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So exciting, I am keeled.

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Okay, just watched episodes 4 to 6 of Hong Gil Dong all in one shot, and wow. They are great! The first few were plagued with toilet humour that’s almost all but disappeared as the cast get down to business.

To give you an idea of who is who:


Upper left corner: Seo Eun Hye (Portrayed by Kim Ri Na)

Middle left: Hong Gil Dong (Portrayed by Kang Ji Hwan)

Middle right: Heo Enok (Portrayed by Sung Yuri)

Upper right corner: Lee Chang Hwe (Portrayed by Jang Geun Suk)

There are so many conspiracies and ways the plot could go it makes me dizzy to even contemplate them.

As things stand, there’s a usurper on the throne, CH’s guilt-driven half-brother, supported by Lord Hong, who is HGD’s father. Lord Ryu, who wanted to put the young Daegoon (CH, of course) on the throne, was killed by Lord Hong in order to hide the former king’s will: that his son by his queen, Chang Hwe, inherit the throne. Lady Noh watched her beloved queen die in the fire (it is implied) set by Lord Hong and promised to avenge her.

In the younger generation, HGD is friends with Enok – and it is suggested that they are the first true friends the other’s ever had. What they don’t know is that Enok is Lord Ryu’s daughter, and a relation to the royal house. On the other hand, Enok keeps bumping into CH, and willingly saves his life even after he threatens her with a sword.

In Hyung, Gil Dong’s useless older brother, is in love with Seo Eun Hye, and would do anything for her. Eun Hye herself prefers a stronger will in her men (as she is quite.. unique, let’s put it that way) and begins to like Gil Dong through a chance encounter.

Chang Hwe starts out as a coldblooded ambitious archetype who will kill whomever prevents him becoming king, however, he is beginning to rethink his policy of relentless bloodshed (and so he should, as his former policy gave him so much in common with his older brother).

Lady Noh, who works for Chang Hwe, killed the bandits’ chief, and Gil Dong, who has reasons of his own to be angry at CH, joins forces with the bandits to wreck anything and everything Chang Hwe puts his hand to. Needless to say, for a would-be rebellion raiser, this creates considerable amounts of trouble.

HGD could either become the enemy that eventually brings Chang Hwe down, or someone who helps Chang Hwe become a better person. (I mean, Mr. Wooden has a simply vast potential for character development.) Being an illegitimate son in a world where status is everything has matured him much farther than CH, and even though HGD thirsts for recognition and (some people would argue) his rightful place in society as a capable, intelligent human being, he does not resort to the type of self-hurting strategy CH currently relies on. (Why self-hurting? Simple: they create unnecessary enemies.)

It’s not very likely, however, because HGD’s father is intent on supporting the current king (and we all know how much he wants his father to feel proud of him), CH framed him for crimes he didn’t commit and won’t exonerate HGD and also because his sense of justice won’t let the murder of the bandit leader go unpunished. Also, episode 6 shows HGD ruining CH’s carefully crafted plan, and I just don’t see the two making up that quickly.

In a 24 episode run though, anything goes!

(I just wish CH and HGD would join forces. CH’s older brother really does look like the worse of two evils, and it would be awesome, though fighting over Enok would predictably cause significant tension.)

Eh. Will now wait anxiously for ep 7 to air tomorrow and then check obsessively at tudou.com for updates. Hurrah for fast subbing.


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