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Hong Gil Dong episode 12, recap

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This series is so content heavy and good! Not blasé at all. On the other hand, it means I get to write 3000+ words per episode recap. I don’t think my fingers have recovered from yesterday’s megathon typing yet… o.O

Btw, this episode contains a lot of significant dialogue, so … here goes.

Episode 12, folks!

The beginning of the episode is from Enok’s perspective, as she walks down the smoke-filled roads, and she is at the crossroads. Behind her, we see Gil Dong furtively faking everyone else’s coughing and waving antics, while in front Chang Hui panics, unseen. Enok turns around towards Gil Dong, then to Chang Hui, then Gil Dong again, just as Gramps’ voiceover says, “That way death lies.” She turns 180 degrees and we see Chang Hui, struggling to find Enok in the smoke. (Overt symbolism, I’ll leave it to you to decipher.)

Switch scenes and we see Master Hae Myung and Gramps playing chess.

Then we go back to Enok, she looks around and sees Chang Hui being frantic, and walks toward him. Chang Hui is running through his mother’s death scene and mutters about losing her again when he sees her. The hugging scene is replayed (see end ep 11 summary).

Gil Dong, amidst all this hustle and bustle, walks away. (Gosh, the pairing signals are really getting mixed up.)

Back at the harbour, Lady Noh lays out the corpses of Choi’s people (they were all killed on her orders, to shut them up). She monologues, with attendants, that she expected Chang Hui to speed to the harbour in order to kill the parents to let the ship go, but instead, they are freed, Choi is dead, and Yongmun will get no explosives. (Audience: Get over it.)

Lord Hong arrives, and realizes that anyone who knew what was really going on is now dead. The investigation is, for the moment, stalled. Lady Noh fobs him off by pretending to be rescuing the girls (hence all these deaths). She turns the blame back on him, saying “The court officials all knew of the trafficking of girls but did nothing. I hope Lord Minister will be lenient on us for killing all these men. After all, the girls are safe.” (Audience: Have you no shame?!)

In the streets of Seoul, chaos reigns. Eun Hye is doing some searching of her own, with her very stressed-out nanny in tow. But Seoul’s a big city, and Eun Hye doesn’t know where to start. Then she sees a group of troops run by, and follows them.

Gil Dong meets up with Gom and Yun, but Gom is doing his catatonic thing. He doesn’t budge, as the troops come ever closer. Gil Dong sends Yun off, carrying Gom on his back while he holds the troops at bay. In Hyung, who commands the men, is hiding in some random corner.

Gil Dong, making a rooftop escape, happens to land on him. He can’t incapacitate In Hyung without facing him, which provides a bit of a dilemma (he’s not a match for GD, but he can’t know that GD’s alive). Then something smashes into In Hyung, Gil Dong turns around, all astonished, to see Eun Hye’s wide-eyed stare.

Gil Dong is alarmed at her endangering herself, but she doesn’t care. Then In Hyung’s 20 or so troops come back, surrounding GD. He pretends to be holding Eun Hye hostage (“Better a hostage than running away with a known bandit.“) to make it look more real, Eun Hye pushes the sword closer to her neck. In Hyung, regaining consciousness, sees Eun Hye being towed away by a hooded bandit and gathers her shoe up. (Um. Yeah.)

Lord Seo finds out that Eun Hye went missing in the market looking for Gil Dong, and has a minor aneurysm (6.5 on the Richter Scale). In Hyung bursts in, contributing absolutely nothing to the situation at hand.

Gil Dong and Eun Hye have ducked into an abandoned house (the absolute profusion of these places bewilder me). Eun Hye tries not to limp, but Gil Dong notices and bandages her foot for her.

(Sidenote: Somehow, these two episodes really open me up to the alternate pairings CH x YN and EH x GD. I mean, the CH is so cute and desperately in luurve. As for EH, she finally proves that she’s for real, which is all I cared about anyway. She’s cast off the ‘highborn lady toying with lad’ thing and actually crossed the line into seriousness. No tripe so far. Good.)

Enok and Chang Hui are walking around the town aimlessly, and he tells her that Choi is taken care of and the girls are freed. Enok is so happy, she beams like crazy. The prince has his puppy love face on (it consists entirely of ‘I luuuuuurves you’). Then Enok smacks his arm in congratulations. Immediately Chang Hui loses his smile – it’s like training a puppy – he doesn’t want her to always smack his arm.

