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Hong Gil Dong Episode 14, recap

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How intense. I really am at the edge of my seat for this one… (it’s not often I can forgive writers making me love so many characters at once, but somehow they do it here).

Coming back to you guys after 13 hours of sleep? Bliss.

Episode 14

In a moment of panic, Gil Dong requests help from Chang Hui, hoping that he’ll be altruistic enough to step up and get his people out. Chang Hui’s condition for help is for Gil Dong to fight his own father. Gil Dong realizes that he’s being used (and is that disappointment I see in his eyes?), but he’s not in a position to be picky. Chang Hui dictates his terms: he wants the Sa Yin sword back. It’s with the king, and he wants Gil Dong to use his father to get the sword.

(So sneaky and manipulative. My inner Machiavelli approves, but I suspect this guy’s getting some mental egging from lots of other people. Also, his disregard for other people’s dignity/humanity is kind of disturbing – this isn’t the fluffy prince who played with Enok at all. Also, it occurs to me that had CH helped GD at this point in time, GD might have helped him steal the sword anyway.)

When Gil Dong scoffs, Chang Hui says, “For that sword, you were killed by your father. Now, steal it back, the thing that your father most fears, since you have chosen to be a thief.

Gil Dong snarls a no, and leaves.

In a discussion later, Lady Noh analyzes Gil Dong’s character: He’s so loyal to his own father that he would rather hide away than cause trouble for him. Why would he agree to participating in something that may result in his father’s death?

Chang Hui just looks at the curtain and waits for Gil Dong to come to him.

Lord Hong plans to personally interrogate the captured bandits, but he’s really only waiting for Gil Dong to come, like he did last time. I wonder, though, why Gil Dong doesn’t go to his father this time. He knows from Chang Hui that his dad is the one behind this time’s incident as well. Is he showing an unconscious desire to cut ties with his father, or does he know that going to his dad wouldn’t help?

In prison, Gom remembers being beaten when he was little and is still traumatised. Everyone in the bandit troop is worried about him, because, as Mal Nyeo tells us, he was responsible (as responsible as a loose-mouthed child is, anyway) for his village’s destruction. The details aren’t clear, but he told the guards his village was doing something illegal and thus they were all killed.

While In Hyung urges them along to the interrogation room, Gom also flashes back to when his family was killed, while telling him to run. He tries to run this time too, and is beaten rather badly, even with Yeon shielding him. (Me: what brutes these guards are, kicking a child when he’s down.)

Gil Dong, unlike Mal Nyeo, isn’t worried that Gom will tell. Rather, he’s worried that Gom’s intense guilt will spur him to harm himself. He remembers scolding Gom for ruining everyone’s happy mood, but Gom says a bad child like himself doesn’t deserve happiness. And he is still punishing himself. (In passing, Gom is only 12. *pats the poor kid*)

His worries are proven true as Gom bites his own tongue in order to stop himself from saying anything about their hideout. Hong and In Hyung’s supercilious attitude really annoys me. It’s like they think, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the only people capable of decent and humane acts are nobles. Absolute piffle.

Somewhere in the city, Enok pokes moodily at a fire. Chang Hui arrives, but she doesn’t notice him at all until he begins speaking to her. She explains to the rather unhappy Chang Hui that she doesn’t want Gil Dong to be a thief any longer. For her, it was glamourous and fun when her rescuer was the Moonlight Knight, but now that she knows the dangers associated with the job, she wants him to run away and never look back.

Feeling badly and definitely not her usual self, Enok asks Chang Hui what he thinks of her now, is she being too selfish? Chang Hui, troubled by her evident attachment to GD, reassures her, “When people discover they have something precious, they will want to protect it at all costs and become selfish. You’re not the only one.

When Enok asks, “Even you?” Chang Hui responds, “Even me.

(Here we sort of see what the writers are getting at: Chang Hui’s solely fixated on Enok, but she’s got GD on the brain, first and foremost.)

Chang Hui, seeing her mind elsewhere and troubled at that, sighs and wipes soot that’s covering her face.

(Wow at Enok’s ability to have an idea and run with it endlessly. Less wow at Chang Hui’s supposedly tender and sad expression, because there is lack of emo in this town. Hello, paging JGS, anyone there? I’m getting his sadness, but it could be better. Maybe he grew up repressed.)

