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Hong Gil Dong Episode 17, recap

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It felt a bit filler-ish to me. Either that or the welter of exams are getting to me… *ducks under desk*

Ahaha, have been hit this week by twin demons of sickness and exams. Please do forgive the tardiness of this recap – and I wrote a lot more, to compensate.

Episode 17

We notice anew that Lady Noh deliciously anticipates Gil Dong’s death. What a relief for Chang Hui that the arrow isn’t the usual triangular barbed-tip type. Anyway, in slow motion, we see the catch release on the crossbow and Chang Hui starting to run for Gil Dong. Then a nasty puncturing sound fills our ears as we feel, more than see, the arrow pierce Chang Hui’s heart.

Everything goes deathly silent, Lady Noh and Minister Choi are horrified, and we hear Chang Hui’s labourious breathing, almost like he’s on his death bed. Gil Dong, holding the now-prone prince in his arms, is as shocked as anyone, but then his brain kicks in and he looks in the direction the arrow came in. (Enok is also shocked, but nothing happens with her.)

Hwal Bin Dang’s first reflex is to surround Gil Dong and protect him. Suk Geun tells Gil Dong and Enok to take Chang Hui away on a horse they’ve already prepared. Lord Hong watches as his son walks away with one of the enemy.

After they make their escape (with the Yongmun in charge, no one is going to try and harm people getting Chang Hui to safety), Lord Seo shows off his hamster-sized brain by asking all sorts of awkward questions. Lord Hong apparently has figured out that the person who was shot is the Crown Prince, and is plotting away like anything.

It’s good to know that Lady Noh has some emotion – she’s so panicked that for once she has no words and lost her poise (in front of Hong, eurgh). I guess it’s pretty rough on her too, thinking that you’ve killed someone you’ve watched grow up and love (and since she knows the arrow’s poisoned, there must be some desperation in there too.) Still not cutting her slack for being ruthless killer of innocent people.

Gil Dong and Enok cart Chang Hui away into a dark warehouse (I’ve made my peace with them). Gil Dong, medical expert extraordinaire, notes that the arrow hasn’t pierced any vital organs like the heart or lungs, and lays Chang Hui down on a pallet. The prince looks so young and vulnerable when he’s lying down in pain.

Enok is so worried she can’t do much more than say, “Omg! Gongja, are you alright?” Chang Hui stirs a little and mutters something about not seeing her in a while. Gil Dong warns Chang Hui that he’s going to have to take the arrow out, and tells Enok to brace the prince. As the arrow is pulled loose, a veritable river of blood flows from Chang Hui’s chest. The prince is in a fair bit of pain, and convulses on the straw before falling down unconscious.

(A bit of arrow mechanics here, skip if you like – but given the straight-tip arrow used, it would have gone right through Chang Hui – those polished metal tips are like Teflon-coated bullets. And at such close range, a relatively n00by crossbow’s force would still have been deadly, let alone a good one that Yong Jin uses. But we’re all grateful that there’s a magical panacea for our prince.)

Enok pats the prince on the face, reassuring herself that he’s still alive, but he’s cold-sweating and passing in/out of consciousness. Enok exclaims to Gil Dong that Chang Hui isn’t recovering – he’s cold all over!

Gil Dong examines the arrow, and curses in the realization that the tip’s been smeared with poison. Dramatically ominous music plays on as we watch poor vulnerable Chang Hui sweat and shiver. (Doesn’t sound like shock symptoms, but then I’m not much of an expert.)

Meanwhile, Chisu is asking what the hell Yong Jin thought he was doing, shooting Chang Hui, and Yong Jin explains that the poisoned arrow was meant for Gil Dong but the crown prince intercepted it, not his fault, bla bla bla. (Yes, because, you know, wanting to kill GD is perfectly alright, esp when he’s only your prince’s new best friend.)

Chisu then decides that they’ll split forces – Yong Jin to find Gil Dong and co. while he gets the antidote from Lady Noh. Unfortunately, Lord Hong, anticipating something like this, has both Lady Noh and Minister Choi in lock down at his house. They can’t make any moves without appearing suspicious, but while Hong hunkers down to interrogate the Yongmun staff, Chang Hui’s system is being poisoned.

Lord Hong tries to use Enok’s participation in the Hwal Bin Dang to fault Yongmun, but Lady Noh fobs this off: she left off working for Yongmun a long time ago. She then makes motions to get all the people from Yongmun HQ for his questioning, but Lord Hong hints unsubtly that if she wants to remain innocent, then she shouldn’t move a foot away from him until everything is uncovered.