To turn the conversation, Chang Hui asks her if she’s seen anyone suspicious hanging around her. Enok is astonished, how does he know? It turns out that three masked men attacked at the brothel. When Gramps asked at the door if everything was alright, Enok, a sword at her neck, answers that she’s too full, and taking a rest.

Gramps bursts in, defeats the three men, then declares, “My granddaughter has never felt full once in her life, you scoundrels!

The prince smiles at this whimsical recounting and Enok mentions her legendary luck. She’s been rescued three times, first by him, then by Gramps, and there was the Moonlight Knight too. Chang Hui knows it’s Gil Dong, but he’s not telling her, using the excuse that GD must have wanted to be anonymous. (But really, he just wants to keep Enok to himself.)

We go back to the bandaging at the warehouse, and Eun Hye reaches out to touch Gil Dong’s hair…

GD: I’m cute, right? But don’t look at me too much, it’ll raise your standards. Ordinary men won’t been good enough for you after me.

EH looks away, embarrassed.

As GD bandages EH’s injured foot, YN’s pouch drops out, and he doesn’t answer EH’s inquiries, and defends the pouch when she says it’s too plain. 🙂

Lord Seo is passing into Stage 2 of Anger now, and he gets even more worried when the nanny tells him Eun Hye will be fine with GD. “If she is captured by that bandit, I worry. But if she went with him because she likes him, that’s even more worrying!” He decides to go to Yongmun and look for help in that direction.

Lady Noh, upon hearing the GD is alive, jumps to the conclusion that the day’s events were his fault (Me: uh, no, gotta pay more attention to your king candidate, woman. Change with the times. Also, please to be not harming HGD, or the fans will keelhaul you.)

Back at the warehouse, Gil Dong and Eun Hye hash out what’s going on.

GD: Start behaving like a well-bred noble girl, and stay clear of the line.
EH: But it’s so fun.
GD: That’s because you’ve never been hurt. Once someone gets hurt, it’s not so fun anymore.
EH: It’s fun because I’ve never done this before.
GD: Well, my lady, you’re crossing a line here, please stop.
EH: I was so worried for you, I couldn’t think of anything else. I’m sorry.
GD: That’s crossing the line. Don’t do it again. You’re smart, you know what that means.
EH: I know. I’ll go back to my life.

They speak some more, of hurts metaphorical and physical. Eun Hye says she should stop before it gets serious, because she’s afraid of being hurt, but she wants to meet one last time, on the 15th. (Random Shakespeare ref: Beware the Ides of March!)

Meanwhile, our other couple are doing the wandering thing in the marketplace.

YN: Why are you following me?
CH: I’m not following you, just walking around.
YN: But we just passed Yongmun.
CH: I don’t want to go home yet.
YN: Did you have a fight with Madame Noh?
CH: No. *chuckles* Lady Noh and I can’t fight.
YN: Then… did she cast you out? But wait, you hold higher status than she does. So who are you? Who’s Lady Noh to you?
CH: To me, Lady Noh is no different to a mother. (Us: uh-oh)
YN: I’ve been friends with you for a year, yet I don’t know what you do, or even your name.
CH: If you will spend the day with me, I will tell you who I am. First, I will tell you that me family name is Lee.

Their days is spent eating and playing around in fuzzy romance shots. My favourite take is when they get buns, and CH gets the one with more red bean paste filling. She wants some of his, but he just looks at her as he eats it. He offers the other half to her, then takes it away and crams it into his mouth while walking away. (Seriously, just watch it!) He teases her relentlessly. They play at guessing dice at one stall, and he wins. Enok makes the mistake of patting him again, and he stops smiling.

At a stand selling brushes, Enok pretends to imitate Chisu. They laugh together.

Eun Hye comes out of the warehouse face to face with Yongmun #2 (I think his name is Yong Jin). There’s a minor showdown between Eun Hye and Lady Noh as EH tries to get her to call off the troops searching for Gil Dong. (Dude, so rooting for EH in this one.)