Lord Hong tells his people to put up signs saying that the captured thieves are not members of Hwal Bin Dang, but common bandits. The people are easily fooled (insert political/social commentary of choice here) and mass mentality turns against the captured people. Mal Nyeo, Suk Geun, Gil Dong, witnessing this, are saddened but mostly angered. Then, to rub salt into their wounds, they see a group of well-dressed men make fun of Hwal Bin Dang, changing it to Hwul Bin Dang (closer in meaning to idiot troop). Gil Dong is even more angry.

At the corner, perched on a proverbial soapbox, an official tells the wildly enthusiastic crowd that whoever finds the thieves’ hideout will get their riches in entirety, and also adds that their fortune was amassed from robbing the common people.

Gil Dong, by now furious enough to pitch Chang Hui into a wall (don’t worry, he doesn’t, not in this episode, at any rate), meets with him and discusses the specifics.

Well. Not so much discuss as shout, actually.

GD: I’ll help you get what you want. You said I’m a dead person? Do dead people shout like me? You think that because the tiger is sleeping that he’s a sick kitten? You don’t know how hard I’ve worked this year, doing good deeds silently. You say I steal from the people. Well, that’s it, I’m going to show myself and do the stuff I want to, in the open. So, are you going to help me steal, your royal highness?

Chang Hui just smirks.

(Most of this stuff should have honestly been said to his father. But he can’t, and now he vocalizes to CH instead. CH is happy not because GD has finally blown his gasket, but because now he can use GD as he wants. He’s got GD’s full potential on his side, and dude, that is a fearsome thing for the enemies. Also, anything is interesting with a fired-up GD in it. It annoys me, however, that CH doesn’t respect GD enough to hide his glee at his caving in. And honestly, he’s a bit of an ass in this scene. Goading and wheedling until his pawns are in place and he’s ready to storm the palace, except, whoops, he’s not the one doing all the dangerously hard work. Modern concept of under-the-table diplomatic statemenship or ancient tradition of letting others do the dirty work, you decide.)

So, now that Yongmun has supplied the bandits with maps of prominent residences, the bandit gang is going to rob them all blind. Gil Dong turns into man of action, and goes around with his hood off. (Audience: Bravo, baby, bravo. That’s our Gil Dong.)

At one house, a minister even remarks, “Isn’t this the same guy as last year? How dare you show your face?” Gil Dong snarks right back, “Hey, this face is handsome. Why waste it by covering it up? After all, you dare to go out with that ugly mug on.” The minister feels his own face in panic and Gil Dong takes the opportunity to leave.

The Hwal Bin Dang target many families, taking care to shoot an arrow with a message attached to each front door. The note says, “Hwal Bin Dang was here.” (Fangirls swoon at sight of GD with bow and arrows.)

Then, the next day, a large pile of loot is found in the poorest district, with the attached note: “Given by Hwal Bin Dang, take as you like.” (Luls.)

The bandits are slightly worried by this new kind of all-out attack, but Gil Dong tells them that the prisoners won’t be harmed until he’s caught, so they effectively have free rein to rob.

In the prison, the five captives ration out their food allotment, but then a guard brings them extra food. He says in gratitude, “Hwal Bin Dang brought my nephew needed money. Thank you.” Gom is all yayness and Yeon jokes that they may gain weight, here in prison.

We also see a resurging popularity and support in the common people.

At Yongmun’s HQ, Noh points out her worries about his new tactics, saying that Gil Dong must be crazy, to do such things. Chang Hui replies, “He’s a wild card, but he’s not crazy. As Hwal Bin Dang becomes more famous, things will get harder for his father. It should be interesting.

(I’m thinking, doesn’t CH get tired of looking at that same curtain all the time? They should change it. Also, Chang Hui must be attached to GD, to say such flattering things of him. Maybe, as Enok is his projection of compassion, Gil Dong is his for action?)

Meanwhile, Enok and Gil Dong sit next to each other, in the warehouse, in a rare moment of calm and peace. They have a conversation about the current state of their world.

YN: Why continue this if it’s so dangerous?
GD: I’ve decided to keep fighting, nothing will change my mind this time. I will be caught one day.
YN: Gil Dong…
GD: I won’t die, I won’t do anything crazy like last time. Don’t worry. I’ll be careful. But seeing you like this, I’m so worried. What if you chase after me while arrows are flying wildly? You’ll make me look back, so don’t appear in front of me anymore. Run for your own life.
YN: I’ll stand somewhere far away, and watch you. I promise not to chase you or worry you. Just looking from afar, that should be okay.

