Ep17 preview

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No vid as of now- only text.

VID HERE. Go thank Crybabytt!!

Chang Hui is carried away by Gil Dong and Enok to a shed to hide. Gil Dong takes out the arrow but it’s poisoned, so now he needs to look for an antidote. (*whacks at Noh*)

Meanwhile, Enok holds Chang Hui’s hand and tries to keep him alive. Somehow or other, Gil Dong comes back with antidote with Eun Hye (who supplied it). Enok crying and telling him to stay alive, and Chang Hui tells her not to cry while Gil Dong bandages him. Chang Hui glares up at EH (because of her father) after he’s all bandaged.

A while later, a healed Chang Hui (see, they wouldn’t let him die!) says smtg to Enok that makes her think for quite a while. It’s about ‘being together with Gil Dong’. (Inner slash fangirl squeal)

Chang Hui says something along the lines of ‘don’t betray me’ to Gil Dong. Rather ominious.

Gil Dong is jealous that Enok nursed CH, steals a kiss while she’s asleep.

Will post with vid as soon as it’s out. Am also working on 16’s recap – almost done!



  1. Celine
    Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    Hi Sevenses

    I happened to “pop by”, whilst looking for HGD’s synopsis. Noted with interest that you mentioned that you’re Asian – just curious, are you Chinese or Korean? I’m Singaporean Chinese by the way, and what piqued my curiousity is that, I’m wondering where do you get to watch HGD with english subs? Assuming, you’re Chinese (but understand Korean?), that is. If you are, I salute you!!!!!

    Besides, as I understand, the english subs are not released yet.

    However if you’re Korean, ah well….that answers the above question (no subs needed!) as well as explains the Ch 17 preview – coz that’s not subbed in Chinese (Tudou).

    Anyway, just some curious questions…hope you don’t mind….

    Great writing & awesome synopsis! I understand HGD totally from your synopsis. I look forward to more! many grateful thanks in advance!


  2. Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    Hey Celine!

    Welcome – I’m glad the streams of babble and fangirling didn’t faze you – I tend to get carried away when I recap things. (I’ve written 23000 words about 10 episodes, an average of 2300 each – this from a girl who can’t be persuaded to write more than 1000 on an essay!)

    I’m Chinese, with no understanding of Korean whatsoever. I watch an episode on tudou, write the recap, and resort to nervous tics until the next episode is released. (I’m in awe of the Chinese subbers. They get stuff out 24 hours after it’s released. How amazing is that???)

    However, I do slink around forums who have Korean speakers/natives, so I get my preview translations there. I think Baidu also has translations, but I’m not thrilled to be scrolling through tons of spam – in Chinese.

    Thank you so much! It’s nice to know I’m appreciated.

    See ya!


    P.S. I believe the English translations are out until 14. But a week! I can’t wait that long… ^^

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