Poor Chisu, perishing for worry of Chang Hui, isn’t let in to Lord Hong’s residence, because soldiers have strict orders not to let anyone in without permission.

To agonise us further, we see Chang Hui fighting to stay awake and suffering worse than ever. Gil Dong tries to ask if he saw the culprit, but the prince refuses to say anything. Gil Dong then pleads: “I won’t blame anyone or get angry! Just tell me who it is – so I can get you the antidote!” Chang Hui doesn’t budge, “I won’t tell, because I’m the one who’s wounded.”

Gil Dong astutely guesses that it’s Lady Noh, and Enok looks up in distress. He leaves her with the prince with orders to keep him awake at all costs while he goes to get the antidote.

Meanwhile, at the Hong villa, every person who’s connected with the Yongmun is questioned. I have to say this for them – they’re all well-trained: giving no more information than demanded, and I mean exactly no more.

Chisu knows that only Lady Noh knows where the antidote is, and is increasingly frustrated with the situation. He’s worried enough to consider storming the place and take on all those soldiers alone. (Oh devotion, thou hast a heart most pure.)

Enok is alone with Chang Hui (and overacts, eeeeeeearrrrrruuuuuuuugh, the pain that is overacting) . Chang Hui reminds her that they’ve been in a similar position before, and admits that he almost killed her last time as she slept. Enok forgives him in a hurry, since she’s still alive and all. Chang Hui then goes on, almost as if he never heard her, that he realized that day she was the one person he would never ever kill. (That’s a love declaration from cold calculating throne seekers if I ever heard one.)

Enok, being her customary clueless self, says that it’s all okay, and would he please just stay awake. She swears that he’s a good person now. Chang Hui replies that he became a good person because he was with her all the time. Then, with a self-deprecating little chuckle, he comments that being good led him to become this shivering wreck.

Emotional subtlety not being her strong point, tears begin streaming down Enok’s face. Chang Hui says, in a weak but loving tone, “Don’t cry. I don’t want to become someone who makes you cry. I don’t want you to cry because of me.” (This line means that he’s going to make her cry. Future episodes, don’t be cruel to us!)

She tries to stop sniffling, and attempts her usual offbeat humour by saying that she’s lucky, so being with her will cure the prince. Chang Hui smiles a bit, and makes her promise to stay with him and let him use a little of her luck before passing out. Enok lets out a cry of distress and cradles Chang Hui in her lap, trying to keep him warm.

Outside somewhere, Suk Geun tells Gil Dong that Lady Noh is ensconced in the Hong house, and cannot come out. There are too many soldiers to fight – and even if they do, it’ll be too late for Chang Hui. What Gil Dong needs right now is a nice discreet cover person.

Which leads him to Eun Hye’s bedroom. (No, not that way, mind out of gutter, please.)

She wakes up immediately, and is radiantly happy that Gil Dong’s here. She confirms with him, twice, that he needs her, and proceeds to dress.

At this point, both Noh and Chisu have reached a decision to do the deed: kill Hong and cover up later, they need to save Chang Hui! Fortunately for all involved, Eun Hye comes in and asks Noh for medicine that she promised to deliver.

Eun Hye politely and delicately hints that the medication is for her monthly pains, and Lord Hong has no choice but to let Noh out. At Yongmun, Noh and Eun Hye have a relatively scary faceoff.

Noh: My lady making an appearance tonight, is it for Hong Gil Dong?
EH: It is.
Noh: Then I will speak frankly: if
he dies, then I, with great pleasure, will devote all my resources towards killing him, your father, and you.
EH: And I would do the same.

(I know they’re both doing this for the men they most love, but how creepy. Gah. At least we know how devoted EH is now, if we’ve managed to avoid it the first three times.)

Eun Hye, however, doesn’t care for the prince much and threatens to throw out all the medication if Gil Dong doesn’t agree to her conditions.

GD: *face in a god-grant-me-patience way* What is it?
EH: From now on, I will become a part of your group. To participate when you make your moves. If you don’t admit to it, then I’ll dump this medicine away. You wanted me to stay by my side of the line, but tonight you made me cross it for your own ends. Don’t tell me to stop here.
GD: Fine. It was my fault and selfishness to drag you into this. I’ll protect you.