Pause as Gil Dong stops to absorb the implications of her statement – every time he gets used to Enok’s steadfastness, she pulls another one and shocks him with the depth of her caring.

GD: Can you? Watching me be captured. Is that okay too?
YN: *closes her eyes in pain*
GD: That’s right. Close your eyes and pretend not to see.

When Enok reopens her eyes, Gil Dong is no longer there.

YN: *sadly, alone* I want to see you before me, forever.

Lord Hong hears reports that the city is bubbling over Hwal Bin Dang’s latest activities, and decides to execute Yeon and co. quietly that night.

With the rest of the bandits, things heat up. Gil Dong announces that since it was his fault to begin with, he’ll take the mantle of Tang Soo (leader). Everyone else agrees and the fangirls swoon.

(Gil Dong gets a kick out of this leadership thing, because it’s recognition of a type that he’s craved all his life.)

At night, the execution ceremonies begin, but Lord Hong is still playing the waiting game. Executioners dance around with the blades, and the darkness contrasts with sparse torches to create a very bleak atmosphere. The common people who were helped by Hwal Bin Dang come to send the bandits on their way. Gom and Yeon take comfort in dying with the dignity of people’s respect and love accompanying them.

Lord Hong just looks pensive.

Spitting the alcohol is a final appeasing of the spirits, and thus an announcement of real killing. Just then, Gil Dong makes an appearance.

In fact, he comes, takes his hood off, and proclaims in a loud voice, “I am Hong Gil Dong! I am the leader of these people.

Lord Hong commands his soldiers to catch Gil Dong, but he’s having none of it.

GD: Release them first, or else we fight, here and now.

Lord Hong turns to see a wall of people, with torches reaching far into the night, with Mal Nyeo, Suk Geun and Chang Hui standing, dramatically ready for a fight.

GD: You can have me, but first release them. Father. (As he says the word father, he cries, perhaps for what never was, perhaps for the fact that they now stand at cross purposes.)

As they are released, Yeon says to Gil Dong, “We must meet again in this life.

Gil Dong senses something and turns his head to see Enok. Chang Hui, looking down at the dramatic effect of soldiers surrounding Gil Dong, spots the two looking at each other. Enok smiles at Gil Dong, does an ‘aja’ pose and mouthes jiayou to Gil Dong. (CH is struck by lightning bolt of angst.)

Gil Dong smiles back at her, and Enok’s smile wobbles as she begins to cry.

It is some time later, in a holding cell, Gil Dong sits all tied up in a chair. He’s been beaten very heavily, still coughing up blood that covers his body. Lord Hong comes to see him, (his own son convulsing from a beating and not a batted eyelash!), and both flash back to the past.

GD: I cannot obey your orders to do nothing anymore. I’m sorry, father.
LH: Useless knives are put away. Are you, my knife, going to fight me?
GD: All I ever wanted to do was to change this world, to be able to do something.
LH: To become a thief?
GD: I think both of us know who the bigger thief is! (And whether he’s referring to the king or corrupt officials, I can’t say.)
LH: What do you think you have changed? Giving things you stole to the poor, what does that change? Nothing.
GD: When I was little I asked you what I couldn’t do, but now I will ask the world: What did I do? What should I do? They will be the judges.

(This is where father and son part ways. One holds firmly to the social order – which ironically, the father disobeyed for the king – and the other needs to break out and follow his own destiny. I feel so sad, because Gil Dong could have been such a loyal and unwavering son, but his father’s hand forces him into betraying him. CH’s plan, let’s not forget, wouldn’t work if Lord Hong wasn’t willing to kill his own son’s friends and torture him for information.)

Right on time, we see people all over the poorer districts lighting candles for Gil Dong, praying for his safety. Some come to where he’s being held, and actually hold a vigil in defiance of the troops.

In some abandoned corner, Hwal Bin Dang discuss the next point in the plan: enter the palace and steal the sword. Chang Hui doesn’t face them while he’s talking, only when Gom asks if Gil Dong is going to die. Chang Hui slowly turns, and says, “Hong Gil Dong has something Lord Hong wants to know. If he doesn’t say it, he won’t die.