Lord Seo bustles in, all concerned anger. (In passing, he’s short.) Lady Noh leads Lord Seo on, gets him to say that he wants Gil Dong dead to prevent any trouble between his and Hong’s family. Lady Noh agrees with him and they decided to track EH’s movements to find GD.

In the Hong residence, Lord Hong doubts his own sighting of Gil Dong. (Me: Who else has a curly haired super ninja son, I ask you?)

Under cover of darkness, Shim Chung goes and thanks everyone for their efforts. Gil Dong wants to keep the gang’s existence a secret, and tells her to give Yongmun all the credit. (SG grumbles.)

Shim Chung thanks Suk Geun especially using the title of brother. Suk Geun gets emotional and cries, and then tells her to live well for his dead sister. Gil Dong kids that since he’s become Half Boy, he’s been getting teary often. Shim Chung smiles and calls them the Hwal Bin Dang – 活贫党. People ensure that the poor live – so they have a name now.

The gang is happy at hearing their efforts being recognized. It’s a milestone in their ‘career’.

At the end of the day, Enok asks the prince if he’s feeling better. The prince responds that he really thought he’d lost something precious. Enok = clueless ‘R’ us. She then convinces Chang Hui to go home – if only Noh knew that Enok was solving her problems…

Before he leaves, Chang Hui leans close and tells her his name – Chang Hui. Enok tries it out, and is shushed by Chang Hui. He tells her not to say it out loud, ever, nor to say it with strangers nearby. So, basically, to keep his name an absolute secret. (Which means that a few episodes later, something’s going to happen that it gets said. *eyeroll*)

YN: But if your name is such a secret, why did you tell me?
CH: Somehow, I wanted to tell you my name. Knowing that you know it, it helps me be a good person.
YN: *you can see the cogs in her brain turn* Are you in love with me?
CH: …
YN: Sorry, I’m not very perceptive about things like that.
CH: For someone who is not preceptive about others’ emotions to notice, I must have…
YN: …?
CH: You go home and think about it.

Inside the brothel, Gramps comes to the realization that he needs to figure out who Enok’s parents were, and possibly her enemies as well.

In the palace, the King listens to the day’s news with glee: the highborn Daegoon and the lowborn king are no different – using underhanded methods to get the throne! Lord Hong cautions that he needs to win the people’s hearts. Without popular support, his younger, legitimate brother will find toppling him very easy. The king wants to see who his brother chooses to be when they finally come face to face. (Audience: you’re not the only one.)

Chang Hui has a conversation with Noh, using the title of ‘sang-goon’, which means attendant. She says that she tried to kill Enok because she made the prince waver, but Chang Hui corrects her, saying that he is just looking for the right path. He says he wants to avoid doing things that make him unable to look back on his past, that make it impossible to be good again. He also mentions Enok and Gil Dong as giving him guidance.

Noh looks ominously pissed.

Gramps greets Enok with an armful of kisaeng clothing, and tells her that she should be more feminine and wear properly feminine things. Enok scoffs, what need has the Moonlight Ninja-girl of feminine clothes? Besides, Enok says, do these look proper to you?

When Gramps goes to return the clothing, Enok remembers that she’s lost Gil Dong’s sunglasses. Shim Chung tells her that the girls used all the shards to cut their ropes, but that the frame and some spare bits of glass may remain. Enok dashes off to get the remains, and Shim Chung remarks, “Just like he said, you really only think of the moment.

Enok is suspicious, “Does he know me?

Meanwhile, in the warehouse, Suk Geun is dressed up in the merchant’s clothes, ready for a day of debauchery in the brothel. Gil Dong brings up his halfness, and Suk Geun decides to go home and scare their fellow bandits. Then Enok bursts in.

YN: It’s Tang Soo! And Suk Geun is too shocked to do more than twitch.

Lord Seo informs Eun Hye that the plans for marriage move forward. Eun Hye is listless, and doesn’t seem to care either way. In Hyung comes to see if she’s alright, he swears that he’ll capture the person who hurt her. Eun Hye, in a bad mood, lets it all out on In Hyung: “How? You have no smarts, no skills and no bravery. Just do as you usually do and stay in the back like the coward you are.” In Hyung is devastated, but he replaces her lost shoe before leaving.