We cut to Enok and Chang Hui, one crying and the other unconscious. She begs him to stay awake, tears streaming down her face. (They really do try to accomodate all shippers in this ep). Once again, we are meant to be touched by the depth of caring Enok extends to all her friends, but the slightest bit of overacting makes it ring a bit false. Conclusion: Enok could learn to care about the prince, given that he’s quite important right now, just not first place – and nothing short of a cataclysmic event (or amnesia) would make her give up loving Gil Dong.

Speaking of Gil Dong, he rushes in the darkened hut with Eun Hye in tow. She’s sort of curious at what kind of person the Daegoon is, but he’s in pain, so not an accurate representation, imo. Gil Dong ignores her irrelevant query and flies over to Chang Hui’s side, antidote in hand. What strikes me here is the tableau in the semi-dark: Gil Dong and Enok bent over a prone Chang Hui, a tightly-knit nucleus, while Eun Hye stands off to the side, at least six feet (or two meters) away.

Gil Dong feeds the antidote to Chang Hui, and tells him not to give up. He catches sight of Enok’s tear-stained face and commands her to stop crying (lol, similar boyfriendy reactions). Chang Hui stirs a little, having stopped shivering, and tells her to stop crying too.

(In passing, I love how this unites them. Chang Hui may pretend to be all indifferent to Gil Dong, Gil Dong does try to act cool with Chang Hui, and Enok’s more than a little dense, but when push comes to shove they stand together.)

As the night winds up, Lord Hong states to Lady Noh that he only wants to find Enok’s whereabouts. Lady Noh, having safely passed off the antidote, regains her dominant spirit, and proceeds to bully Lord Hong about his connection to Gil Dong, the presumed head of Hwal Bin Dang. Hong, however, did not keep his post as king’s confidante by being easily fazed, so he replies that since Yongmun tried to kill Hwal Bin Dang’s leader, they are in danger. He will leave soldiers to guard them.

Lady Noh disparages the ability and brains of the soldiers, who have let Hwal Bin Dang wreak merry havoc on the city, and sarcastically urges him to put them to use on the city’s gates.

Back at the hut, Gil Dong plans to take Chang Hui to their mountain hideout for a while for better and safer healing. They’ll need to take a stretcher since the prince isn’t really up for anything more than lying down. Chang Hui thinks this would be so dangerous and attention-getting, but Gil Dong feels that it’s better than strolling out with an injured man on his back.

Eun Hye offers her help, which catches the attention of Chang Hui. Honestly, his glare would have incinerated an ordinary mortal, but Eun Hye is strong-willed and crazy besides. Gil Dong tries to mediate between the two by telling Chang Hui about her role in saving his life. He subsides into intense glaring.

Lord Seo, having just reached home, pays Eun Hye a late-night visit. He tells her the night’s events, with a anti-Gil Dong bias twist, but discovers to his fury that it’s granny hiding under the covers. (This granny, why is she not fired yet? She obviously FAILS big time at keeping any sort of control over her charge – but then, this is Eun Hye we’re talking about. She’d steamroller over anyone who was in her way, including her father.)

So, armed with Eun Hye’s palanquin, the Hwal Bin Dang dress up as carriage bearers. Enok takes a moment to thank Eun Hye for her help, and asks where Gil Dong’s gone. Eun Hye freezes her up by saying that Gil Dong has gone to see Lady Noh of Yongmun fame. Enok worries, but Suk Geun tells her everything will be fine as long as they have Chang Hui. (I love that Enok is just ‘one of the guys’ here.)

During all this chatter, Chang Hui is inside the palanquin, hanging on to this side of awake.

Lady Noh is so angry at Gil Dong, but she’s afraid of doing anything to him for the sake of her prince, so she settles for shouting at him. She thinks he’s going to try to blackmail her or threaten her now that Chang Hui is in his hands. Gil Dong, not one to back down on these occasions, angrily replies that he’s the one they tried to kill with a poisoned arrow, so who is she to talk?

As the palanquin containing Chang Hui reaches the gate, it is stopped by one of Hong’s military subordinates. Eun Hye’s excuse is that her mother’s family has some issues. She uses her noble birth and her father’s position (as well as one hell of a regal pose) to intimidate the guard into letting her pass.

