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Hong Gil Dong episode 11, recap

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My heart, it palpitates. Finally subbed!

On to the recap, people:

Episode 11

Choi leads his men through the darkened streets, looking for ‘Magenta Girl’. Fortunately for Gil Dong and Enok, they walk right by their hiding place. (So no one’s heard of grill search patterns. What sheltered lives.) Gil Dong is still blocking her eyes with his hands and unconsciously remembers the last time he held her – knocked out to prevent her from going into danger with him. (Insert stirring music) He unconsciously holds her in the same way. (Audience: They’re gonna meet! *excited*)

After the last noises have died away, Enok begins asking who her mysterious rescuer is, but Gil Dong’s being stubborn, much to everyone’s distress, and runs away with his hand comically stretching his face. Enok, also a stubborn person, chases him in the maze-like streets. (All this action in the dark, woah.)

Half Boy aka Suk Geun heads out to see if Gil Dong’s alright. They both hide in another abandoned warehouse. (Goodness, Seoul is just littered with abandoned warehouses.) However, SG accidentally kicks a barrel loose, so GD naturally leaps on it to stop it from rolling away and revealing their position only to have YN walk in. Now stuck in this awkward pose, Gil Dong is truly and well trapped. The Hong sisters demonstrate their great abilities with comedy as a side-splitting sequence of events follow.


SG begins to talk for GD, making up flowery speech as he goes along, and I must say, if this is what he says to Mal Nyeo, no wonder she hits him all the time. A sample: I must away, gentle maiden, leaving only our scents to mingle lovingly in the shadows. (Honestly, people, just watch this for yourselves, okay? You don’t know what you’re missing.)

Enok, understandably, is confused. After a lot of roundabout speech, she gets ready to leave, but then SG slips and mentions ‘Doe Eyes’ in his goodbye. GD headdesks quietly in the moonlight, while Enok bounds back with suspicion in her eyes: Do you know me? SG manages to salvage the situation by making it a play on words (glasses vs. doe eyes) and Enok finally leaves, after telling him her contact information.

SG senses the tangible sadness GD feels at seeing Enok just walk away, and he speaks for GD: I apologize for not being able to meet you face-to-face, gentle maiden. Know that I do this not of mine own free will, but that I will always watch over your welfare.

Back home with her Gramps, (who seems to have set up shop in the kisaeng house), Enok babbles about her encounter with this moonlit knight. She remarks that he smelled really good, and Gramps, never one to let things rest, snarks that the Moonlit Knight must have smelled like red bean paste buns. Enok protests that it was better than that, and Gramps rejoins her with “So it was buns AND chicken?” (Major lulz.)

Enok, however, is not swayed. She muses that he had an ‘I love you smell’. (Good instincts on that one.)

Shim Chung, Suk Geun and Gil Dong meet to plot some more about preventing the passage of the boat. Meanwhile, Chang Hui, Lady Noh and Chisu are somewhere suitably far away, looking at Choi’s explosives testing. Lady Noh flutters excitedly over the fact that Choi’s homemade explosives are more powerful than Chinese ones and gleefully anticipates smushing the king like so much mud under her boots. (Well, she doesn’t really say that, but it’s obvious, you know?) Chang Hui looks at the exploding sheds with a furrow between his brows – he can’t get himself to forget about those poor girls.

Lady Noh, ever the nurturing mother-type, tells him to forget the weak offspring of a bunch of useless people.

Lord Hong, being not too trusting and an astute person, has had people investigating the Yongmun all this time. However, their results are inconclusive on the explosives front: Yongmun has amassed a great fortune by doing trade with China, but there’s nothing illegal in their merchandise. It is mentioned, however, that Choi used to be a highwayman before becoming a moneylender (that would explain his doomsday stick methods). Lord Hong muses that the Yongmun must be really desperate, to lend a ship and deal with a low-life like Choi.

Surprisingly, the King doesn’t make an appearance. Well, being crazy has its tolls, I guess.

