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Wednesday, January 30, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I want to watch episode 9 and 10 so much my teeth hurt. And the next few days I have this crazy schedule of labs and classes and ‘cultural outings’, wtf, no breaks at all, and uggh.

I want my Hong Gil Dong! (And still sleep, it is implied.)

In other news, I managed to get a friend hooked on it too. Not sure if this is good, as we’re both in a competitive program at an insane school. But, in her words, “Hong Gil Dong is addictive!”

Today was very windy, and the streets were covered in ice. I get the feeling that I was blown home, instead of walking. Hmm.

HGD talk: So… one year has passed, presumably all our heroes are well. Enok works for the Yongmun group, who are underground Korean mafia merchants specializing in Chinese goods. They’re trying to get more explosives and the suchlike back in, but the government is being cautious and very stubborn (probably no credit to Krazy King©, more like GD’s dad working to cover for the king again). Eun Hye’s being a bit of a pest, stalking GD and stuff. Not sure what else is going on, but one thing is certain: GD and YN will meet again soon.

*dies of suspense and this strange withdrawal syndrome*


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