In the palanquin, she looks across to Chang Hui and tries to manipulate him into admitting her role in saving his life – he’s not buying it and says she’s just helping Gil Dong out – there’s nothing to do with him. (There’s a certain deviousness in using your current position in the king’s court to cow subordinates and then turn right around to get the future king to accept you as a part of his ‘force’. Trying to straddle both sides so she can stay safe? Maybe.)

We cut to Lady Noh being all flaring nostrils. She doesn’t know why Chang Hui blocked the arrow for Gil Dong, doesn’t know what he sees in this illegitimate bastard. (Doesn’t she? She’s having some parental letting go issues.)

Gil Dong tries to clarify matters for her: “I know that you see him as a son, and that he sees you as a loyal servant who would walk through fire for him, and also a substitute for the mother who perished in that fire. If you’re so close, why do you not trust him or protect him?

Rather stunned by his insight, Lady Noh admits in a calmer voice, “The world you are fighting, it is also part of his rightful kingdom. You will be a threat to his sovereignty. Anyone who poses a threat to the Daegoon will be killed by me.

Gil Dong: “Then, going the way you are doing now, will he be safe? In using whatever possible methods to regain his rightful place, are you sure the person at the end of the road is not as insane, if not more, than the king we have now?

He strikes a chord in her, and Noh almost bites out the words, “From birth he has been different from this low-born king!

Gil Dong has been waiting for this, and says, “For this difference he would become a king the people love. If he becomes one, then even if there are people like me, he can still hold on to his kingdom. Clearly see the person you are protecting and make sure you understand him, or you will one day do something that will hurt him or even destroy him.

(Gil Dong must really care about Chang Hui, to beard the lion in the den like this, and to try to communicate with someone he hates this much.)

Enok is holding her vigil at Chang Hui’s bedside. She thanks him for saving Gil Dong, but Chang Hui says he just did it as a spur of the moment thing. Enok repeats that he’s a good person. He muses about seeing the hearts of the people he cares about, becoming the person they want him to be, and that, if he’s not afraid of losing, that it should be easy to protect the person he cares about.

Enok, captain clueless in the HMS HGD, asks, “Who do you want to protect?

Chang Hui replies with candor: “My people, but there is someone I want to protect especially.

Enok: “You want to protect someone especially? Who? Gil Dong?” (HA. So even Enok thinks they’re together. I think I burst something laughing. Oh Hong sisters, the bones you throw to us shippers.)

Chang Hui, himself not blind to the humour in the situation, “That fellow, does he seem to need protecting to you? I’m actually afraid that he’ll take something of mine away.

Enok: “Gil Dong took something from you? And who is it, then?

Chang Hui: “You really haven’t changed. Still so stupid. In front of your eyes, yet you still can’t see. I’m tired today, don’t have much energy to talk. I should sleep.

Enok apologizes for keeping him up, and makes a move to get up and go. Chang Hui commands her to stay, because she’d promised to stay and share her luck with him. Enok is caught, because she made that promise to keep him alive. Chang Hui plays the injured card, and gets her to watch over him as he sleeps.

Not far away, Gil Dong is introducing Eun Hye to her accommodations for the night. Eun Hye tries to make conversation.

EH: Now that I’ve helped you all the way here, you’re not going to make me go back this late, are you?
GD: Even if I did, you wouldn’t go.
EH: Ahh, you understand me now.
*noticing that he’s bleeding from the mouth* But how did you get so seriously injured?
GD: I got knocked around by some idiots. And because someone was shot, I didn’t even get treated yet.

Even as Gil Dong grumbles and twists his face into a sneering type of scowl (it’s funny how all of KJH’s expressions are uber-endearing), Enok remembers that Gil Dong was injured too, and makes medicine for him.

Gil Dong sets some ground rules down for EH.

GD: I know it’s different from what you’re used to, but don’t expect me to get you silk covers and down quilts.
EH: I won’t give unreasonable demands anymore.
GD: Then you knew that your demands were unreasonable?
EH: I didn’t know how to talk to you, okay?
GD: Well, talking like this, isn’t it better?
EH: Well, it’s kind of cold. Could I have some tea?
GD: I wonder if we have tea…
EH: Warm water is fine. Cold water is fine too.
(Gist being that as long as he brings it for her…)
GD: Huh, what do you know, you’re all nice and humble now.
EH: It’s cause I’m smart! 🙂

Enok wonders why Gil Dong is taking so long with Eun Hye while she makes bitter brews for both the guys.

Eun Hye’s really happy that he’s gotten the water for her.