As Chang Hui and co. return from their mountain outing, they bump into the funerary procession for the deceased slave girl. Chang Hui, possessed of a heart, yields the right of way (Lady Noh looked like she was ready to ride through the peasants). The grieving mother recognizes him as an associate of Choi’s and begins to curse him. The dead girl’s little brother throws a pebble at Chang Hui’s head and is immediately surrounded by bristling swords. Chang Hui, shock and hurt in his eyes (for these are his people, in the end), waves his wounded hand and stops his guards from doing anything. Gil Dong and Suk Geun walk by with the procession.

And, in what I think is a significant (but not too subtle) hint of foreshadowing, Chang Hui questions himself in a voiceover: What am I doing? Gil Dong, as he walks past with a hood on, internally says: What kind of things is this potential king doing?

(Inner fangirl: Yay, thinking together now! .. can’t they just share Enok? Or, failing that, at least Chang Hui has Chisu.)

Enok talks with Shim Chung at Wang’s place, and tells her to relay a message of respect to her Moonlight Knight. When SC tells this to Gil Dong and Suk Geun, SG nearly snorts his lungs out of his nose.

The audience bursts a kidney laughing when Enok launches herself into a daydream of being a female ninja à la Sailor Moon.


In the darkened textile warehouse, the parents of the slave girls unite and formulate a plan to stop the boat from leaving harbour. (It’s nearly winter, so if the river freezes over before the boat leaves, Choi’s collective sheep are roasted.)

Gil Dong gives Blind Man Shim the contract from Choi and tells him to go seek judicial help, which will provide a legal channel to reclaim their daughters. In the meantime, Operation Scuba Diving Hatchet poke holes in the boat. As the days go by, Choi sweats over the amount of interest he’s accumulated.

Noh plots some more with her Yongmun subordinate, and really wishes that the boat would leave harbour so they could get their explosives. (Here, we can see a bit of a schism, with Chisoo loyal to CH but other guy following only Noh’s orders. A worrying trend? I just hope Noh is smart enough to keep supporting Chang Hui no matter what he decides to do. Ice fishing, for example. XD)

Choi, suspecting Gil Dong of tricking him into paying tons of interest, plans an ambush. Chisu, ever Master of All Spy Knowledge, tells this to Chang Hui, and causes our princeling to worry. (Me: He is a tall, brooding, all-knowing spy GOD.)

Just then, the duo spots Enok in the market, at the same bronze-ware merchant where he bought the chamber pot for her. She seizes a random pan and hides her face, embarrassed and distressed at seeing him after their big fight last episode time. Chang Hui walks up to her, and in a sickening parody of episode 4’s events, she drops the pan, is yelled at by the stall owner, and Chang Hui purchases the pan for her.

They sit down at a roadside restaurant, and the camera focuses on the uneating beef stew in front of Enok – if she can’t eat, this must be serious. (Chisu’s face goes all: errr, I’ll give you guys some privacy, yeah.)

The silence and tension could probably be pounded by a meat cleaver.

Chang Hui thinks that the slave girls’ parents are to blame – they don’t know how to treat their own children, selling them off to a moneylender like Choi. Enok begs to differ: I know what it’s like to be weak and unable to protect someone you love. It’s not that they don’t know how to protect their daughters, they’re too weak. But you, you’re strong and you don’t want to help. That’s worse than being unable to do anything. You’re too strong, you don’t know what it is to lose, it’s you who don’t know what it means to protect.

Then, tears in her eyes, she dashes away in the crowds.

Chang Hui gets back to Yongmun and takes out his mother’s hairpin. He muses to himself (with Chisu dimly in the back) that he does know what it is to feel weak and unable to help the ones he loves. He also remarks that he’s forgotten too much (in his headlong rush to reacquire his throne, perhaps?)

Sidenote: how come Chisu gets to hear all the Inner Workings of Chang Hui? Oh well, more CS x CH for me.

