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Hong Gil Dong Episode 13, recap

Thursday, February 14, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Gosh, the speed of the Chinese subbers astonish me. Less than 24 hours! Big thanks to them!

Also, I’ve realized that I’m playing fast and loose with spelling and grammar in some of the other posts, sorry. With the word count reaching 3000+ words, catching errors becomes a little difficult. Excuse me, and do correct me if you spot something. Moving swiftly onwards to…

Episode 13

THEY MEET! (*hyperventilates*) So, Gil Dong and Enok have their moment, my heartstrings are tugged.

Gil Dong reaches up to hold Enok back, but hesitates before settling on a half-hearted pat. Oh Gil Dong. Why play that game?

It cuts to Chisu detailing the day’s events – the girls are safe home, everything is okay. Chang Hui, meanwhile, is reviewing his day and recalls Enok’s goofy imitation of Chisu’s sapsaree dog look. He looks at his own brushes and smiles. Chisu is alarmed, but he’s almost getting used to Chang Hui’s frequent mooning when Chang Hui pats him on the back. His head goes up in a shocked gesture calculated to resemble dog-like alarm.

(Sidenote: Chang Hui’s expression at the end of this shot is very playful and mischievously teenaged. So, he’s not just a broody, manipulative king candidate – at this point, I don’t know what to think, cause he goes on to do and suggest some pretty awful things. But here? Here I just want to pat him.)

Chang Hui dismisses Chisu, then muses to himself that if there is someone patting him on the back, maybe he’ll have a motive for doing better next time. Then, as if we audience didn’t feel the ominous, Chang Hui says that he will keep ‘that person’ by his side. (Me + friends: collective groan.)

At the warehouse, Enok keeps a firm hold on Gil Dong, to make sure he doesn’t go away like in her dreams. He reassures her that, yes, I really am alive, now let go. Enok bites him, just to make sure he’s real, and lets him go. Enok, once she calms down on the crying for a little bit, apologizes for not looking for him while he was alive for an entire year. Gil Dong tells her that he did it on purpose so she wouldn’t try so hard to look for him, thus putting herself in danger (but he doesn’t actually get there.)

As Gil Dong tries to tell Enok to stay away, she begins hiccuping, then, as he tries again, she vomits. (In passing, him wiping off her vomit is kind of cute.) When he tries a last time, Enok has to go to the bathroom. Gil Dong, understandably, is very frustrated, and only waves an hand when Enok makes him promise not to leave.

Gramps hangs around Wang while he is getting ready for a day’s work, and asks him about Lord Hong’s past. Wang is tired of his pestering ways, so he tells him that when the old king died, there were rumours of bloodshed amongst the supporters of the Daegoon (Chang Hui, btw). Lord Hong was supposedly responsible for the death of the Daebi (CH’s mother) and the Daegoon. Gramps aks further, if there were any particular persons Lord Hong killed personally, and Wang tells him to go ask Lord Hong himself.

Gramps is frustrated, and also more aware of Enok’s percarious situation, should her real identity be revealed before they are ready.

When Enok returns from her visit to the bathroom, Suk Geun is there to greet her. He says that Gil Dong told him she was too excited for the moment and promises to return. Then he lets slip that Master Hae Myung, Chang Hui and Eun Hye all knew Gil Dong was alive. Enok is devastated at this, and then Suk Geun reassures her that ‘People who don’t matter don’t know.’ (Audience: *groan* *thunk* you idiot!)

At Lord Seo’s house, Eun Hye prepares her pouch (bright pink silk with a pair of embroidered bluebirds) and wonders what Gil Dong will say to her when she tells him she’ll cast everything away. She decides to show him that she’s not just a rich girl who does nothing. Her nanny discreetly hints that maybe she shouldn’t go. Her father, listening at the door, nearly bursts a vein and would have decided to kill Gil Dong then and there if he hadn’t already.

Suk Geun meets up with Gil Dong and tells him that Enok seems very depressed at what he’s told her, but Gil Dong replies that it’s the life of a thief. He can’t do anything to change it either.

We have a bit of a laugh as Enok imagines Gil Dong explaining to her why Hae Myung, Chang Hui and Eun Hye know – they’re important. The scenes are almost advertisement-like in nature, and I love that they make Chang Hui steal bits of Gil Dong’s cookie while he’s turned away.

Gramps, looking at the wiggling covers that hide Enok, debates telling her about her past, then squishes his urge.

Enok falls asleep with the conclusion that Gil Dong’s alive, so everything’s fine. Meanwhile, Gil Dong gazes lovingly at her pouch, and mentally apologizes for keeping himself away.