EH: “Oh, it’s so warm. It’s the first time you’ve been this nice to me. You being nice and me being honest. If we started off this way, wouldn’t it have been better?”
GD: “Let’s make another first, let this be the first time I say thank you, and also the last
time. We’ll talk honestly then, since you like it so much. I don’t know what your motives are. I don’t need your liking me. Go back to where you are.”
EH: But…
GD: Compared to you, I’m more immature. No matter what, you’re my brother’s fiancé. My disgust toward him, I’ve never told you, but I thought of using you to wound him. I needed you again today, so I used you. Don’t keep hanging around a bandit like me.
*is really wounded, grips her cup*
GD: So don’t keep doing this. It’ll make people laugh.
EH: I always knew. I’m not that stupid.
GD: I thought so too and let things pass. I didn’t think it would come to this point.
EH: How strange, now the water’s not warm at all.
GD: Go home tomorrow.

After Gil Dong leaves the room, Eun Hye cries to herself. Then she toughens up: “Okay, I’ll leave. I’ll never step over the line again. I’ll make sure to make you come over instead, to have you in my hands. Then we’ll see.”

There is ominous music as she pours the water away on the floor.

Lord Hong details his spy subordinate to find out everything about Enok, who her parents are, what she does, everything.

As Enok sleeps by light of tiki torch, Gil Dong sneaks in, all injured pride. He mutters to himself that he’s also hurt, especially on the lips, and if he doesn’t get prompt treatment he may die. So he leans in to kiss Enok. (And the girl SLEEPS THROUGH all this??)

GD: Ahh, all better.

So now Lord Hong’s people are trying to track down Gramp Heo. At Wang’s, they miss him and Hae Myung, though not for lack of trying on Wang’s front. Unfortunately, as with Gil Dong, his facial ticks in the direction of the hiding people go unnoticed. Gramp Heo is worried, and Hae Myung muses, “Will that end still come to pass?” (Us: oh nooooooo.)

It is morning in the bandit place, and Enok makes medication for the prince. She prepares to give Gil Dong some too, seeing as he got beaten up by the giant. Gil Dong flares up – he beat the giant more!

Enok is sympathetic, “Being the leader must be really hard, you can’t even show pain. I respect you!

Gil Dong’s not so hot on that respect thing, but he does say, “I’ve got really good medicine, I’m fine now.

Enok wants to give some of it to the prince, if it’s that good (not knowing that it’s the kiss.)

Gil Dong roars, “NO! It’s MINE!

Enok watches him storm off with a shaking head on his selfishness.

In the palace, the king is amused that Gil Dong beat up the Irritating Emissary, and remarks that Chang Hui and Gil Dong have very good synergy together. Lord Hong ominously hints that they won’t be harmonious together for long (I’d trust his words as foreshadowing, except he’s been wrong on so many things, mostly king-related, that I don’t really care).

Hong’s reasons for assuming an eventual clash are the same as Lady Noh’s: they represent different worlds. (And no one’s heard of Yin and Yang… I’m shocked.)

The king darkly awaits for the day that one betrays the other. (Okay, now this is serious. The king may be one sandwich short of a picnic, but he’s been pretty accurate in foreshadowing terms so far.)

Gil Dong has a conversation with Chang Hui at the bandit place. Chisu is in attendance, presumably to escort the prince home.

GD: I know you saved me without premeditation. Thanks.
CH: Well, now I know at least you’ll never betray me, because this time I have your full support.
GD: I think it’s the opposite. When someone sacrifices himself for you, rather they are yours.
CH: Then we have each other’s support.
GD: This discussion is getting stupid. You can leave now.
CH: I was leaving anyway.


Eun Hye says her goodbyes to Enok, and hints at knowing Enok’s secret, and wonders if her grandfather has talked to her yet.

YN: What? Why do you want to speak to my grandfather? To buy medicine?
EH: Why not. Medicine to solve the thing that is giving me a headache is in your grandfather’s hands. Tell him to come find me.
YN: Please give him a good price!
EH: I don’t doubt it. I’ll use money to solve this problem.
(There’s a lot that’s wrong with this sentence, but I’ll leave it at Eun Hye thinking that she can do anything b/c of her status, and b/c she’s never been denied anything. B*tch.)

Gramps hurries along the mountain roads to see Enok, but Hae Myung tries to slow him down at every point, saying that he’s saving him time. (That can be taken in so many different ways, please don’t let him die.)