That night, Choi arranges a meeting with Gil Dong the ginseng merchant, planning to trap him by throwing two of the girls overboard. Gil Dong face’s Hobson’s choice: let the girls die, or reveal his disguise and waste all the gangs’ efforts. Just then, Chang Hui steps out of the shadows and commands Choi to let the girls go. (Me: Gah, weak at the knees.)

Chang Hui and Chisu recognize Gil Dong, and in a terrible, tension-filled moment, Choi snarkfully remarks that if Gil Dong’s a prominent ginseng merchant then he should know of Yongmun’s young master, only the biggest player in the game. (If only Choi knew how big.) After a moment’s pause, Chang Hui says that he’s met and dealt with Gil Dong before. His identity validated, Gil Dong gets off the boat with Chang Hui.

Off to one side of the harbour, the bandit gang look on anxiously with their anachronistic telescope, ready to move in should Gil Dong prove to be in trouble. It’s touching, their absolute devotion to their cause and his welfare. Also, Suk Geun gets smacked alot.

Lord Hong, trying to grasp at any information on the Yongmun, asks Enok, who recently quit, to see him. She only tells him about Choi and asks Lord Hong to intervene on the girls’ behalf. He promises to send people to investigate, then remarks on her kindness. When asked for her name, Enok tells him, not knowing that Gramps outside the door has recognized Lord Hong’s voice as that of her mother’s murderer.

Lord Hong notes, like Lady Noh, that Enok is an unusual name and remembers his dead friend. He notes her resemblance to her dead father and sends her off sadly. (Honestly, the King had better been really sane and capable back then, or I’m not going to believe in Lord Hong’s character – he seems to try really hard to be fair and good – or is that repentance?)

On the other hand, Enok comes out of the residence and says to Gramps that ‘He really looks like Gil Dong.’

Chang Hui and Gil Dong meet in the textile warehouse. (That place must be popular with local lovers – bad mental place! Bad!) They question each other about what they’re doing with Choi. Gil Dong comes to the conclusion that Chang Hui isn’t all bad, and tells him to back off and leave him to topple Choi. He also adds, as a parting shot, that the king should be protecting his people. (Audience: thank you!)

To lighten the tension a little bit, we are shown Master Hae Myung and Gramps in a heating contest. They’re literally cooking rice and soup in iron containers. HM gets his rice cooked first, and Wang hands him a teapot to boil. (This show brings so many lulz into my dark and gloomy life.)

The bandits have a breakthrough: the river is frozen!

Choi goes to the warehouse only to find all the ginseng gone. The guardsmen relay Gil Dong’s message: since the interest has surpassed the price on the original goods, I’m taking them away. Far far away, Mal Nyeo brings the carts to the real merchant, who is angry, but then she shuts him up. She’s really scary when she’s being a kisaeng.

Blind Man Shim has brought Choi before a magistrate, claiming that he won the contract from Gil Dong the merchant and that the money owed to Gil Dong is now owed to Shim instead. Shim asks for the return of everyone’s daughters. Choi taunts him back, saying that this blind man can’t even see his own daughter, so how can he possibly have won the contract from Gil Dong at gambling? The magistrate agrees, and in an act of desperation, Old Man Shim forces his eyes open and sees his daughter.

The peasants celebrate, because this means they can get their daughters back.

Choi runs to the ship and orders his people to crack the ice with explosives. His people protest: the government will land on him like a ton of bricks if he uses explosives in a crowded harbour in daytime. Choi is beyond caring- he’s a ruined man if he stays. (He also does a bit of frothing at the mouth when he thinks Chang Hui teamed up with Gil Dong to trick him. I love how everyone always think the two are conspiring together when something goes wrong. More foreshadowing?)

The parents rush up in a panic, because their daughters are still onboard. They swarm the mooring ropes and keep the ship in harbour. Choi orders his men to club the parents to the ground and sail away. It’s a desolate scene, with blood on the ropes and the cries of desperate parents echoing.

