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Hong Gil Dong Episode 15, recap

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Onto the episode, people. (Sorry for delay, school is kicking me like a football.)

Episode 15

We start off from Gil Dong’s perspective, as he is frog-marched by what seems like an excess of soldiers into the king’s Utmost Secrecy Chamber. He has a flashback of Chang Hui telling him the specific location of the sword. It is in the Inner Sanctum, hidden from view, and since many people are guarding that section of the palace, it will be extremely difficult to get out.

We also find out that Mal Nyeo intended to sneak in as the king’s one-night gisaeng, and that she is in charge of looking for the sword while Gil Dong distracts her. She reassures him, that, as an expert thief, it will be a piece of cake.

Right before entering the room, Gil Dong is told by the Yongmun’s insider that he must succeed, or he will be killed.

We switch to see the king still in “Why you stare at meeeeeeeeeeeee?” mode with Enok.

Gil Dong enters, and the king asks him if he is truly Hong Gil Dong. Enok looks up at the mention of his name. Gil Dong sees her in gisaeng dress and is very shocked, but manages to contain his feelings so as to not give anything away.

Back home at Yongmun, Chang Hui confirms that Enok really went into the palace and panics.

The gang, camping out in their customary warehouse, hope that Gil Dong and Enok succeed.

Meanwhile, behind the king’s back, Enok does her Jiayou gesture at Gil Dong.

The king begins his interrogation about Chang Hui’s whereabouts.

King: So you wanted to talk to me?
GD: I thought the person who wanted to know most should hear it.
King: You are very like your father.

Enok starts looking for the sword (remembering Mal Nyeo’s tip about walls and cracks).

King: Tell me then, where is that child, whose name is he living under?
GD: I won’t say it while she’s here.
King: Don’t worry, I’ll have her killed once she goes out,
GD: F***, never mind.

(I have to say, the king is terribly sane in this episode.)

We change to a dialogue occuring in another part the city.

CH: Was it really Enok? Why did you send her?
SG: It was a last minute choice. Why, are you thinking of betraying us?
MN: You guys wanted the Sa Yin Sword, as long as we steal it, nothing else matters, right?
CH: (um, no, clearly not) I must get her out, and soon.
SG: If you go now, they’re dead anyway. *pause* She’s with Gil Dong, she’ll be fine. Trust in them.

The king changes his mind and decides to have Enok killed. To distract him, Gil Dong blurts out that Chang Hui is in the city (Me: that’s going to come back and bite). It occurs to me that the king is very good at hopscotch, or will be if he decides to compete.

GD: You seem to want to know very much.
King: Tell me everything! I will give you a sweet death.
GD: I will tell you slowly, bit by bit.
King: Interesting. Then go ahead. You’ll die slowly.
GD: Ask me a question, and I will give you an answer
King: Oho, so you wanna play? I’ll play. For every answer you cannot give, I will cut off an arm, leg, or head.
GD: Then I will stop answering after five, so choose well.
King: Is he like me?
GD: More handsome than you.
(Me: Oh, snap!)
King: No, not that, I mean, does he kill people, chop their heads off, like me?
GD: He tries very hard to save them. Even if he is very cautious, he will find a way of seeing you.
King: You’ve just lost an arm.
(Implied: cause I don’t like what you’re saying.)
GD: Don’t you want to know what he says about you?
King: What does he say?
GD: He is searching very hard for the sword, because his big brother was the first one who taught him.

King: Yes, I remember him using those guileless eyes, looking at me and saying, big brother, big brother.

We pan to see Enok making no headway at all, and for the audience to reflect that perhaps the king had no choice – he was just the first one to make the kill.

King: He asked me to teach him archery, and I even made a bow for him.
GD: He broke it when the day you left (?) the palace. That day, he completely understood that one day his brother will kill him. He tearfully demanded to see you, but you refused.

(Btw, I love how GD stands up to the king – he’s not intimidated at all)

King: I had no reason to see him, at the time…
GD: At the time you already decided to set the fire, right?

Enok still can’t find the sword, and the special effects (lighting etc) are kind of fake.

King: The day of the fire, did he see me? Did he? *imagines CH in front of him*
I had to do it, I had to do it to live. But how did you come back alive?
GD: This is the king? Really, he makes me speechless.
King: Quickly! Tell me where he is!
GD: Killing your younger brother for the throne has driven you crazy. A real king would never decide himself unworthy because of his birth and go crazy. You should have used your chance to topple the traditions of this world.
King: How dare a low-life like you admonish me!
GD: Who’s the low-life? The one who thought himself unworthy and went crazy is you.
King: I am the king of this country!
(It sounds so weak compared to GD’s declaration of being HBD’s chief.)
GD: You are not the heir, it says so on the Sa Yin Sword.