Enok says her goodbyes to Chang Hui.

CH: Don’t come visit me. I’ll visit instead. You said that you’d go with Gil Dong no matter where he went, but I’ve also decided to go with him, so we’ll be on the same road.
YN: So you’re coming too!
CH: Yes, so don’t forget that I’m also by your side. Thank you for saying that I’m important to you. It made me happy. Take care.

Exeunt Chang Hui.

YN: Strange, why do I feel bad for the prince? Did I do something wrong?

Chang Hui gets home to find Noh waiting for him. She comes toward him in the manner of the worried parent, all thankful relieve and apology for putting him in danger. You know what, despite all that viciousness, we tend to forget that everything Noh is doing is for CH – she has him as first priority, and she does care. It just gets submerged by all that red lipstick.

CH: You don’t need to worry. I’m fine. Please don’t do things behind my back like this anymore. Promise me.
Noh: Then the Daegoon must also promise me that you will never do something like this to endanger your own life again.
(Her lipstick is a magenta vs. the original red, significant? I thought they only manufactured that red before WWI. But then, Noh is technically before WWI.)
CH: Things that happen in a moment are hard to reflect over.
Noh: How could you forget, even for a moment, that there are people behind you. The loyal ministers, whose who have died for us, the late king and your mother, they are all looking to you. The people who hope for you, how could you forget in such an important thing in a moment like that?
CH: It is not because I forgot, but because I chose to truly keep them. If Sa Yin was made for me by father to kill those who stood in my way, then Gil Dong is the sword I can use to win the people. I don’t want the identity given to me by the Sa Yin sword, I want the one that my people give me.
Noh: Then I promise not to harm him. I will wait for Daegoon to give him up.
CH: I will never give him up.

(Aww, standing firm behind his boyfriend.)

The bandits discuss what happens now: do they support Chang Hui all the way? Mal Nyeo and Suk Geun are both surprised. Yeon thinks that Chang Hui has a greatness the other nobles lack. Gom wants to know if a person like the prince becomes king, will he change the world?

Suk Geun asks the important question: “Do you believe in him?
GD: “Coming to us without reservations, he is someone we should trust.

The townspeople gossip about Gil Dong’s giant-defeating capabilities, and their trust in Chang Hui because of Gil Dong’s support starts taking root. The nobles are less happy-dippy.

Eun Hye’s theme starts playing as she has a talk with In Hyung. He wants to kill Gil Dong to win her affections, but she tries to tell him she won’t like him anyway.

EH: As long as he is dead, it’s okay. It’s like that day you added the guilt of your own troop of hired robbers on his head. That day, you also said everything would be alright once he was dead. The first time I fell for him was that day. Calling him brother and then wounding him – you haven’t changed at all. You injured his arm and then ran away. I saw everything. My heart will never turn toward you.

In Hyung vows to capture Gil Dong and Eun Hye’s heart.

(Dunno about you, but it feels like EH is spurring IH onward to harm GD. Also, this mention of static and dynamic characters has my inner lit critic up in arms – will try to get another post in.)

Eun Hye wonders, as In Hyung walks away, that her face when Gil Dong abandons her will resemble In Hyung’s in its desolation.

Hwal Bin Dang is going really well, new people are joining everyday. Gil Dong is on a bridge, observing with Hae Myung. Hae Myung tells him that people blame everything on him now – from lost dogs to bullied children. He also mentions ghosts killing people, and Gil Dong perks up in interest – because once again, he’s being blamed.

HM: You must be careful in the future, especially as the Daegoon is behind you now.
GD: Why only me? Why not the Daegoon too?
HM: Haha! You’re easy to pick on!

We cut to a nobleman reading in his house. A white shadow passes by, it’s the ghost women! There is a terrifying red light and some white faces – very Grudge-esque.

The next day, we find that there are already three dead nobles, and people think it’s Gil Dong’s doings.

Chang Hui is ready to start using the Sa Yin sword to gather in the scholarly nobles, and needs this crap to stop. Chisu is told to investigate, and Chang Hui has no doubt he and Gil Dong will resolve everything and ride off into the sunset.

In some random corner, Enok figures out that the prince missed her, and resolves to visit more often.

Gil Dong decides to go to the brothel to investigate the dead guy – uh yeah, brothels are city hubs of info, yo.