Inside, Eun Hye plans to make a pouch for Gil Dong. As granny hears of their plans to meet, she looks faintly guilty and worried.

Switch to the warehouse: Enok and Suk Geun are merrily drinking away, recounting their recent lives. Gil Dong listens with disdain as she muses on her relationship with CH. (SG: Ahh, you’ve fallen for him.)

YN: I think he [CH] loves me.

GD: So he’s been buying her more chamber pots, has he?

Speak of the devil – Chang Hui is playing dice games with Chisu, but Chisu always wins, so it’s no fun. Chisu looks like he’s going to expire of earnestness as he tries to make Chang Hui happy. He’s wearing patterned silk and the teacups are flowery… yeurk. CH muses that he’s become weird. (Audience: We think so too, but you’re pretty enough that we don’t care.)

As Enok gets drunker and drunker, Suk Geun makes a move to leave. Enok tells him to stay because that way she’ll feel that Gil Dong is alive again.

Enok’s speech about her life without Gil Dong is very touching (albeit a bit drunken), and Sung Yuri does a great job of portraying the sadness. The screen alternates between Enok’s teary confession and Gil Dong’s anguished face.

I can’t think about him. I’ve forgotten again, stupid me. I definitely can’t think about him, or I can’t live on. Whenever I do, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, or stop crying. I can’t my dreams from reality, all I see is Gil Dong. I want to shout to him, take me with you, but no matter how I shout, he always disappears mysteriously. When I wake up, I start crying again. I really can’t do it.

In order to have to strength to go on, I stopped thinking about him. What else am I supposed to do? it’s not like he went off to hunt tigers, I can’t follow him where he went. Like this, I go from day to day, but I’m too stupid. I keep forgetting, and every time I forget, I hurt right here. I hurt so bad.

Suk Geun leaves, he can’t stand it any more. Gil Dong cries silently.

At the brothel, Gramps bribes guards into looking into the events surrounding the last king’s death, 20 years ago. In Hyung gets drunk, after EH’s brutal words, and needs to be carried home. Gramps bumps into Lord Hong at the gates, and remembers that he’s the one responsible for YN’s mother’s death.

Enok, asleep in the warehouse, wakes up momentarily to see Gil Dong watching her sleep. She tells him to take her with him, and falls asleep again. A short while later, she gets up and Gil Dong is no longer there. She goes to where Gil Dong was sitting and puts a hand on the wood – it’s warm. Enok feels wildly hopeful and runs out into the pre-dawn streets.

We cut to Chang Hui monologuing to Chisu- he didn’t tell Enok her rescuer’s name because he was afraid of losing her to Gil Dong. (Audience: Gods no. No no no, writers, have mercy!)

Enok rounds the corner of a street and sees Gil Dong’s familiar stick-hoisting move. She cries out: “It’s you, it’s really you, Gil Dong!

Gil Dong hears her, and takes an infinity to turn around. (‘What If’ starts playing, and the lyrics link so well to what’s going on.)

YN: Are you real? Am I dreaming?
GD: It’s not a dream.
YN: Are you a ghost?
GD: I’m not a ghost.
YN: It’s really you?
GD: Idiot. (Mong chong yi.)

Enok runs up to him and hugs him tight. Gil Dong holds her while she cries into his shoulder.

End of episode.


– Hands tired, will keep this short.
– GD has such a conflicted look on his face, I am really worried. He’s going to do the pushing her away thing.
– Evil kdrama causality.
– Preview: Ohnoes, Gom and Yun get captured, Enok looks like she’s going to cry all throughout, and CH goes evil.

Thanks for staying with me (3100 words!),


  1. xx
    Friday, February 15, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    i’m watching it right now (sry, i didn’t read ur post…>__>
    Enok’s words, GD watching over her, that bg music….SUBETE! (<- jap for k-drama – -;;)

    it’s getting late now…but i can’t stop, i want to catch up…

  2. flyingcrispi
    Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 9:01 pm

    Dear Sevenses,
    I WATCHED IT!!!!
    OMFG! I’m just overwhelmed by…pretty much everything!

    About the episode: CH was just sooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee, especially during the day he spent with Enok (the part when he looks at her and eats the food anyway, it was just priceless (I took plenty of screencaps) for the rest, there’s mastercard (haha, no? it wasn’t funny? ok, i’ll just go…) I want them to be together!

