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Pairings and miscellaneous whatnot

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– Very strong bond, almost 100% certain that they’re the ones to be together in the end. Enok and Gil Dong are both the first friends the other has ever had, and though the two go on to make other acquaintances, their bond to each other is so strong that a year of separation made it even stronger. He cares for her in an understated way, and she always has him (and food) on the brain. They would clearly do anything for the other.


– Pretty much one-sided at this point. Gil Dong sees her as a noble lady who’s just dallying around and needs to stay that way. Eun Hye wants her bad boy to recognize her as a person, not just a moneybag. Currently their meetings are on hiatus, but Eun Hye is a determined and smart girl.


– One-sided in terms of love, but Enok does care for Chang Hui. However, the intensity of emotion she is capable of is currently reserved for Gil Dong and shows absolutely no sign of budging. As we see these two together more and more, we realize that their dynamic is very much tilted towards Enok, in that Chang Hui gathers strength and compassion from her. She is pretty much his only weak point, and as Choi (may he rot in hell) astutely points out, “When such a cold person is protecting someone with his life, you risk certain death to harm her.” Right now, she is Chang Hui’s anchor to life, liberty in mind and the pursuit of happiness.

CH x Chisu

– Gosh. Purely here for goofy reasons, but look at Chisu’s eyes whenever Chang Hui’s on screen. Devotion and cuteness, plus he’s good at karate. And he’s always so earnest about making Chang Hui happy. It’s also clear how much Chang Hui relies on Chisu for backup whenever things to awry, or even when he’s just going over his day.


– Purely hypothetical alternate pairing – the second leads getting together. Personally, Chang Hui is more likely to get together with Gil Dong, since he actually knows the guy exists. Plus, her father will probably be killed in the takeover, since he supported the current king’s rise. Chances of her actually remaining alive after that? Nada.


– Strong-willed intellectual beauty with weak under-performing idiot. Huh. They’re engaged and all, but something tells me they won’t be happy together. He loves her, he bores her… eeeeeeeh.

Things that make me go ‘Wha?’

– Lord Hong’s absolute utter devotion to the king. For this guy (who is a delightful banquet of insane), he’s killed a best friend and his family, sacrificed his own son, twice, and killed lots of poor peasants. In someone portrayed as somewhat sympathetic and upright in his duties, that’s just seven different kinds of confusing. Of course, he could be staunchly doing what’s best for the country – or he’s relieving his guilt at depriving his own illegitimate son a chance at proper life.

– Why don’t they just melt the damn sword down? That’ll make everyone happy.

– Also, if Chang Hui has a claim to the throne as the official heir, why not claim it somewhere public and have done with it? Admittedly then we’d have no drama, but it seems less bothersome than all this detouring with explosives and wmd.

– I want Enok’s metabolism. Really. It’s amazing, what that girl can put away.

– Chang Hui’s insistence on flowery silk. And guyliner. Honestly, whenever I introduce friends to Hong Gil Dong, they think he’s a girl. *headdesk* I get that he has to look rich, but something less girly, like he had on in the beginning. I am fond of silver and dark blue. They are understated and nice. Sidenote: he has very nice hands.


We’ll set the time of episode one’s beginning as zero.

~25 years ago: King dies, a whole chain of events that precipitate the series happen.

~5 years ago: Gil Dong’s vagabond days.

~4 years ago: Episodes 9-present

So GD, YN and CH are all definitely in their 20s. I’d say Gil Dong’s 28/9, Chang Hui’s 27/8, and Enok is 25/6. Lovely, and so Chang Hui definitely doesn’t have an excuse to be woodenly teenaged angst at the beginning.

Tralala, hope this’ll keep you folks occupied until the next recap.


  1. flyingcrispi
    Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    Dear Sevenses,
    I read this post, ready to close my eyes if I met anything in relation to the four episodes I haven’t seen yet (11-12-13-14), and no!
    I kept my eyes open all along, thank god (yes, I mean you, lol)!
    Some stuff you said just made me burst out laughing, like “Sidenote: he has very nice hands.” “Devotion and cuteness, plus he’s good at karate” “she always has him (and food) on the brain” and that one : “a whole chain of events that precipitate the series happen.” which can just apply for really every drama.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for making my night/evening (it’s 10.30pm here in France [yay, I’m back]).
    Have a nice day!


  2. Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    I’m glad that you didn’t have to stab yourself with a toothbrush this time! How was your break? Lalalala, you’ll have lots of catching up to do…

    Looking forward to our discussions when you do,


    P.S. Ah, vous êtes française! Bienvenue! (Comme vous voyez, mon français, c’est vraiment à niveau de primaire.)

  3. flyingcrispi
    Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 7:16 pm

    Dear Sevenses,
    Thanks for asking, my break was great, really cold and cloudy however ( I knew I didn’t sign up for sun and a house at the beach by going to Finland, so I wasn’t disapointed apart from the fact that it didn’t snow 😥 and I didn’t see Santa).

    I’m catching up on everything right know (just watched episode 11 and going for 12) and no, you french is not bad, I pretty good in fact!

    Just so you know, “you” has two meanings, it can be “vous” which is 1) a respectful way to talk to someone ( like when they say -san or -sensei in a japanese drama), or to a group of ppl. Since I’m about your age, you would say 2) “tu” (equivalent of -kun between japanese schoolmates or so).

    Bonne soirée! Bonne chance pour contrôler ton addiction a Hong Gil Dong!
    화이팅!!!(just testing the korean keyboard, lol)


  4. Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    Je vois… mais ici, c’est normal d’utiliser le ‘vous’ pour quelqu’un d’inconnu. Je ne voulais pas te facher ou qqchose. ^^;

    (Btw, it’s not often, living in North America, to be mistaken for a Korean, lol. Je suis chinoise!)

    A bientôt!

  5. Monday, March 24, 2008 at 6:14 am

    well done, dude

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