Incidentally, Lord Seo is also at the brothel, trying to scout out a suitable candidate for his Eun Hye. (Us all: =.=) He sees Gil Dong from the back and immediately decides he likes him – and since he’s wearing nice clothes, he’s got to be a noble.

Gil Dong notices a noble bragging about his brand name clothing, and snorts derisively. While exchanging information with his gisaeng friends, they hear a ruckus – someone’s beating up when of the gisaeng.

Gil Dong is so angry that he goes in and beats them up, makes them undress and hold their nobility hats above their heads while he pours alcohol on them. The gisaeng outside are secretly gleeful.

He leaves, but not before a parting shot, insulting both the nobility and hinting that he’s Hwal Bin Dang.

Lord Seo sees him leaving and is in love – he’s exactly the sort Eun Hye likes! (Make you wonder where Eun Hye got her brains from…)

Gil Dong walks home in an abandoned alleyway, and feels something weird. He ducks into a warehouse, hoping to confront him, only to be surrounded by ghosts.

They’re trying to kill him.



– Chisu and Yong Jin with their unquestioning loyalty is such a touching testimony in a world where it’s dog eat dog, but people, sometimes wrong is just wrong, you know?

– I’m not sure what’s worse, Lord Seo purposely trying to circumvent his daughter’s wishes or looking for a suitable husband in a brothel! Do you look for good husband candidates in a brothel???

– Really not liking Lady Noh. Hello, please to be getting humanity transplant.

– Is it just me, or do my recaps get longer each time? 5650 words! WTF, self.

– Have feeling, due to preview, that ep19 will be when the angst hits the fan. Darn.

– Filler feeling due to emotional doozy that is 19, I’m told, and also because they’re laying the groundwork for the climax that will drive the rest of the story. Oh but it keeeeeeeeeels, and if they make CH evil…

– I had more points, but I forget in the sheer exhaustion of typing. Will go take more cold meds.

Working on 18!



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    Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    i enjoy reading your reviews so thanks for taking time out for them.
    i saw a chinese translated version of the HGD interview that CGS is for the first time acting as a “bad” guy. so i’m hoping it’s just a translation issue. so hopefully, CH doesn’t turn evil.

  2. aLian
    Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 8:58 am

    helo.. i love reading your reviews.. right now i’m waiting for the eng subs for epis 15 and 16, and still there’s no news.. i have the raw already and what’s lacking are the subs..

    thank you very much.. now i kinda understand what they’re saying.. unfortunate for me for not being able to understand hangul..

    i’m also a GD and CH shipper.. LoL.. hahaha.. but i go for GD and YN..

    can’t wait for the last 6 episodes.. i do hope they won’t turn CH evil.. please don’t!!!

    and oh, i just don’t like EunHye! grrr….

  3. flyingcrispi
    Thursday, March 6, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    Dear Sevenses,
    The more I shouldn’t be here, the more I am. Gotta have some rebellious genes.
    So, I’ll make it short:
    – Chisu and Yong Jin with their unquestioning loyalty is such a touching testimony in a world where it’s dog eat dog, but people, sometimes wrong is just wrong, you know?

    –>Ah, love, what a blindful power you have on us! Chisu is all over CH and I suspect Yong Jin of being in love with Lady Noh… I’ll never forget Yong Jin’s face when Mal Nyeo said something about getting naked in the previous episode!

    – I’m not sure what’s worse, Lord Seo purposely trying to circumvent his daughter’s wishes or looking for a suitable husband in a brothel! Do you look for good husband candidates in a brothel???

    –>I thought that too! I mean, going to the brothel, isn’t it a bit shameful for them? They just go in and out like it’s a movie theater or something. But if you think about it, noble men go have a drink, eat with some friends and eventually have sex with some random girls.
    Doesn’t it sounds like a bar or a middle-age tavern?

    – Really not liking Lady Noh. Hello, please to be getting humanity transplant.

    –>They’re available at http://www.humanitytransplant.com (You probably can’t access this site, it’s reserved to bad people, like Cruella Devil)

    – Is it just me, or do my recaps get longer each time? 5650 words! WTF, self.

    –> Yeah but I like them when they’re long, you put more of funs comments!

    – I had more points, but I forget in the sheer exhaustion of typing. Will go take more cold meds.

    –>Awww, computeratitis. Horrible. It’s just like alcohol, you have to type more than you did the day before and the pain will go away. (it doesn’t work with alcohol…believe me, I tried 😦 )

    Looking forward to see you!

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