Crucial moment as the King looks to where it is hidden.

GD: The sword says to give the rightful place to the legitimate heir by the queen, not a crazy person like you.
King: But would Chang Hui, would that child understand?
Enok, still searching: Chang Hui??
King: Chang Hui wants the throne because he is the daegoon. Don’t you know that?
GD: Well, at least he isn’t crazy like you. Right now he is thinking very hard about why he should be king, and the road he should take.
King: Tell me! Where is he?!

(Off to side, YN realizes that CH is the daegoon they’ve been talking about.)
King: Your time is up! I’m going to tear you in four and cut your head off!

Hearing this, Enok goes looking for the sword in the direction the King had looked in. We see that Gil Dong is almost done with the ropes. As the king calls for his attendants, Enok pulls on one of the decorative curtain ropes, and a curtain goes up, revealing the sword. The king turns around and, to his fury and dismay, Enok grabs the sword and tosses it to Gil Dong just as the king’s men rush in. (How appropriate that the sword is taken by Enok, whose father died for the inscription on its hilt.)

Gil Dong holds the sword at the king’s neck, promising to pureé him if anything happens to the two of them. Enok tells him that there’s an escape route. The king orders her killed, but his attendants obey Gil Dong (out of fear for their own king). Then Kang Hui (the king) threatens Gil Dong with the hidden assassins he has outside and the sheer manpower available to the king in his own city.

Gil Dong offers his second red herring: “If you want to meet Chang Hui, he’s waiting for you.”

We cut, appropriately, to Chang Hui and the bandit gang, still waiting tensely for Gil Dong and Enok. Suk Geun tells him that Gil Dong is creating a chance for Chang Hui to meet his older brother if he should want to.

Back at the palace, the king falls for it, and lets Enok go free. Gil Dong backs up towards the escape tunnel, and tells Kang Hui that Chang Hui is waiting for him at the tomb KH built for him. (He also mutters something sarcastic about a touching brotherly reunion, but I didn’t happen to catch it.)

Then Gil Dong throws the king at his attendants and runs out the escape route. Enok waits for him in the tunnel, and they run in the general direction of ‘out’. To escape the legions of security that have now been deployed, they hide under one of the many ledges in the palace. Enok gets hiccups, ironically, and Gil Dong has to hold her tight to keep her from making an audible sound.

The King, ever master at changing clothes, gets ready to meet with Chang Hui.

Chang Hui confirms with Chisu that Enok and Gil Dong made it out of the inner sanctum. Chisu, mind-reading skills rivaling Dumbledore’s, asks him whether or not he wants to go meet Kang Hui. Chang Hui decides to go, musing that stalling the king in any way would help the other two to escape. (Cue for aww.)

Enok and Gil Dong stumble into an abandoned storehouse (which confirms my belief that kdrama causality trumps all urban sprawl issues).

Now that they’re in relative safety, Gil Dong lets his anger loose.

GD, in a comical whisper-shout: Wtf were you doing?
YN: Um?
GD: Never mind. I can guess. Something happened to Mal Nyeo?
YN: Yeah, she was injured —
GD: — and then you went ‘I’m lucky’ and came in her place?
YN: *nod*
(Us: You’ve been practicing your occulomancy, Gil Dong!)
GD: — and said that you had hunted tigers?
YN: *nod*
GD: I shouldn’t have taken you tiger hunting. Now this idiot’s not afraid of anything.
YN: But, but we got the sword.
GD: *pops vein* Do you know how dangerous this is!!
YN: Hey, it’s not like we didn’t get the sword, and besides, others would have been in more danger if I didn’t come in.
GD: How could you sit like that as the king’s gisaeng?
YN: What’s gotten into you? Mal Nyeo said I looked really pretty!

GD: I’m angrier because you’re pretty. (And he’s actually shouting now.)
YN: Pretty? You think I’m pretty!

Gil Dong tries to recoup for his slip by making her put on a disguise, but she knows the truth, and is all grins. Enok then confirms with Gil Dong that Chang Hui is indeed the daegoon. (All this in a warehouse. *shakes head* Oh Hong sisters.)

Chang Hui and his brother meet. (Audience: so smexy, our Chang Hui.)

The king appears almost afraid as he goes into his customary crouch (with the effect of making Chang Hui tower). (Me: It’s not like you can use his 6-ft. height to advantage or anything, director.)