Lord Seo talks with Lord Hong, debates telling him about his son’s decidedly non-dead status, but cannot do it in the end (people do a lot of word-swallowing in this episode).

The people in the streets are abuzz with the news of the recent robberies and the increasingly positive perception of Hwal Bing Dang. Gil Dong, however, does not like this fame, and wants to keep as low a profile as he can.

Noh and Minister Choi plot together, planning to use Gil Dong against his father and then kill them both. The minister wants to induct Gil Dong into their group (to use his popular appeal with people), but Lady Noh is determined to kill him. Chang Hui cuts in, saying that he’s seen Gil Dong’s power to move people firsthand, and to keep him alive. In this episode, we see him actually assert power over his follower, as opposed to them executing orders on his behalf. Once he gets down to decisions, he is very firm.

The next morning, Enok is pictured as having tea with Chang Hui, but she’s not too uplifted. Chang Hui inquires after why she’s so gloomy, and she tells him she’s so unimportant that Gil Dong didn’t even bother letting her know she was alive. Chang Hui wonders if he should comfort her, and his better instincts win: “You really are very slow. It’s for the opposite reason that Gil Dong hasn’t let you know. You’re the most precious person to him.”

(It disturbs me that only Enok is able to bring out this more sensitive side to him. It totally spells all sorts of doom for people who don’t want evil 2-D leads.)

At home, Eun Hye looks at her completed pouch and muses that this is the first time she’s made anything. She has given a lot of firsts to Gil Dong, and broken lots of rules. Then she goes to meet with him. Unbeknownst to her, Lord Seo and Lady Noh have her followed, so as to ambush Gil Dong and kill him.

Gil Dong leaves the thieves’ hideout and heads for an unspecified location. Suk Geun and Gom follow him, only to be discovered and conscripted as messengers to Enok and Eun Hye respectively. We have a nice contrast shot depicting both girls waiting for Gil Dong.

Gom meets with Eun Hye, and tells her that Gil Dong says it’s the last meeting. Then he tells her that Gil Dong’s meeting with someone extremely important and can’t come tonight.

Gil Dong turns out to be meeting with Chang Hui. They talk over tea while Lady Noh flusters over this change in plans. Gil Dong’s come to ask Chang Hui to keep the Hwal Bin Dang a secret, using the excuse that he’s afraid unscrupulous people will use the name to their advantage. Their conversation is very intense and confrontational. Then Chang Hui, apropos of nothing, brings up Lord Hong.

CH: You’re just thinking for the good of your father, aren’t you? The dead traitor son of a prominent minister turning up one day as a do-gooder thief, that must be awkward for him. It would create a lot of trouble for him.
GD: I’ll take care of things my way.
CH: Your father abandoned you, but you’re still so loyal. If you don’t cut ties, how will you escape from being a dead man for the rest of your life?
GD: Aren’t you also a dead man?
CH: I am different. On the day that you ruined my plans, I had already shown myself to my brother. Even as I strayed away and needed your advice, I still knew where my goal was. If you continue like this, you will be trapped into the act of a dead person for all your life.
GD: Very perceptive/skilled of you. It’s no wonder you’re the Daegoon.
CH: *gives him intensely considering look*
GD: Well, thank you for your advice. See you around.

After Gil Dong leaves, Noh comes in to inform Chang Hui that the Yongmun people have surrounded Gom and are able to lure Gil Dong there and kill him. Chang Hui tells her to leave Gil Dong to him for the moment: he has more significant plans for him.

Gom jokes with Eun Hye that her pouch is much prettier than the one Idiot Girl gave Gil Dong (he’s doing this on purpose, I think). Eun Hye figures out that he’s talking about Enok, and then rejects Gom’s offer to take the pouch to Gil Dong. Her pride is wounded and she’s afraid that her pouch would become a joke.

Enok, waiting for Gil Dong, muses on why she didn’t recognize him in the moonlight. He must have changed. Gil Dong enters, and Enok offers him food, thinking that he hasn’t eaten all day.

Gil Dong’s response?

“You haven’t changed at all.”

They sit side by side in comfortable silence, and Gil Dong opens his mouth to ask something that’s been on his mind.

GD: Why aren’t you asking why I kept it a secret?
YN: It’s okay. You’re alive, and I’m fine with that. Besides, I’m precious.
GD: But I had all sorts of explanations prepared for you.
YN: I want to visit your mountain hideout.
GD: No. We can’t be together in the future, not walking together, not anything.
YN: Are you worried about me? Don’t be.
GD: NO. Absolutely not.
YN: I don’t understand. Why not?
GD: Use your brain. You’ll understand.
YN: Then everything’s okay? Right? Here, take these. *hands over a pack of food*
GD: Your cookies are endless.
YN: Oh yeah, the Yongmun dude gives them to me everyday.
GD: Idiot. Fooled by food.

