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Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

[Edit: Since it is the New Year, the Chinese subbers are delaying their releases, which in turn cascades down – my HGD recaps will be delayed too. Sorry, but there it is. 11 and 12 raws do look terribly interesting.]

Hey guys, so it’s finally here, the long-awaited New Year! We’ve got armies of dumplings and dishes of (almost) every description, waiting for tomorrow…

Public Health Notice (lol):

Sevenses hereby wishes all her readers a happy Chinese New Year, and may your wishes come true!

Ramble of the day:

I love snow. (People say it’s a good thing since I live in a northern country prone to snowstorms, but they’re missing the point.) I love the feeling of stepping through snow – there’s no replacement for the ‘floomph’ feeling you get when your foot lands on a soft pile of fresh snow (provided, of course, that you have good boots). Then there’s the nice tingle you get when snowflakes land and melt gently on your face. The air is fresher, the world is less noisy.

Maybe I love snow so much because I’m always walking around in it. It’s great for alone time, and really, time off with yourself is so underrated.

So get out there and get back in touch with your inner snow enthusiast.


In the spirit of the season, here’s a recipe for HGD dumplings:

– 15+ years of political tension
– 1 krazee king
– 1 prince-in-hiding
– 1 Crazed avenger
– 1 Lay-about
– 1 Happy-go-lucky girl
– 3 Mysterious pasts
– 3 pints Hero Sauce
– 18 ounces of Wacky
– 1 pint of angst
– 6 cups Korean history
– 2 pounds Plot
– 1 gallon of ice water


Dumpling skin:
– Finely dice krazee king, then mix with the political tension and 1 mysterious past.
– Make sure to knead the dough evenly, spread the flavour.
– Add 4 ounces of wacky and 3 cups of Korean History to even out the taste.
– Allow the dough to sit for a few days, then follow regular skin-making procedures: take care to keep it away from alcohol to prevent explosions.

– Mince the plot with 10 ounces of Wacky.
– If too dry, add Korean history as you see fit.
– Flavour according to taste.

– Mix 4 ounces of wacky with 2 pints of hero sauce, then steep layabout and happy-go-lucky girl in it for a day.
– The prince is tricky: take care to pickle with crazed avenger in mysterious past but for no longer than 2 hours, then separate the two.
– Leave the crazed avenger in ice water until time of consumption.
– The prince is to be soaked in angst then rinsed with the rest of the hero sauce.

Mix and serve. Enjoy!

Caution/Disclaimer: may be addictive and form side product of love. The parent company is not responsible for any anormal symptoms after consumption.



  1. marai
    Tuesday, February 12, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    Thank you so much. I watch the episodes without subs everytime a new episode comes out, but without english subs I’m lost. Thanks to your recaps I can fully understand whats going on not just guess like before.

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