    Then Enok tells One-ball-guy (poor dude, they’ve been teasing him with it a bunch of times already, and somehow, I don’t find it amusing, more like pathetic) how she feels about GD’s death and stuff, it was just sad (I admitt I cried). Then the hug (support the free hug campaign, like Enok, CH and GD!!) I cried even more. I want them to be together!

    Oh wait, is polygamy for women (“polyandrie” in french) allowed at that time?
    (That was just dumb, I’m really gonna go and get some sleep)

    Question: Why did you say in the Commentary, about the preview “CH goes evil”???? He wasn’t even in the preview!

    Anyway (I looove that word), With S2 is going to take ages to release the subs for eps 13&14 (all fansubbers should be no-lifes so we could have our subtitles right away! JK), so I’m just gonna die of waitfulness (not sure that word exists, but, as would say EY, “it’s fun”).

    Oh…it’s 3 am. HGD, you’re killing me. Gotta go!

    See yaaaaa!


  3. Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    Ep 12 was a darling, wasn’t it? I loved the fuzzy scenes. (For the rest, there is the special edition Yongmun mastercard! With air miles from North Pacific geese.)

    I wish there was polygamy. That would solve a lot of probs. But I don’t know. The husbands may end up killing each other. Anyway, the issue will be cleared up, I think. (gosh, really trying to not spoiler you.)

    I find the risque/toilet humour disturbing on the whole, or maybe that’s just my inner prude talking.

    (Oh wait, CH isn’t in the preview? Ooops. But uhm. Kdrama cause and effect. He’s good in this ep, he’ll be not so good in the next set, esp since he is a 2nd lead.)(I think, after 13 and 14, I’ll revise ‘evil’ to ‘manipulative’; and maybe change my flagship pairing to GDxCH.)

  4. Saturday, February 16, 2008 at 10:43 pm

    Eh, it’s 3?! Va te coucher!

  5. Anonymous
    Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 6:30 am

    Dear Sevenses,

    You amaze me each time more and more. Is french you second language? You speak so well! (about the “you” thing, you did not upset me, it’s just that you don’t need to use a polite form like that, I’m not the queen of England! lol)

    I did not think you were korean because somewhere (over the rainbowwww, in the skyyyy) you said the chinese subtitles were out and yepeee you could watch HDG. I just used my korean keyboard because I do not know how to say “fighting” in chinese and I’m trying to learn korean (with a dictonnary ^^)
    And you live in North America! How can you not watch all the tv shows that are airing there???

    And I went to sleep, mom, don’t worry (hehe), and I slept a lot since it’s now 12.30 (time to eat).

    Mais si GD et CH se mettent ensemble, il fera quoi Chisu? Il se mettra avec Enok?

    A bientot, en esperant pouvoir parler des prochains episodes avec toi des que je les aurais vus! (faudra bien compter une semaine pour les sous titres…)

    PS: J’ai rêvé de CH cette nuit, il était habillé tout en noir et tuait plein de gens. C’est prémonitoire???

  6. Sunday, February 17, 2008 at 6:02 pm

    French is my third language, after Chinese and English… I think I’ll stop here though. Sometimes my brain will think in all three languages, and yeurk, so confuzzling.

    I’d love to watch American shows, but then I’d get addicted, and they’re multi-season, could you imagine? I do watch the occasional ep of Cold Case – they’re okay standalones.

    Ah, c’est vrai, le pauvre… mais le fonction principal de Chisu, c’est de garder CH, alors il ne voudra pas d’autre. (Peut-être Shim Chung?) Cependent, le vrai probleme, c’est qu’il n’y a pas assez d’Enok pour tout le monde! Si GD et CH se mettent ensemble, Enok va s’etablir comme la reine avec, je sais pas trop… les deux?

    (Je pense que Madame Noh doit rester célibataire, en tout cas, car elle est une ‘femme de l’empereur’. Meme si elle s’est mariée avec le monsieur Seo dans tout les autres dramas.)

    CH, lui, il ne tue personne. Ne t’inquiète pas. Le 15e épisode, ça promet d’être intéressant.



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