(In passing, Yongmun must be really wealthy, to have their own bank.)

We have a shot to the abandoned lovers, Chang Hui and Eun Hye (who’s crying).

Lord Seo is relieved that Gil Dong’s stood his daughter up, because this means that everything has ended. But Lady Noh goads him into going to Lord Hong and making him capture Gil Dong- in order to avoid future troubles. We find out later that this is all under Chang Hui’s orders: he wants to know whether Gil Dong will reassume his place in society or choose to die for his father again.

Lord Hong, upon hearing the news, decides to trap Gil Dong in order to gather information on what he knows. It looks like he’s already burned his bridges, deciding that he cannot treat Gil Dong as his son.

Meanwhile, Hae Myung gives a speech to Gil Dong: “It’s time for you to battle injustice in the open, in your own name. Can you say to your father bravely and clearly, I am your son? Can you tell him that the world which denies your relation is wrong? Gil Dong, dead people cannot confront the world, and you have to face your father’s world.

Enok tells her grandfather that Gil Dong is still alive. Gramps is astonished, then tries and fails to tell her about her real lineage, instead covering it up with his worry for her.

The next day, Enok works at Yongmun on deliveries, but she spills a bolt of silk. When she tries to gather it up, she ends up running across (rather like walking on a red carpet) the poor fabric. The roll’s progress is stopped by a stern-looking Chang Hui, who helps her roll it up again. As Chang Hui watches Enok run off to her errands, he has a moment of remorse for the pain that he may cause her, in following his own plans.

It turns out the fabrics are for Eun Hye, who is in such a foul mood. Enok can’t read the alarm signals and chatters on about Gil Dong, wrongly assuming that Eun Hye’s engagment with Gil Dong’s brother is why she’s been keeping Gil Dong’s existence a secret. Eun Hye jumps to the conlusion that she was stood up for Enok, and creepy music plays as she takes out her pouch and looks at it. (Crying, again. I thought we were going to avoid this litre of tears business.)

As Lord Hong reports to the king, he analyses what’s going on and comes to the conclusion that Lord Hong is treating his son exactly like how the king is treating Chang Hui. Lord Hong reassures him of his own loyalty and pledges to protect the king no matter what. (Just why is this guy so drawn to the mad mad king? Giving the illegitimate son a chance his own son couldn’t have?)

When he leaves, the king obsesses over how like him Lord Hong is growing, and wonders how he’ll face and deal with his son.

We have shots of Lord Hong’s people and the bandits plotting their next attach. The bandit gang gathers their resources and attacks an incoming group. When everyone just flees without attempting to reclaim their stuff, Gil Dong’s suspicions are aroused. Then the government troops come riding in – the bandits who can fight stay, the ones who can’t melt away.

After a long and tense chase, Gom and Yeon fall into a trap, with Gom screaming all the way. They are surrounded by soldiers with spears. Gil Dong wants to rescue them, but Mal Nyeo keeps a clear head and tells him it’s all over if they all get caught. In the end, she and Suk Geun have to drag Gil Dong away.

Gom and Yeon are brought into town in cages, and look beaten.

Not far away, Enok meets Hae Myung in the streets and try to convince him to show her the bandits’ mountain place. Hae Myung won’t do it until she has Gil Dong’s permission. Then Wang comes with news that members of Hwal Bin Dang have been caught.

As they watch the procession, Enok wonders out loud why they’ve been caught. Hae Myung says, “They are thieves. When do they not have the worry of being caught hanging over their heads?” Enok looks across the street to see Gil Dong, but he pretends not to recognize her and looks away.

Hae Myung, definitely in a lecturing mood today, says, “Enok, the road Gil Dong stands on is here. You said you would go with him. Then one day, you, like them, will surely be caught, or have to watch Gil Dong be caught. The one we see in the cage may be you. Gil Dong is standing over there. Can you go and stand by him?

Enok realises that everything is most definitely not okay.

Lord Hong is keeping the prisoners alive so Gil Dong will come for them. He’s banking on Gil Dong’s heroic temperament, and then he will find out everything he wants to know.

Back at HQ, Suk Geun is angry and want to organize a breakout right away. Gil Dong is also angry, but he’s thinking of a good plan to get them out that won’t, for example, result in massive death.

Noh pleads with Chang Hui to kill the prisoners, in order to prevent their own role from being revealed. Chang Hui goes cryptic, but it’s obvious he’s anticipating Gil Dong’s move. (Strong Machiavelli vibes.)

Lord Seo tells Eun Hye of the bandits’ capture, and he clearly states that he’s willing to behead Gil Dong to get her to do her filial duty.