CH: We meet again, brother.
King: You’re alive!

(Ahaha, the king’s men have their hands on their swords and all, but CH only brought Chisu, and still manages to look much more at ease.)

CH: *looks hot*
King: You’ve grown so much! At the time you were just this tall.
(Audience: Yes. At the time, when you were trying to kill him?)
CH: How have you been?
King: That’s right, where are you living? Did you come with gd? Then are you a thief too?
CH: Gil Dong is no ordinary thief. He combats the evil that people like you create. It may take a while, but I will fight your reign openly one day.

King: By using Hwal Bin Dang? What are they? A group of thieves hoping to help the poor.
CH: You have no right to laugh at them, seeing as you created the situation – you make the people poorer as the years go by, and Hwal Bin Dang will only gain power from that. The world you created is poor, and the citizenry empty-hearted.
King: And so you will fight for them until the end.

CH: Sometimes I hope that I do not have a legitimate title and help people with Hwal Bin Dang.

(I’m not sure how much of this he means, given that he’s trying to distract the king so Enok and Gil Dong can escape. But he’s sincere, I think.)

King: Do you think they’ll be able to escape?
CH: You forget that I escaped from the fire that you set. That road, I still remember as if it were yesterday.

Gil Dong and Enok dress up as soldiers of the court to blend in with the rest of the soldiers. They follow two soldiers to the Daebi’s old palace, where the two notice that Gil Dong and Enok are new faces. To save time, Gil Dong incapacitates one while Enok gets the other one in the privates.

We cut to a shot of the bandits on a part of the palace wall. They’re worried and ready to burst in to help.

Eun Hye, not one to leave things alone, requests to see Gil Dong again, but the guard at the gate says that he has escaped, with a female accomplice. Eun Hye figures that it’s Enok. She then goes to look for her (to confirm her suspicions).

Grandpa Heo is with Hae Myung, and worrying his head off. Hae Myung tells him to calm down and wait for the two to make it out of the palace. Grandpa Heo keeps focusing on her ill fate with Gil Dong. He mentions to Hae Myung that his investigation of Lord Hong’s activities on October 15 twenty years ago has borne no fruit. Eun Hye, smart bunny that she is, overhears this and twigs right away that there’s a secret.

Grandpa Heo, blind to Gil Dong’s devotion to Enok, is determined to tell him to end things.

Meanwhile, Enok and Gil Dong make it out in one piece to see Lady Noh and Yong Jin waiting outside. Gil Dong won’t give over the sword until they are both safe (figuring and correctly, that something dark and sinister will happen to them if he hands over the sword now). Noh, not one to argue semantics when a troop of royal guards are running around, lets them take a ride in her closed carriage.

Yong Jin and co. set fireworks to distract the troops and to let all anxious watchers know that Gil Dong and Enok made it out.

Enok hears the noise of fireworks and opens the window to watch. She’s so happy that Gil Dong makes his ‘idiot’ (-.-) face again. Enok says to look at the fireworks as a way of celebrating their safe departure from the palace.

Chang Hui taunts the king, saying that the fireworks mean his agents are safe. The king is so angry he looks like he’s going to jump on Chang Hui. They both promise to bury the other as a parting shot. (Morbid, much?) The king sort of sets himself up for losing, by anticipating the land that Chang Hui will prepare for him.

Just as Lady Noh is about to bodily attack (kidding!) Gil Dong for the sword, Chang Hui runs in, demanding if Enok is alright. (Audience: Aww) Enok emerges from behind a drape and Chang Hui is overcome by the intensity of his emotion. He almost hugs Enok in front of everybody, then recalls that it would not be seemly. (Gil Dong notices this and is vaguely disturbed.)

The bandits follow in swift succession, coming in to glomp Gil Dong like me at a tray of chocolates. Chang Hui feels just a tad inferior and sad that no one loves him this much.

Gil Dong makes a deal with Lady Noh, wanting everyone to get safely home before handing the sword over. She wants to object, but Chang Hui agrees. At the doors of the (yep, you guessed it) abandoned warehouse, Gil Dong engages Chang Hui in a bit of male posturing, telling him to keep Enok safe. When Chang Hui replies that he doesn’t need Gil Dong to tell him that, GD leaves off with, “Don’t let her eat too many cookies.” (Ha. Cute.) Chang Hui walks off, shaking his head.

Eun Hye has been grilling her father, and finds out that Enok’s father was a general. Her family, as well, is one of the most noble families there are, and greatly popular with the Confucian scholars of yore. Shame that Enok was an only daughter (with no proof of her birth, furthermore).