Yongmun and the bandits receive news of the harbour chaos at around the same time. Gil Dong figures out that Yongmun was after Choi’s explosives. Lady Noh decides that Operation Choi has to be terminated with all possible speed.

Gil Dong and gang are at the warehouse when Gom rushes in, Chang Hui on his tail. He proposes (not that way!) a cooperative effort: Yongmun will use its force to stop Choi and free the girls if Gil Dong can keep the government troops away, as neither group will do well alone, nor do they want government involvement.

On the boat, Choi and Chang Hui have a standoff. Chisu and co are ordered to free the girls belowdeck. At first, Choi plays his explosives card to get Chang Hui to help, but CH is spitting fire at this point, so that’d be a no, Choi. He attacks our princeling with his stick of doom, and Chang Hui snarls in glee: Oh good, now I can kill you.

(Audience: Alackaday, the intensity of his glare! *faints*)

Choi loses, then threatens Chang Hui with Enok’s safety just as Chang Hui is ready to deliver a downstroke with his sword. CH is momentarily shocked into immobility and Choi leapts up, sweeping his stick at Chang Hui’s head. And it would have gone ill for the prince if Chisu hadn’t demonstrated his sword-throwing skills again.

As Choi lays dying on the railing of the ship, Chang Hui shakes him over and over while roaring, “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HER?” (Trust me, the caps are warranted.)

Choi sneers: Ask Noh. Then he dies.

(In passing: what utter bastardry. So glad he’s dead.)

Chisu tells Chang Hui that he hasn’t found a trace of Enok anywhere. Chang Hui strodes past the weeping, reunited families, only to stop at Noh’s arrival. He goes all intense for a moment and asks her if she’s asked people to take care of Enok. (I’m guessing those words have special ominous meanings.)

Lady Noh can tell he’s mad (Me: hell yeah!) and tells him to leave the government troops to her handling. He glares and stomps away. (Audience: Fight! Fight! D’aww…)

Meanwhile, Eun Hye hears from her nanny about the incident and with the government troops all over the place, worries for her Gil Dong’s safety. (Servants are the English Channels of gossip. Fine. I get that, but sheesh.)

Her rushing out without a second thought for her own safety is stupid and unwarranted, but it has moved me, and I am no longer an EH hater. Sorry dudes. Go on without me.

The bandit gang hold off the government troops at a narrow bridge/road. Suk Geun grumbles that they’ve left all the glory to Yongmun, but Gil Dong shrugs it off. (And this is where masses of fangirls swoon at his heroic mindset. If fangirls swooned at mindsets, that is.) As soon as Gom brings the news that the girls have escaped, the gang disperses some handy smoke/tear bombs and run away using the warren of streets Seoul has.

In all this smoke, Lord Hong manages to catch a glimpse of Gil Dong without his hood on. He rushes in, without caring for his safety (he’s old and unarmed), while In Hyung rushes after him, completely unheeded as usual. (Me: ohohohoho. Now it gets interesting.)

Chang Hui searches the smoky streets and is cast into the past. He remembers the palace fire and cries, both out of sadness for his mother and fear for Enok. (Oedipal warnings flash all over the place.) He mutters I can’t lose her again while scanning the surroundings desperately.

Enok walks up, completely unharmed and only a little confused as to where all this smoke’s coming from. Chang Hui wraps her up in a ferocious bear hug. Enok, understandably, is more confused. She asks him if he’s lost something. Chang Hui looks up past her to see Gil Dong walking towards them.

Gil Dong turns the corner without seeing the two of them, but Chang Hui grabs Enok tight and whispers in her ear: I thought I lost you.


And there the episode ends.


I would discuss siggy plot points, but my hand/wrists are tired. I’ll save that for slow days, yah?

Off to watch ep 12 now, will get recap up asap!



Picture credits to soompi.

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    i just loved it……………………..especially Chang hui………………….its too good

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