Yeon speaks for his group when he says, “If our Tang Soo dies this time because of you, we will cause trouble Yongmun’s never dreamed of.

Chang Hui is silent, perhaps contemplating what makes people so loyal and dedicated to Gil Dong (and say, not his cause/position/legitimacy). I honestly think Gil Dong’s example will be able to change CH for the better. As Enok’s has already done a little bit with his emotions, now GD will show him that everyone has their worth, and acting honourably is just as important as being seen as honourable. (Don’t lose all your Machiavelli, though, being a king requires the person to have a few bends and twists.)

Eun Hye hears the news from her nanny, and gets up to go. When she is blocked, she gets out her suicide knife and threatens both guard and her father. She promises to do whatever her father says if Gil Dong survives this, and leaves.

Chang Hui, after dinner with Enok, says that he feels grateful she cannot go after Gil Dong this time, since he’s in prison. Enok, oblivious, goes on and on about remaining at Gil Dong’s side. Chang Hui, for all that he’s good at reading people and manipulating them, tries to keep her here. Enok misinterprets his offer as one of protection, and reassures him that she can protect herself.

(At least we know she’s going to live until the very end of the series, what with GD and CH trying so hard to protect her.)

Eun Hye asks In Hyung to let her see Gil Dong. (Wow, this one doesn’t think her request will affect In Hyung? And we thought she was smart.)

Seeing him in such a battered condition, Eun Hye’s eyes brim over with tears. She urges him to tell Lord Hong what he wants to know, and repeats that she can then use her father’s influence to set him free.

(Besides the legal impossibilities, she doesn’t see, after a year of being with him, what type of person he is? We have a return to the fairytale theory, where she is romanticizing everything in her head.)

Gil Dong, mustering some strength: Please go. Even if I escape here alive, I don’t wish to see you again. If I see you, I’ll feel guilty… (for not liking her back?)
EH: So even when you’re like this, you still don’t need me.
GD: No, thank you. Please leave.

Eun Hye’s mouth goes into a ‘crazy’ shape, and now it’s certain that she’ll flounce off, romance shattered, and explode like a keg of gunpowder (though possibly not killing as many people. Still, worrying development.)

In Hyung, meanwhile, now understands the events of ep12, when Gil Dong ‘kidnapped’ Eun Hye. He feels sorry for himself. (I do too. It must be hard, having an illegitimate little bro who outdoes you at everything.)

At the bandit meeting place, Mal Nyeo explains the plot: to get into the palace and help Gil Dong, she will be the king’s one-night gisaeng. Suk Geun’s worried for her, but she bluffs it away. (And it truly is the only way any of them will get into the palace, short of flipping over the walls.)

So, the king’s one-night gisaeng is rather like the story of Scheherazade. If the king likes her, she lives a few months until she gets retired. If not, he has her killed that night. Mal Nyeo says something along the lines of, “If you don’t want this to happen to you, then you have to break the king’s tradition.” (Aww, a closet anarchist!)

However, Mal Nyeo bumps into the ginseng merchant, who is unhappy about the treatment of his stuff. There is a fight, and Mal Nyeo is injured. Enok meets her, returning from Yongmun, and bandages her wound in her room. Mal Nyeo sighs at this unexpected change in plans, and worries about Gil Dong.

Enok decides, that, if this helps Gil Dong, then she’ll do it, no questions asked.

Mal Nyeo’s reaction?


YN: To help Gil Dong, anything. To stay by his side, I will become one of you.
MN: It’s the world’s ugliest, scariest place. (So she is aware, then, of her task.)
YN: It doesn’t matter, as long as Gil Dong can be helped.

So Mal Nyeo lends her a gauzy green dress (which Enok looks great in, btw). Mal Nyeo comments that Enok’s really become a doe, and repeats that sentence, “Come back to us alive.

In the prison, Gil Dong tells his father that he’ll say where the prince is, but only to the king. Lord Hong, who had wanted to let Gil Dong go secretly after getting the information, is distressed, but has no way of changing Gil Dong’s mind.

Chang Hui and Lady Noh, waiting tensely (probably pulling all-nighter for this one), comment that the woman Gil Dong is using is sure to die if the plan fails. (Audience: Um. Right. Keep thinking that.)