(In passing, I think it’s interesting that they give Enok the carriage space, and not, say, Lady Noh.)

(I’m starting to mix people up, Gil Dong and Chang Hui. Are they totally not in love with each other? First they defend the other to the king, then they banter about Enok. Okay, slash fangirl moment over.)

At the Yongmun HQ, Enok brings up Chang Hui’s real ‘real status’. (So, not super secret head of Yongmun, but Crown Prince?) Enok apologizes for even aspiring to befriend him, but Chang Hui, in the valley of angst, only sighs that she is really stupid.

YN: Oh no! I shouldn’t always be calling you gongja... (gongja = young master)
CH: Please just do as you always do and stay by my side. When I’m with you, I can at least smile a little. Please don’t take even that away. Don’t you go and make me feel uncomfortable too, I feel lighthearted only around you. I don’t want to think about losing ‘that’ you.
YN: Then I’ll just keep calling you gongja. It must have been very hard, right? Hiding in the shadows and not daring to use your own name. (In a way, so is she.) But you’re a good person, better than the king I saw today. To have lived as a dead person and become so upright, good job! *pats his arm*

(Chang Hui is so emotional in this episode. He’s turning into fanon Draco, minus all the leather.)

Cut to scene of King and CH-supporting servant. The king is mad (not in the crazy sense of the word), especially about Enok, and demands to have this Hong Gil Dong Issue resolved once and for all.

The next morning, Gil Dong hands over the sword to Chang Hui at their secret dating rendez-vous spot.

GD: For this sword, I escaped death twice. Take good care of it.
CH: For making you do this twice, I apologize.
GD: One question: were you absolutely certain I could escape from the palace?
CH: I hoped. You were very fortunate.
GD: The palace looked really nice, show me around once you’re king, okay?

CH: *surprised*
GD: You know, you’ll make a better king than him.
CH: You’re not too bad either. I could give you a ministerial position.
GD: Nah, I’m fine without one, but try to create a world where people like me can get one. Become the king not because your name is carved on that sword, but because you are willing to protect people like me who support you.
CH: What you said, could it be my answer to your question?
GD: You really are a lot better than your brother, eh?

CH: So what are you planning to do? If you plan to fight openly, you can’t go on as before.
GD: I have to become stronger.
CH: I’ll help you.
GD: Forget that, we’ll help you get your throne back. Make sure you walk your path. Calling you daegoon all the time is getting annoying
. *walks off*
CH: *looking down at the Sa Yin sword in his hand* He is more help to me than this sword.

We have a slow shot of Gil Dong stepping over the threshold, symbolically, and him muttering to himself: “You’ve gotten yourself into something again, you irascible meddler.

(My inner fangirl: Dead of male bonding.)

Meanwhile, In Hyung has moved beyond griping. He truly hates Gil Dong with the fiery passion of a thousand suns (well he would if he could muster up that much energy, but moving on). He and his mother are both really angry at this unexpected revival. In Hyung is especially hard hit because Gil Dong has effectively stolen the hearts of the two people he most loves, his father and Eun Hye (I suspect this one hits harder).

Lord Hong nurses his own wounds from that night of interrogation and the consequences of his break with Gil Dong. He clutches his chest at the pain of his son’s rejection or as a precursor to heart trouble. (Honestly, not feeling the sorry vibes for him. He only tried to kill GD twice for an insane king who doesn’t, let’s face it, trust him anymore. And he’s only hurting now because GD has seen the crazy king face to face and chosen to reject him in favour for another cuter hotter better candidate.)

The king makes In Hyung a chief of something, specially dedicated to capturing Gil Dong. (I suspect it’s something like the FBI.) Kang Hui remarks that In Hyung does not look like his father (as opposed to GD, oho) and uses his feelings of inadequacy to the king’s advantage.

In Hyung is doing this to prove himself, but Lord Hong knows that In Hyung’s not capable enough to hold down this job. But the king is nuts, so what can he do? (I wonder if IH has thought of EH hating him forever and ever if one hair of GD’s head is even harmed.)

Grandpa Heo convinces Hae Myung to talk to Gil Dong about Enok’s past. (Oh no.)

In a rather touching scene, Gil Dong directs Yeon to do whatever he feels necessary to make Enok’s living quarters comfortable, displaying complete disregard for Mal Nyeo’s stuff (with whom YN is sharing rooms with). Yeon’s reaction is to ask him if he isn’t afraid Mal Nyeo will roast Enok alive.