Enok stays by her side of the road, frozen in thought.

Gil Dong meets Chang Hui in a warehouse, asking him for help. Chang Hui tells him that the person behind the trap and arrests is his father, that his father is doing all this to get him. Then he tells Gil Dong, “I will help you if you are willing to fight your father. If you want them alive, then you’ll have to fight. The question is, will you?

End episode.


– Gom and Yeon are alive, Gil Dong reveals himself to the populace. Chang Hui pleads with Enok not to go someplace. Enok goes into palace in place of Mal Nyeo, in order to steal something that will save Gil Dong’s life. (Probably the sword.) She looks delectable in green.

– Plotsome Chang Hui. Here we see his more manipulative side, the side that he needs if he is to be king. Remember that good kings may not be good people… We sort of get a glimpse of what kind of king Chang Hui would make. And it occurs to me, that besides his selfish reasons for wanting to topple his brother’s support, that he may be returning a favour to Gil Dong. In his view, Gil Dong gave him good advice and prevented him from becoming a cold-hearted bloodthirsty ruler (like Noh). So now, he’s urging Gil Dong to cut ties with his father because he knows that his father is not the type to cherish their relationship and so Gil Dong shouldn’t fall into the trap of caring for someone who is out to hurt him. It’s so sad, the bad choices dads make in this drama. (First the old king, then Lord Hong, then Seo, in an effort to preserve himself, sets off this whole chain of events.)

– Today, while chatting a friend on mine came up with very good idea: Eun Hye is like her bird in the beginning. Decorative, pretty, offered the opportunity to go free, but ultimately doesn’t.

Will try to get 14 up for this weekend,


  1. flyingcrispi
    Sunday, February 24, 2008 at 10:10 am

    Dear Sevenses,
    FINALLYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! (I’m writing as I’m watching, so I haven’t read your entry yet, but I’ll do when I finish the ep)
    Chisu is given the pat on the arm by CH, and as I was laughing I saw the “explosions of love” in his eyes, that was priceless.
    Then E-Nok with her different problems (hicups, vomit….) it was hilarious too!
    EH’s father who can’t say what he wants to to HGD’s dad, hah, he looks like he’s got a stomach problem.
    Oh, poor CH! This was the perfect opportunity for him to take advantage of E-nok! And he didn’t!!! Ah I’m furious! I would have liked it better if he said she wasn’t important, and E-nok would have rushed in his arms and let’s make a baby!!!! ahem. Meanwhile, EH has finished her pouch. She acts like a 3 year old.
    And Lady Noh’s guy is kinda cute, where was he hiding all this time? It’s the ninja cuteness, I can’t resist!!!
    HGD using sarcasm while entering Yongmun, rotflmao.
    Me too CH, I’ll have words of caution with you anytime.
    Aigooo, Grandpa, just spill it out!
    Oyyyy, I luuuuuve that superior look CH has when he looks at E-nok and she’s just done something stupid, like stepping on the silk.
    Uhu, EH is getting pissed he stood her up for EN…She gonna go back to creepy-EH.
    The king isn’t so dumb after all, still a bit crazy…he sometimes reminds me of Gollum.
    No suspense for me about how the bandit thing’s gonna turn out, I saw the preview last week (I’m not ever again seeing any preview).
    The big guy with the wood thing, it reminds me of that movie about fraternities I saw…they beat the pledges with a thing like that (If I remember correctly), anyway, who cares?
    Awww, poor guys, they’ve been beaten up pretty bad!
    Is it me, or Gil Dong really needs to get rid of that ajumma perm, and be like in the first ep?
    Going to watch ep 14!


  2. Sunday, February 24, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Yes! I was going to tell you that the subs are out, but you’ve gotten to them already, so that’s good.

    Poar Chisu. His love is so devoted and CH is just like, Have a pat! (Doesn’t Seo always look like he has a stomach problem? It’s so endearing.) Lol… Lady Noh’s guy is named Yong Jin – and you think like Mal Nyeo ^^.

    CH’s look is very adorable, even when he has thick guyliner and angsts like Titanic. I suspect my cutting him a lot of slack in the first few episodes have something to do with his cuteness factor being waaaaay up there.

    I think that the king was really capable until he tried to kill CH and things just went downhill from then on. Ah, Macbeth syndrome.

    I’m always afraid of secrets in drama, because they tend to be revealed in such a way as to cause as much destruction and angst as possible. So this secret, besides its explosive nature, will also land like a ton of bricks some time in the next weeks. (I can’t believe we’re getting into March)

    Anyway, enjoy the eps!

  3. yangmee
    Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at 1:21 pm

    I just like looking at Jang Geun Suk as the prince.

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