy will be called into question again. To do that, he has to get to Ryu Enok, who is with Hong Gil Dong. So to get Hong Gil Dong, the king must first kill minister Hong.

(Weird plan, plus, king is just nuts. He’s not likely to appreciate Hong’s sacrifice.)

King is all eeeehhhh at his plan. It is madness!

Chang Hui and Gil Dong on their penultimate date.

GD: When you are king, don’t let people have grievances because they have no status. If there is no lower, there can be no upper level.
CH: I cannot favour either side. Both are part of what makes this world.
GD: I know, we cannot avoid reality. When you are king, change it. Don’t rush in and do stupid things by ignoring reality, but please don’t forget your reason and become cruel. Even if I have trouble accepting that, you have to gain their support, I understand and trust you on that. But even if my fighting them makes you uneasy, please understand and trust me. That way we can walk together until the end. You said you wanted to be a king the people love, well, that means being a king who will give power to the people. Go together, and become king. To be a king who will change the world, we will personally support, and for that I have to become stronger.

Later, alone with Chisu.

CH: I thought I could use him, have control over everything, that would be the way it should be. But he wants to use me to change his world. We are starting off at different places, him from the bottom, I from the top; if we cannot meet each other halfway, we will have conflict. If it gets to that point, I may have to let him go.

(I wish I could see more of what CH is thinking right now. Maybe this opacity is good for suspense, but gah.)

At the aunties’ gravesite, Gil Dong vows to work hard. (It feels like the writers are setting us up for CH’s betrayal of GD, for some reason, and it breaks my heart because GD’s so loyal to CH, and doesn’t need another betrayal in his life.)

(I wish I could see more of what CH is thinking right now. Maybe this opacity is good for suspense, but gah.)

At the aunties’ gravesite, Gil Dong vows to work hard. (It feels like the writers are setting us up for CH’s betrayal of GD, for some reason, and it breaks my heart because GD’s so loyal to CH, and doesn’t need another betrayal in his life.)

At the Ryu residence, Noh announces Chang Hui as the Daegoon to all amassed scholars. (You know, if JGS is 182 cm, he sure doesn’t act it. Use your height to advantage!)

Grandpa Ryu and co. pledge their support to their death. Chang Hui just contemplates them with a frown. (In passing, he looks really young in formal garb.)

At the bandit village, Hae Myung chats with Gil Dong.

HM: You used to cry for yourself, now you cry for the world. How does it feel? To save the world, a person must first save himself, he must embrace and feel the world. You are like them, they are like you, and for that reason you fight. That is Hwal Bin Dang, that is Hong Gil Dong.

Gramp Heo sits with Enok.

YN: I don’t want people to have hate and revenge in their hearts, but no one is stupid like me, because that is impossible. But I think to live that way is very sad.
GH: Yes, not knowing is best. Do not know, be stupid and be happy that way.

Gramp Heo visits the Ryu residence one more time, resolving to put the past behind him, as Enok would be happiest not knowing. Yong Jin is there, guarding the door while Chang Hui acquaints himself with his supporters. He notices Heo, as does a servant, who lets slip that Heo’s been here several times, asking after the particulars of the family. Yong Jin wears a look of disbelief.

That night, he reports to Noh and Chang Hui while they are putting the sword away. He tells them his findings, and both Noh and Chang Hui are gobsmacked to realize that their Enok could be Lord Ryu’s daughter. (And Noh tried to kill her twice too. Oh, the irony.)

Unaware of all this speculation, Enok is unburdening herself to Gil Dong in his room at the bandit village.

YN: When you were just Gil Dong, I could tell you to cry when you wanted to. But now you’re leader, and I can’t do anything at all to comfort you.
GD: Just watch over me. Didn’t you promise to?
YN: You’re okay with that? Me watching from afar?
GD: Not far. Near. Stay by my side.
YN: Like this?
GD: Yes. Always like this.
YN: That’s enough to comfort you?
GD: Idiot.

He leans over and grabs her in a light kiss. She’s shocked. Gil Dong says “I respect you” teasingly, and then kisses her more deeply. She returns it.



– I love sweet moments!

– So this episode is meant to mark Gil Dong’s departure from the path of vigilante/guerrilla justice, instead focusing on his vision of a healed society. Oh good, we’re so glad he didn’t turn into a killing machine.

– And it’s funny to see CH become full of doubts of GD, just when Noh is convinced, now he’s afraid of GD’s strength. He’s really just concerned about his power base, which any right-thinking monarch has to be – but Gil Dong’s becoming a threat to his supremacy as king, so… I’m worried.

– Just a public service announcement – I’ve decided to wait for a different version of the C-subs, because 17look8 isn’t that accurate – they’re fast, but something’s sacrificed to speed there. It means waiting one more day, really, and things are much more coherent that way. Hopefully no one minds.

– AND WE ARE OFFICIALLY 3/4 DONE! The rest of the series will focus on only a few key issues, I believe, that were hinted at in 17 and 18, but they’ll begin to be addressed in 19, such as Enok’s birth, Chang Hui’s kingship, Gil Dong’s ultimate role in the rebellion, Lord Hong’s motivations for supporting this mad king (it may not be major, but we all want to know anyway), and how things go.

– I wonder, now that everyone but GD knows (how does this mirror YN’s ignorance at him being alive? I mean, the order of events totally mirror!), how will he react?

– There were spoilers around a while ago, to the effect of GH dies, YN tries to kill GD’s dad, GD blocks her, she stabs him, CH becomes king, sees GD and YN together, goes crazy, tries to kill HBD, MN and SG die. YN stays with CH to keep GD safe, etc etc. I emphasize that they are not accurate, that these things could happen with different motivations, so don’t freak out and enjoy the ride. TRUST THE HONG SISTERS.

– That being said, I’m shaking in my boots. Ep19 is the episode to drive the rest of the series. Preparing to be stunned.



  1. aLian
    Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 12:23 am

    tnx sevenses with this review of yours.. now i’m totally anticipating the coming episodes..
    but going back into epi 1, i guess YN chose GD over CH.. but we’re not yet certain about what happened before that.

    aigoo, now CH is beginning to doubt GD.. nooooooooooo.. don’t turn evil pls..

    yes, lets TRUST THE HONG SISTERS!!!

    and i’m preparing to be stunned..

    tnx again!


  2. flyingcrispi
    Friday, March 7, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Dear Sevenses,
    Here I am! I watched the whole thing, I’m like stunned!
    I loveeeeeeeeeed GD and EN today. They’re just so cute! And GD with the respect issue! And the kiss!
    And CH knows about EN being REN and not HEN! (I was like “OMG they’re so slow, I knew that from so long!”). Nevermind.
    I couldn’t help watch the last scene over and over. awwwww cute!!!!!!!

    And those spoilers, they’re just creepy! eeew. Hope that never happens!
    Well, for a thing, that was short!

    I can’t wait for episode 19 !!!!!(I’m ashamed…I watched the preview…hehehehe)


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