Enok goes through 165751884 security checks to enter the king’s innermost chamber, just as Minister Choi exits. He has the rest of the plan, but is astonished at finding someone he recognizes. (I must say, the plan doesn’t sound like the most concrete thing – get the sword, then run.)

King, still enjoying his title as Most Crazy Individual This Side of Peninsula, almost decides to kill Enok (as he’s not in the mood) before calling in Gil Dong and Enok.

As Gil Dong enters the Inner Sanctum, one of the servants slips him something to cut the ropes with, and tells him that the prearranged girl is already here.

Choi, reporting the situation to Chang Hui, comments that the person co-stealing the sword is very familiar.

CH: That’s odd. You should not have ever met the person they’re sending.
Choi: It was a person from here. I thought you didn’t trust the others and so sent her there. I see I was mistaken.
CH: Who could it be? (Audience: hmm, we wonder also.)
Choi: It was someone who ran errands here.
CH: You can’t mean Enok?
Choi: Her name is Enok?

(And here we have the 5th person who knows Enok in theory, but not reality. Writers, stop it with the heavy handed hints already.)

CH: How could it be?

The audience watches in wonder as he goes through several facial expressions at once, ending with ‘OH NO‘. (This will no doubt pre-empt some harebrained rescue attempt. I’m tired, sorry, and when I am tired I get snarky.)

The King meets Enok, and the encounter of these two quirky people serve up an island of levity in an ocean of tension. The king commands her to look at him, and then is astonished that Enok actually meets his gaze.

King: Oh, you’re special.
YN: …?

Whenever the king looks at her, she recoils, and when he looks away, she returns to her original position. He does this seven times. It must have been fun to film.

King: How dare you look straight in my eyes?
YN: Umm, because your majesty told me to?

Gil Dong enters, and the king points at him to ask, “Are you Hong Gil Dong?

Enok looks up at the name, their gazes meet, and Gil Dong realizes that the plan… has a new twist.

-End episode-



As it is nearing 1 am, I shall nod off here, and bid you all goodnight. (3864 words. Landmark. Landmine. Milestone. Stonewalled. Walrus. Russian. I. Am. Tired. Red. Bed.)



P.S. Question for you: why does Gil Dong let CH manipulate him, but not his father? It’s still manipulation.

  1. anasha
    Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Dear Stevenses,

    I must say that your episode recaps/spoilers are great.Things you say just crack me up.Honestly your writing style is phenomenal.

    Ok so now about the drama, i just love it simply love it, although i am having a hard time deciding whether to root for YNxGD or YNxCH cos CH is soo cute when he is with YN. I wonder what YN will do when she finds out that CH was manipulated GD, hmmm she would surely get mad at CH who in turn would become EVIL.I really hope that he remains a good guy( can be he considered one now?) i mean really it should be illegal for a guy with such a cute smile to be EVIL.

    And about the no preview, i guess there really are people who wants us to suffer really badly.

    Anyways i am off its almost 12 am here in malaysia and i have college tommorow. But i’ll be back soon!
    bye for now.

  2. Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    Dear Anasha,

    Thanks for your kind words. I do my best to keep this interesting for myself and the readers.

    I know! I love CH to pieces, and would be devastated if he went evil, but this particular flavour is interesting, and I would like to see how far the writers go with this one. As long as he doesn’t turn into someone like EH, I should be fine. He’s more conniving than evil, I think, and it’ll probably change as he gets to know YN and GD further.

    See you around!


  3. simtonguri
    Monday, February 18, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    nice writing.
    as to your question, personally, i think although both are manipulative, GD is in a position where he has no choice but to be manipulated by CH. In order to save his partners, he would have to do something. He cannot simply turn himself in like he did last time because he made the conscious decision to remain nameless in order to spare his father the humiliation. By making that decision, he has already made his position clear that he does not want to oppose his father. But when his father provoked him for a confession, his attempt to remain “dead” went south and is destined to reappear sooner or later. Even if he knew he’s being manipulated and probably speculated that CH is behind all this, his only option is to rebound back at his father because refusing CH’s negotiation will not resolve anything. And I guess because he and CH are so similar, maybe that’s why he doesn’t choose to confess to his father that CH is the prince.