He also voices doubts that Enok will come, citing the splendour of Yongmun, Chang Hui’s niceness to her, and his status as the Daegoon (Crown Prince). Gil Dong has a moment of doubt, and then perks up.

Nope, she came hunting tigers and to the palace with me. She’ll come.

Enok is sitting somewhere inside the vast Yongmun compound, waiting to say her goodbyes to Chang Hui. (In passing, her suitcase looks like something out of the 90s.)

CH: Please stay.
YN: I’m not only going there because of Gil Dong, you know. I also want to be useful. Don’t worry, I’ll come to visit!
CH: Don’t come. Don’t feel obligated to come.
YN: But aren’t I the only one who makes you feel lighthearted?

(Sometimes, the wording of kdramas make me cringe.)

CH: I’m not sure meeting you after this will make me lighthearted anymore.
YN: Oh yeah, cause now I know everything. Well, then make friends with another dumb girl like me.

Chang Hui wants to tell her how he feels (ooh, soundtrack, and not ‘If’), but settles for grabbing her hand and telling her to go well.

Chang Hui’s abandoned angsty figure would make great SPCA posters, if only he were a puppy. He says to himself: “It’s okay, I’ve lived without her before. I can do it.

(Audience: We’ll be your friend!)

Eun Hye is thinking about ‘Ryu Enok‘.

At the mountain, the bandits celebrate his safe return, but he makes a speech (because speeches are good, and help you win elections).

This time, escaping has made me a bigger traitor than before. If you follow me, you will also be traitors. Anyone who doesn’t feel up to it can and should leave. I would understand completely. If you follow me, we have to get stronger, because this time, the king himself is coming after us. We shall have to fight and not just skulk around stealing. The danger will be much greater, so think clearly. It’s a matter of life and death now.

Suk Geun and Mal Nyeo serve as mouthpieces and say that they’ve been preparing for this day- “We’ll follow you anywhere, we’ve already thought about it.

GD: “Then, let’s fight, as Hwal Bin Dang, even if the name’s a bit too much. If you’ll follow this meddler till the end, let’s fight!

Enok is all touched and awed. She’s not sure she measures up to the nobility of this quest – and gramps does his damnedest to make her leave. Gil Dong, however, sees her, and grins enough for the both of them.

Mal Nyeo helps her new roommate in, and marvels at her ability to throw away creature comforts just to be with Gil Dong. Enok, on the other hand, now resolves to be a noble warrior (Me: yay, ninja!). Mal Nyeo returns to the party and pokes Gil Dong into visiting her.

The following exchange has to be seen to be appreciated.

YN: I’m not here for you, and (to prove it) I’ll call you team leader if you want.
GD: Team … leader?
*is amused*
YN: Yep.
GD: *comes over to stroke the back of her head* Very impressive.
YB: Of course, I can do it. (Audience: Uh-huh, yeah.)
GD: Really? Even when I do this? *dips her*
YN: *displays look of absolute alarm but still puckering up*…



– Preview looks harrowing. For one thing, evil Chinese people. For another, CH gets shot in the chest with an arrow intended for GD, further concreting my slashy love for these two. (Preview posted on a previous entry.)

– Just in case I haven’t flogged this enough, or you managed, by some miracle, to miss my point: I love GD and CH in this episode. They are teh slashy. (Yes, intentional misspelling.)

– EH will do one of three things: tell Hong, which makes YN a target; tell Noh, which makes YN marry/engage to CH; tell GD, which causes untold amounts of angst. Which one’s she gonna chose, I wonder? [/sarcasm]

– Where are you, flyingcrispi?

– Next week is dead week, not because we have no evaluations, but because we are dead from workload. So, 16/17/18 may be delayed.

– And, 4282 words. I am crazzzzzy.



  1. prismatic_star
    Sunday, February 24, 2008 at 6:31 pm


    *gawks over 4282 words*

  2. Sunday, February 24, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    Ahaha. Yes, I know. I need to start paying as much attention to my classes. (Though I think my hands have fallen off, what with studying and typing up recap thing for episode 16.)

    March Break! We need a date (and not Tues/Wed pls) and a house. I’ll say it’s a sushi party or smtg…

  3. Anonymous
    Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    yaaah u’ve done a great job over hear!

    im from kuwait, and watching it on kbs world ..
    still ddnt watch ep 16, gonna be aired 2morrow ^^

    the recap over here is really helpful!!

    i added the blog to my faves ^^

    thanx alot sevenses!

    oh btw, loved the small notes u added between the scenes hehe ^^

  4. Anonymous
    Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 2:18 pm

    lol i mean i still ddnt watch ep 15 ..

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