  4. flyingcrispi
    Sunday, February 24, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Dears Sevenses,
    I’m still writing as I’m seeing it.
    Wow, that much blood for a bitten tongue? Seriously?
    E-nok is having a picnic with CH, they’re gonna grill marshmallows or what?
    CH was right, she’s gonna cry and stuff all over again, aigoooo. where’s the veronica mars spirirt? (you did watch VM, sevenses, right?)
    EN is so dumb, really, it’s written all over his face!!!!!!!!! (I mean, the parts you can see, under the bang and the silk thing) OOOOOOOOOOH KAWAIIIIIII, he’s washing (not the word i’m looking for, but that’ll do) her face with his… well you know what. I terribly lack of vocabulary.
    ARGH, that is just so mean! Petty thieves? Do not know how to read and write? Beware, korean citizens! I’m going to go all ninja on you!
    Way to go GD!!!!! Oh I reaaaaally like this ep!!!!(and CH’s smile)
    It’s nice to see Malnyeo having more screentime, and GD’s bow looks like Cupidon’s one (kinda fluffy).
    I’m going crazy, this is awesome, definitely worth the wait.
    Aigooo, EN,GD, just get it over with.
    Can’t type, too busy crying.
    YAY, GD you rock!!! (i’m conscious that what I’m writing is nonsense, and i’m in no way making you forcefully read it).
    Ohhh so I dreamed right!! CH was in black! What a show off!
    Just wondering, why are the soldiers “lances” shaped that way? Doesn’t it remind you of the little mermaid?
    EH just became a suicidal little bi*ch and I hate her. Why? dunno.
    EN, please stop talking about GD to CH (he wears blue? did he ever wore blue?). It hurts him, and me. ARGH!! Get someone to shut her mouth!
    It feels very good to GD totally crushing EH. I needed that, thank you! And we learn IH is smart.
    Oh no, EN is not going to the palace, is she?
    WOW, she looks good as a prostitute! Too bad it’s a part time job! (JK)
    OMG, GD and EN both seeing the king at the same time? Oh dear! And CH knows… Oh God, please…
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH What an ending!!!! I can’t waiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!

    And GD let Ch manipulate him because he secretly is in love with him. (see, I’m nuts).


  5. Sunday, February 24, 2008 at 9:00 pm

    YOUR LAST LINE! I have no words! How did you know??

    It’s like what the next two episodes are all about. Never mind all the political tension and Enok. 15 and 16 pass as we watch CH and GD gaze into each other’s eyes in adoration.

  6. BOOOGER (:
    Monday, February 25, 2008 at 4:19 am


  7. flyingcrispi
    Monday, February 25, 2008 at 7:12 am

    Whaaaaaaaaaaat? BOOOGER!!!!
    You despicable creature! You spoiled meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    After all of these efforts not to read the recaps and not to watch the previews!
    I’m going to hang myself….

    Anyway, Sevenses, I knew GD and CH were gay and in love because they love to fight each others. Which reminds me of the movie Duelist: in the end they fight as if they were making love (I didn’t come up with that, they say so in the movie). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch Lost, it’s totally like Jack and Sawyer.
    And after all, if they both like EN, it’s because she sort of behaves like a guy.

    Then, see you!

  8. Monday, February 25, 2008 at 9:16 am

    Booger, may I direct you to my post on ep17’s preview. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THESE ANONYMOUSE ARE…

    *pats crispi* You’re going to be fine, forget it!!! Forget!! Obliviate Hong Gil Dong-us!

    They are more gay and in love in 15 and 16. You have to see it to believe it. *dies of teh hot*

  9. flyingcrispi
    Monday, February 25, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    Hey? Who are you? What am I doing here? Who is Hong Gil Dong?

    That wasn’t funny. Sorry. (I could have done like CH and told you to stop patting my back with a mean look, but that’s not nice).

    Why, oh why can’t english fansubbers be as quick as chinese fansubbers?
    I mean, if they can do it, why can’t you (not you sevenses)?
    And I see from their progress report on their wiki that it doesn’t seem they started subbing eps 15 & 16.
    Oh dear… I really need something to keep me from working (I don’t like to work, and yes, I was back in school today). I’m watching Nodame Cantabile all over again (still funny the 4th time), but do you know any drama as good as HGD?


  10. Monday, February 25, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    I would distract you, but alas… schooooooooooooooool, it kills me like GD’s kick.

    Um, fun dramas? I think I have a page devoted to drama ratings. None are as good as HGD – that’s the love + obsession talking, I’ll have you know.

    You could try… I’ll get back to you.

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